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I'm all about the woman right here. Talent, intellect, charm, and so much beauty @jessicachastain. #Moviesthatmatter #interview @fandango #zookeeperswife

💯⚠️⛔️Stranger in Paradise⛔️⚠️💯 Best film yet on the current migration topic if you ask me. For the Dutchies: morgen nog te zien op Movies that Matter Festival in Den Haag of te zien op npo.nl, zeker de moeite waard!

I am about to present the impressive documentary 'The man who mends women' at Movies that matter filmfestival. I have been reading into the conflict all day and I feel this deep, deep anger about the many victims of rape in this majestic country terrorized by ethnic and economic war. Please watch this important document on Dr. Mukwege and his team who operate on these women and help them heal and find their dignity. Thank God for people like them. Check out panzifoundation.org 🙏 #mustsee #moviesthatmatter #cinetree

Impact Hub Board Chair, Ryan Smith, introducing tonight's #moviesthatmatter film "Before The Flood". Big thanks to Alliance for a Better Utah and MESA for sponsoring--Pizza, beer and all!

Met de geweldigde hoofdrolspeelster Celeste en scenarioschrijfster Maureen @moviesthatmatterfestival bij de viewing van Toen Mijn Vader een Struik werd. #moviesthatmatter #toenmijnvadereenstruikwerd

DISTURBING THE PEACE draaide op het Movies that Matter Festival 2017. Hierin is te zien hoe Palestijnen en Israëli's zich hebben verenigd in de Combatants for Peace. Ze strijden voor vrede, maar hun activisme valt niet altijd in goede aarde.

De documentaire is beschikbaar op Netflix. Met wie wil je deze kijken?👀
#moviesthatmatter #israel #palestine #peace #documentary

Trip four to visit Rosa and Pena Blanca begins tomorrow! New 📽 & 📷 updates soon
#Guatemala #LivingonOneDollar #newvideos #Rosa #Moviesthatmatter @Mayanfamilies

Emotional about the Moonlight win. Well deserved. #moviesthatmatter #moonlight


Sometimes a film has a very important story to tell, but is extremely uncomfortable to sit through. The Crucible aka Silenced is one such film! Gong Yoo plays Gang In-ho, an arts teacher who arrives at a regional school for the deaf and mute, to discover that some of the students are being sexually molested. He, with the help of a human rights organisation, tries to uncover those responsible. The fact that the film is based on a true story makes it so much harder to watch, yet one cannot avert gaze. The film is relentless in its depiction of the crimes, and when you expect the camera to shy away, it does not and makes you sit through and suffer with the kids. The film is also incredibly acted, particularly by the three kids. I don't know what it is the South Korean directors do, but nobody can make kids act quite the way they make them in South Korean films! The film was also revolutionary, in that the film caused massive outrage in the public against the case, and legislative reforms were passed in the country which made the laws much stricter for sex crimes against minors and disabled. Highly recommend this film not just for its story but also its craft and social impact.
#TheCrucible #Silenced #Dogani #HwangDonghyuk #GongYoo #JungYumi #koreancinema #worldcinema @cjenmmovie #cjentertainment #bluray #digipak #blurayaddict #bluraycollector #bluraycollection #movie #moviecollector #film #cinema #cinephile #cinephilecommunity #moviesthatmatter

De tweede film die tijdens Movies that Matter On Tour vertoond wordt, is INSYRIATED. Deze film volgt een huis middenin de oorlog in Syrië voor 24 uur. De familie zit samen rond een grote tafel in de middag en iedereen probeert om zichzelf boven de kanonnade van bommen en machinegeweervuur te horen. En.. wie klopt er op de deur?

INSYRIATED wordt in november in filmtheaters door heel Nederland vertoond.
#moviesthatmatter #ontour #insyriated #syria #war #aleppo #movie #filmopenseyes

DISTURBING THE PEACE draaide op het Movies that Matter Festival 2017. Hierin is te zien hoe Palestijnen en Israëli's zich hebben verenigd in de Combatants for Peace. Ze strijden voor vrede, maar hun activisme valt niet altijd in goede aarde.

De documentaire is beschikbaar op Netflix. Met wie wil je deze kijken?👀
#moviesthatmatter #israel #palestine #peace #documentary

Dunkirk, amazing movie which captures the horrific terror of war #dunkirk #lestweforget #truecourage #truebravery #moviesthatmatter #respect

Nadezhda Kutepova is geboren in de geheime Russische stad Ozjorsk. Als Nadezhda achter de waarheid van haar stad komt, besluit ze die naar buiten te brengen en de inwoners te helpen met het vechten tegen de Russische staat.
Ze is de mensenrechtenactiviste van de film CITY 40, die te zien was op het MtM Festival van 2017.
#amoa #amatterofact #moviesthatmatter #mtmfestival #city40 #russia #documentary #amnestyinternational #humanrights #activism

When news of his death reached Raj Kapoor, he burst into tears, and remarked ‘I have lost my voice" It wasn’t exaggeration. You try to remember Raj Kapoor, and you’ll end up humming Mukesh.
श्री ४२० ( #shree420 )
Music Director-Shankar-Jaikishan
Mukesh kept getting positive responses for the songs that he sang for Dilip Kumar, but something very interesting was about to happen. Dilip Saab chose Rafi and Mukesh was picked by Shankar-Jaikishan as the playback for #RajKapoor. This proved to be a masterstroke as they came up with songs such as Patli kamar tirchi nazar (Barsaat), Aawara hoon (Aawara), Mera juta hai Japani (Shri 420), Ramaiya vastavaiya (Shri 420), Mera naam raju gharana anaam (Jis Desh me Ganga Behti Hai), Jaane kahan gaye wo din (Mera Naam Joker), and many more gems that automatically come to our lips when we feel to express a difficult emotion.
@bollywoodirect @retrobollywood @classicbollywoodsongs @cinemaofindia

• Music Director- #SalilChowdhury
• The film's music director was Salil Chaudhury rendered commercially successful tracks and the songs were written by Yogesh. The #Mukesh 's "Kai Baar Yuheen Dekha hai," for which he won the National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer.

Happy birthday to the man with the golden voice #Mukesh
Movie- #Anand
Music Director- #SalilChowdhury
This song is an instant mood changer.. Mukesh ji's soothing and melancholic voice, Yogesh ji's meaningful lyricism, Salilda's brilliant music composition, Rajesh ji's great acting and Hrishi da's masterly direction made Anand an unforgettable movie.

Up now on YouTube on the #asianculturevulture channel my interview with @akshaykumar & @psbhumi who were in #London yesterday to promote their new movie @toiletthefilm - but can this film really bring about change? 564 million people in India don't have adequate toilet facilities so go outside in open areas this is the cause of over 50% rape cases - hear what the movies actors have to say small snippet here enjoy the rest on YT! #toiletekpremkatha #ToiletUKTakeover @reliance.entertainment @sterlingmedia (link in bio for next few days too!)

Finally opened this beauty! There really isn't a best way to picture this amazing set in its entirety. It would, much like its iconic triptych scene, require multiple screens! Have only seen it the one time completely, so looking forward to watching it again after 12-13 years. It was far easier then to find the 5 and a half hours to watch this than it is now. Still cannot believe I managed to find this on the shelves at a HMV store long after it went OOP! ❤️
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Another #bollywood superstar adores my hair & my phone!
#indianactor @akshaykumar loved it so much he wanted to hold it for a selfie. We're pictured with his #Toiletekpremkatha co-star #bhumipednekar #Toilet it set to be the most important #indianfilm ever made. 564 million Indians do not have adequate toilet facilities so have to defecate outside. Over 50% rapes are the result of women forced to relieve themselves outdoors. This is happening now in 2017. The movie, released Aug 11, aims to change that. #ToiletUKTakeover (swipe to see the see the result of the selfie!) and be sure to support the film & its cause. #akshaykumar @psbhumi

AWAKEN LOVER❤️ What if you went ALL IN? #ThursdayThoughtBubble
What if you gave your partner your all, not holding back anything. Having no fear of what might or might not happen in return. Give up defending yourself from possibly getting hurt.
Jason and I watched a movie the other night that hit home for us and triggered reminders on so many different levels... We were transported to one of the most painful times in our life but yet, cried out in joy for having had the gift of the experience 😭 "Sea of Trees" in my mind is a must see by every married couple out there.
Don't get distracted by the fillers, the illness, the abuse, or the choice the main character wanted to make... It got awful reviews in some articles, and in others there was a glimmer of hope. People seeing the true message of the movie. The hope that couples would see themselves as we did and make a change while they'd still had time.

For us it was a magical opportunity to be reminded of our struggle, which is not different sadly than that of a large majority of couple out there and it also reminded us of our wins through the process.
It reminded us of... 💔 The pain we were in. 💔 The resentment we felt.
💔 The love we withheld. 💔 How we pretended not to love each other as much as we did, because somehow that felt safer. 💔 How we looked for ways to emotionally escape from our relationship. ...and then we were reminded of... ❤️ How far we've come! ❤️ All we have to be grateful for! ❤️ Knowing that we can help others see because we understand the suffering!
Don't be like us and wait till the other shoe drops before you do something about it.
You are getting little nudges every day. Little messages of hope, but nothing will change until you change. Until you are willing to grab this bull by the horn and fight like your life depends on it.
Reach out to me or someone you know and trust who has walked this road successfully, to make a change today.
We think we have all the time in the world, but we don't.

I will meet you in my inbox... When you...
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De eerste film die tijdens Movies that Matter On Tour vertoond wordt, is NO PLACE FOR A REBEL.
Twee Nederlandse documentairemaaksters volgen Opono Opondo die als kind werd ontvoerd door de LRA, het rebellenleger van Joseph Kony. Hij probeert terug te keren in de normale samenleving, maar dat biljkt niet zo makkelijk.
NO PLACE FOR A REBEL wordt in oktober in filmtheaters door heel Nederland vertoond.
#moviesthatmatter #ontour #noplaceforarebel #josephkony #lra #documentary #uganda

Reside in region-A, but don't have a region-free bluray player as yet? Let this be your reason to get one! 😍 Three gems of cinema by Japanese master Hizokazu Koreeda in a beautiful little @arrowacademy boxset! Out October. If anybody would like to get me individual releases of I Wish and Like Father Like Son, or would like to trade for them, let me know 😁
#Koreeda #HirokazuKoreeda #IWish #LikeFatherLikeSon #AfterTheStorm #japanesecinema #worldcinema #arrowfilms #arrowacademy #bluray #bluraycollector #bluraycollection #blurayaddict #movie #moviecollector #film #cinema #cinephile #cinephilecommunity #moviesthatmatter

August 4th. DETROIT. Go. See. It. Period. Kathryn Bigelow you are my Shero and favorite goddess behind the camera. Thank you for making such an incredible film. The story. How it is shot. How it is edited. The cast. And this guy right here: @itsalgee ! What a performance. ✨🙌🏼✨🙏🏼✨ Thank you @michaellatt for inviting us. Such an important film about so many actual topics. 50 years ago and today. Different times, yet very similar to back then. It is about time to see films like this one. @detroitmovie #detroit #kathrynbigelow #algeesmith #1967 #moviesthatmatter #racism #policebrutality #riots

Done watching If Cats Disappeared from the World (世界から猫が消えたなら) in #EigaSai2017 🎬🇯🇵🎥🐱and the cat's are hella cute #cat #catsofinstagram #cats #catstagram #catsagram #catsofworld #catslife #catsofinsta #catslover #FilmFestival #Japan #Film #Movie #Cinema #Cinephile #MoviesThatMatter #CinephileCommunity #EigaSai

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