We Own The Night (2007)
• Length: 1 hour 57 mins
• Summary: A nightclub manager who lives quite the carefree life gets involved in trouble of Russian Mafia sized proportions and has to re-evaluate his priorities and choices
• Personal opinion: First of all of like to say that I think it's quite difficult to talk about this movie without giving anything away, so I'll keep this short and spoilerfree. I loved the development of the main character, Bobby, and it was very interesting to see how much his values change over the course of the story. I also really enjoyed the different relationships, both within a family and in a romantic way, and the surprising emotional weight they brought with them, which is something I really didn't expect from this seemingly classic crime drama. Also, a kickass cast! My only criticism would be that during the middle there are some parts where the storytelling is a bit slow, but overall it's definitely a good watch!
• Favourite character(s): Bobby and Amada
• Rating: 7/10
• Recommended to: people who enjoy a good old-fashioned crime drama that doesn't lack emotional depth

Virtual Reality is an infant these days and in Netflix's Kiss Me First we witness Virtual Game reality with real life drama.
Leila a young English woman whose mother recently dies to cancer is down in the dumps and finds a secret hiding place in a worldwide video game known as Azana. Adrian, a ruthless coder of the game is the leader of a ‘suicide cult’, somehow he’s been able to break into Azana. Leila enters Adrian's secret areas and learns Adrian has been able to ‘kill’ others through his influence in the game.
One of the killings is a suicide that Leila investigates in real life. Another is a young boy who blows himself up with a pedophile who was going to 'sell' him to some friends. Very over the top. Most of the actors/actresses are young teens or in the early twenties. I was surprised by the drama part of the show, where there was nudity especially with Tess who it seems, wants at first, to have a lesbian relationship with Leila. Leila to, seems keen on it until a tad later in the series.
The players in the drama are very good and attractive, I’d say. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the Virtual Reality part. The game doesn’t look like a Batman game, just a waterfall and a bunch of forest trees. Sure there are the collars that can shock you etc, but where is the story to all this? It's a game after all. Adrian does go on endlessly about something exciting up ahead, but not really. I didn't see anything coming up.
Fact is the game seemed mostly unnecessary to the drama. I rather fancied this show and if the drama can grow in season two the Virtual aspect of the proceeding might as well.
6.0 Out Of 10
Virtual Reality is just out of our grasp for now in Kiss Me First, but the attractive cast and posh drama show a fair attempt to meld the two.
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Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer (2018) 📽
Long live the King!
While we don’t see much in the trailer but I obviously am excited for this movie.
I’ve been wanting a sequel to the 2014 movie, I had a lot of ideas of what it could be.
It’s awesome that King Ghidorah and Mothra will be in this movie, along with Millie Bobby Brown being one of the main stars in this movie, of course we all know her as Eleven in Stranger Things.
But there were some Stranger Things vibes coming to me in this trailer, but even though I shouldn’t say that, this is Godzilla.
What I like about this trailer is that it seems like we’re gonna be seeing a lot of blue in this movie.
The way the music flows, that scene where Mothra moves her wings, it’s really beautiful to look at.
The way King Ghidorah goes, I’m glad we’ll be seeing it use it’s lightning blasts since we see that part where that person is running from the lightning as it’s coming right at whoever that is. Then a silhouette of King Ghidorah in the smoke, it’s gonna be awesome!
Then Godzilla using his atomic breath and shooting it at the sky, it’s f**king cool!
What I really want to see is the battle between Godzilla and King Ghidorah, man I want to see how that goes down compared to how we saw Godzilla fight the Mutos from the first movie.
While Kong: Skull Island showed more fights, I’m just as excited to see more Godzilla fights, just imagine what it’s gonna be when he fights Mothra and most of all, I’m obviously more hyped to see how the battle between Godzilla and King Ghidorah will go down, it’s something I’ve been waiting for since before the 2014 movie came out.
It kind of does suck Gareth Edwards won’t be returning to be some kind of production consultant for the movie since he directed the first one.
The title is right too, because that’s what Godzilla is, King of the Monsters! And when that one guy says “long live the king” it means a lot for Godzilla.
So that’s my review and hoped you enjoyed it.
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Crítica: Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018).
Director: Ron Howard.
Calificación: ★ ★ ★ ☆ .
🎬 Icónico e inigualable, el personaje de Han Solo es uno de esos elementos secundarios que siempre brillaron a la par de los Skywalkers. Curiosamente, su película es una adición decente pero olvidable de la saga.
Acá te brindamos parte de nuestra reseña:
“Estoy seguro que de las historias del universo de Star Wars, la de Han Solo es aquella de la que no necesitamos tener información de su pasado para valorar el personaje que ya hemos visto en múltiples ocasiones. Es por esto que cuando se anuncia el spin off, tuve poca emoción. Es uno de esos personajes secundarios que, jugando un poco con el desarrollo que Lucas quiso darle en las últimas entregas de hace décadas, hasta lo podríamos tildar de “comedy sidekick”, una categoría que no suelo apreciar. De hecho, sí tuve algo de reacción cuando supe que Chewbacca tendría algo más que un par de gruñidos. Pero Solo es una prueba confiable de la seguridad de un estudio para hacer una película de diferente orientación. Esta osadía predijo que Solo no sería tan exitosa como las otras, pero no podemos negar su solidez.
La historia de Han Solo en sus orígenes nos lleva a un mundo sórdido, de pobreza y ausencia de leyes. Desde niño Han ha vivido del robo y la astucia. Cuando la oportunidad perfecta de iniciar de nuevo se ve frustrada y pierde a su novia en el proceso, Han sigue el sueño de convertirse en un piloto importante y rescatar a su chica. En una misión conoce a un grupo de mercenarios que se encargan de traficar sustancias ilícitas para un poderoso magnate. Han se une al grupo que lo llevará a la misión más peligrosa de su vida y a un reencuentro con el amor de su vida.
Solo simplifica las historias. Las enmarca en un ambiente de aventuras superficial y carente del espíritu al que estamos acostumbrados” El resto lo puedes leer en 👉🏻www.cinelipsis.com👈🏻
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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is the nearest release from the Jurassic Park franchise Jurassic Park is 0ne of my all time favourite films so I had high hopes for it as I do for all Jurassic film in the franchise but I but I like disappointed the plot was predictable every twist and turn easily detected so easy in a fact you never understood wy the main characters didn't see it coming on my way also felt too packed obstacles the characters had to overcome one right after the other with no breathing space giving the sense the TV series crammed into a movie don t get me ring i did enjoy and there was a great humanitarian underline theme which I enjoyed but it never deliver film over all get a 66%

Funimation are bringing the live-action adaptation of Kengo Hanazawa’s horror manga, ‘I Am A Hero’ to US Blu-ray and DVD on July 24, 2018. Earlier this year watched my very first live-action manta movie called 'Ajin Demi-Human and it blew my mind away. Pretty excited to see 'A Hero'

Synopsis: Thirty-five-year-old assistant manga artist Hideo Suzuki leads an unsatisfying, tedious life. To cope with his day-to-day stresses, he fantasises scenarios where he’s overcome with confidence and bouts of courage. But that’s just what they are: fantasies. And yet, when a virus outbreak hits Japan turning the infected into mindless cannibals, Hideo is forced back to reality. Equipped with his shotgun amidst seemingly insurmountable odds, now’s hischance to rise to the occasion and become the hero he’s always daydreamed he could be, even if it kills him.

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Sorry to Bother You is Get Out on acid. To be specific, it's the second half of Get Out on acid. The performances are fine, but that's not why you're here. The story is full of all kinds of metaphors, maybe too many at times, but they don't take away from the story itself. If you like reading into things, this will be a great aspect. Overall, Sorry to Bother You is original and incredibly ambitious, but it all depends on what you get out of it. 7.8/10.

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Taking place immediately after the first film, Rocky deals with his newfound popularity and money. Sure he gets classy things, like a black jacket with a tiger embroidered on the back, but he also buys he an Adrian a home and then learn she's pregnant. Everything seems to be going well for them, so the only place to go is down. Rocky blows a commercial deal and can't find work, forcing Adrian to find a job. Meanwhile, Apollo Creed isn't satisfied with the outcome of the match and is humiliating Rocky into a rematch. Basically the first hour and a half of this movie is about Rocky being humbled and trying to deny that he's a fighter until he can't fight the fighter inside him anymore and agrees to a rematch. Of course, needing some deep emotional drive, the film has Adrian go into a coma for a bit and when she wakes up, she tells him to win the match. It's sappy and you could totally remove it and it wouldn't affect the film, but once again the movie is about the characters. Everyone has an arch with the exception of Paulie, who's not in the film very much and has lost a lot of weight. Even Joe Spinnell pops up again, once at Rocky's wedding and another time to offer him a job. He just comes and goes and the other time it feels like reaction footage from the fight in the first film cut in. Seems like a waste. There's some pretty emotional moments, like when Rocky has to admit to Mickey that he can't find a work and will be his mop boy just to be around fighting. For someone like Rocky, that's pretty humiliating. I enjoyed watching things look up, then down and his struggle to get back up again, it wasn't too extreme or exaggerated. Definitely a worthy successor to the first film, but not as powerful, but it's still really good. #nowwatching #nowplaying #rocky2 #sylvesterstallone #taliashire #carlweathers #burtyoung #burgessmeredith #mgm #unitedartists #drama #70sdrama #sports #boxing #bluray #bluraycollection #moviereview #moviecritic #filmreview #filmcritic #cinephile #1979 #goonreviewsrocky2

After watching @rawmovie on @netflix , it's gotta be one of the most gory and best horror films that I’ve seen! LINK IN BIO! WATCH + SHARE! 🐺
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The Wild One (1953)
Directed by Laslo Benedek
Starring Marlon Brando, Mary Murphy, Lee Marvin

Inspired by a July 4, 1947 incident in which 4,000 bikers rode into Hollister, California and destroyed it, this is instead one of the quintessential rebel without cause angst dramas of the ‘50s. “What about you, Johnny, what are you rebelling against?” “What have you got?”is the reply from Brando in his iconic role as the leader of the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club. Lee Marvin is his jeering rival from another bike gang and Mary Murphy is the “square” who just might soften his heart. Time has softened the attitude , classic stuff

Did y’all catch @warnerbrosentertainment @creepypuppet (James Wan’s) and @prideofgypsies (Jason Momoa’s) 1st trailer for “AQUAMAN”??? What did you guys think?

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