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Today’s January Movement Challenge (link in bio) was about getting your balance back - walking on something unstable. Good times! Here’s what the email said:
Remember when you worked on balancing on one leg (January 7 email)? Now you're going to take that up a step. Or log, or yoga block. You get the idea. If you've ever gone out hiking and freaked out because you had to cross a tiny creek on rocks and logs, and you just fell in, and everyone laughed...sorry, I was reliving a memory from long ago. This will prep you for walking on uneven terrain, which is a good skill to have for crossing creeks or walking on broken sidewalks, especially when most of your 'training ground' consists of flat-and-level.
Find some pillows or yoga blocks or books or anything you can think of that's similar. Another option, if you have it, is a 2x4 board, at least 4 feet long.
Throw that stuff on the floor (you can practice getting down on the floor when it's time to pick it up!)
Start walking on it
Hint: breathe! And try slowly exhaling through pursed lips to aid in stability, if you are having trouble balancing
Here's a video I made of me walking on a fake log - in my office. You can also set up an obstacle course (use your imagination). If you have kids, or even if you don't, walking on this is great rainy day fun!! #movewellmovemore
#moveyourdna #nutritiousmovement #getofftheflatandlevel

Sunday walk. Unfiltered smartphoneograpy of First Beach on English Bay. #moveyourdna

Set up future successes. A study by Redbooth shows we are the least productive in January and February. Not surprising if you, like me look to nature for our natural rhythms. Instead of being a victim to resolution tradition.
I invite you to consider using this time to focus on self care. Make your schedule less about what you want to get done, and more about who you want to become.
When your emotional tank is full, you are most productive and operate at your best
The rhythms of life ebb and flow, and so also will productivity.
Progress is not linear. I teach movement as a life style. Gaining mobility isn’t a step wise process.

It is an unfolding. Learning new skills is an emerging process.
As you Identify your priorities for self care. You may discover movement is not an option. Pain is.
#yoga #walklikeitmatters #moveyourdna #RES #naturalmovement #yogafarts #changeyourmindmove #movementmovesallofyou

He’s my focus👥 I’m squatting down to stay more connected with this little dude while we are at my dentist appt👩🏼‍⚕️ It could be a lunge or any version of being low. Being down in his world helps nourish our connection and make appointments and life easier.
#stackyourlife #imomiteveryday

At være ude i naturen er for mig det bedste i verden, lige meget hvad, så falder jeg altid til ro. Vi undervudere idag, hvor vigtig det er at bevæge sig og være udenfor, mit mål pt. er at gå 8km hver dag, de dage Christian er sent hjemme, prøver jeg at stå op inden han tager afsted og inden Victoria vågner, så jeg kan nå at gå lidt der, da Victoria ikke gider gå ude i så land tid! Vi har alle den samme tid og man kan altid finde undskyldninger, prøv i stedet at find løsninger til en smule bevæglese hver dag. Vælg trapper, gå en morgentur også selvom det bare er 10 min, det giver dig mere end du regner med, har du et kontor job, så gå rundt, mens du har nogle af telefonsamtalerne. Jeg anbefaler virkelig en bog der hedder #dontjustsitthere af Katy Bowman som ved ALT om narturlig bevægelse! #moveyourdna

The only use for my underwire bras these days; makeshift mermaids tails 😂

Underwire bras no longer serve me (not sure they ever did) they are so uncomfortable I was like why am I even wearing them?
Katy @nutritiousmovement says that "the very habitat in which we dwell is preventing full use of our body." So much in that sentence but for now very simply, an uncomfortable bra is affecting how I move. So bye bye bras (not crop tops though and in full disclosure I do have a non underwire bra I'm keeping) ☺️ Sianh found this in a bag I was donating to the op shop and asked if she could sew it onto a skirt... #moveyourdna #rewild #rewildyourlife

Starting Monday, I’ll begin posting weekly about this concept I was introduced to: “Move more, exercise less.”
It’ll be a broad spectrum of thoughts on different types of movement, how I move, when I move, what I’m moving, activities that move me, and why I’m moving...
I’ve been a mover all my life.
Extremely kinesthetic.
Until the past couple of years, I’ve never been an “exerciser”, so it’s a new role for me and one that I’ll keep.
But much of what I’ve been watching and learning recently, inspired by @nutritiousmovement and @movnat has been shifting my life into this framework of MOVING more and mentally shifting OUT of “exercise” being the only type or time I move.
For anyone curious about a wide breadth of movement considerations (beyond workouts and exercise) follow along each Monday with #amarylismovesmonday
#movement #moveyourdna #nutritiousmovement #movemoreexerciseless #mentalshift #amarylismovesmonday

What different surfaces are you walking or running on? Rocky texture, hills (both up and down), slopes and trenches all create differing loads that our muscles must adapt to. This mean better core function and strength, and improved performance. So if your route is fairly flat and always the same, get outside and feed your muscles a little differently! #vitamintexture #movehealplay #walktheyear #liveyouralignedlife #getoutside #mamasport #moveyourdna

This kiddo loves to help. We took advantage of a rare sunny winter day to get outside and do a little yard work after I finished my "real work" for the day. I don't have time to "exercise" like so many of my childless friends do, but keeping up with and squatting with and carrying a toddler counts. For me, it's about movement, not exercise. #moveyourdna #stackyourlife #optoutside #toddlersofinstagram #dietitian #author

When you spend four hours editing a book written in #Italian and you don't speak or read Italian. #mindbend #MoveYourDNA #translation #goingforawalknow

Out of my head, into my body. Incorporating movement as much as I can into daily life has changed how I experience it (both movement and life). I set up these in front of my bedroom door - every time I go by, in or out I do some balancing - walking, single leg hinges, split squats, pivot practice and some variation of hanging. #moveyourdna #movnatwomen #movement #greasethegroove #nurtureyournature #liveoptimal #biohacking #consciousness #movnat #naturalmovement #primal

#tbt to working with Olympian @doliversub13. Congratulations on your new position as Director of Track & Field at @howard1867! ・・・
I love getting to work with people who are passionate about what they do, and willing to do what it takes to step up their game. Even the best have room for improvement!
Check out the link in my profile to learn how you can step up your movement!
#madetomovelife #mtmlife #FRCms #frc #cars #pailsrails #functionalrangeconditioning #exercise #healthylifestyle #health #healthandwellness #fitness #movement #moveyourdna #controlyourself #exercises #mobility #stretch #stretching #strength #strengthtraining #progression #movementculture #controlyourself

Because I believe play should be part of movement and life, I give you knee tag. That glorious game where you attempt to mercilessly slap the inside of your partners knees and prevent yours from being touched.
Is it fair to my 5 year old I have the wingspan of a California condor and the quickness of a striking snake?
Probably not. Life lessons kid. Life lessons. Lol.
Ain't no shame in this mamas game.
We move, play, talk about winning and losing, getting back up, learning from each experience and finding all different ways of making the world your gym. I've done this in fields, airports, classrooms and gyms.
Look around you. What do you have that could be an opportunity for play, movement or fun?
What could you climb on, hang from, run up and down, walk along, or jump over?
Don't just tell your kids to.go.out and play. Go.out and play with them.
Tag who you'd challenge and rock knee tag with. :)

Handle unit = happy spine + shoulder mobility #waves #spirals #circle #moveyourdna #nouishyoursoul

When the ☀️ finally shines, you make time to get some yummy Vitamin D in. And after months of daily cold showers, 35 degrees F in the sunshine feels absolutely delicious-especially when you've been chasing your husky around in the snow with only shorts and a tank on. ❄️💙❄️💙❄️
#getoutside #vitamind #moveyourdna #byebyewinterblues #sunsoutgunsout #sunworshiper #bluesky #wimhof #coldlover #nashville #snowbunny #shamelessselfie

I believe that walking is really important for my body - if you go by hunter-gatherer stats, humans depend on getting 3-6 miles a day, or so, for everything to stay in top working order. Aaaaaand it's cold and dark and gloomy out there. Aaaaaaand I'm really busy with WORK right now. So basically I'm super not motivated to get out and walk.
The best way I use to make sure it happens is to give myself errands to run. That way I feel like I'm being productive (going to the farmer's market is almost like writing that overdue blog post, right?) and that makes it a lot easier for me to get my many layers of wool on and get out the door.
It's always worth it once I make it outdoors. I just need that extra push. Also, how nice is this cabbage?

Attending the Breathe to Release workshop by Katharine Jemmett, great to get back to the basic fundamental principles of Pilates and why it works....thanks for the energy and enthusiasm @ksjbodycontrol lovely to meet you #pilates #pilateseveryday #lovewhatyoudo #pilatesbody #pilatesinstructor #contrology #ksjbodycontrol #moveyourdna

Alright so I did stop reading as told and did some housework for about 10 minutes. Does that count as walking? Am I allowed to continue? 😉 #moveyourdna #movement @nutritiousmovement

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