Things used to be, now they not
Anything but us is who we are
It was all so surreal and I didn’t even imagine this happening. This whole thing felt like it was straight out of How I Met Your Mother. Often times, people don’t know what they want and they don’t appreciate what they already have. I know I’m not made for relationships. In the words of Leslie Knope, “if I seem too passionate, it’s because I care. If I come on strong, it’s because I feel strongly. And if I push too hard, it’s because things aren’t moving fast enough.”
In retrospect whether it’s this or anything else whether it be personal or professional, I often think to myself - “Should I have said what I felt?”, “Did I go too far?”, “Should I have toned it down?”. And the answer is that I don’t have any regrets. You only regret what you don’t do. You should always be who you are and say what you feel because in the end those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. .
I’ll take a crash and burn and fail fast over a slow, painful death any day. Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser. .
Sophie, I’ve told you this many times, but you've genuinely inspired to be a better person. Your commitment to volunteering, nonprofits and giving back is unmatched. You’re so dedicated to uplifting those who are in need and really put your money where your mouth is. You’re one of the only people who don’t just complain about how fucked up the world is. You actually do something about it and I admire that. Plus you’re so knowledge about political and social issues. Don’t let anyone tell you not to speak your mind. Being strong and intense shows that you actually care about the way things are.
God has been talking to me. I realize that I’ve been doing a terrible job listening. He’s been shutting down potential career opportunities (and love opportunities lmao) because he saying “nah, Ro, you have to achieve your dreams no matter what financial or personal obstacles come in your way”. He’s been hitting me in the chest to get my attention and now I’m listening. Thank you God. I will improve career education with @getcareeranswers LEGGO!!

If you would have told me a year ago I would be here, I would have called you crazy! #believeinyourself #liveyourbestlife #loveyourself #bestrong #moveon #rebuild #healyourself

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Kau memintaku untuk bangun, berdiri dan kemudian berlari. Kau tak sempat melihat patah di setiap kucoba melangkah. Seakan buta atau justru sengaja membutakan? Sayang, kau terlebih dulu terjebak di sudut maya. Setelah aku benar-benar akhirnya bisa berlari kencang.
Pagi ini hujan memberiku kabar berita. Dari beberapa deretan kata dalam sebuah kisah.
Butuh waktu untuk menunggu hari. .
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Opportunities occur only once in life, en una de las reflexiones de miguelsierralta dice “es ahora o nunca” whatever go whatever as they come #nowornever #ahoraonunca #cruiseship #norwegianescape #escape #livestyle #loyalty #venezuela #miami #weston #venezuelasomostodos #zumbalife #reflections #justmoveon #moveon #sea

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