My brother diagnosed this past weekend. Cancer is a trespasser in the body. "Father I thank you for healing power of the Holy Spirit and I thank you for Todd💖 By the Authority of Christ in the name of Jesus I command every cancer cell in this body to die. Cancer you are Not allowed to live in this body. You are a trespasser! I command you - Get Out! I command every cancer cell to shrink and disappear by the Authority of Christ. I command all cancer to die. I bind the spirit of death and the spirit of infirmity and I break their holding power! I command them to leave now by the Authority of Jesus Christ!
And with Authority of Christ Himself All damage be Reversed, Restored and made Brand New Now, Full Restoration!" Thank you @robbydawkins for your prayer video to eliminate cancer from this earth🔥

Summer times ☀️🥂

Make your move momentous! Contact Veteran Movers and guarantee the kind of move you won’t mind remembering. #veteranmovers #movestrong

We can be our best friends or our worst enemy. If you’re hitting a “wall”, stop for a minute and think about who even put it there...was it you? #entrepreneur #sales #mindset #walls #changeyourperspective #movemountains #rethink

Mexico. Mi amor. Means meeting amazing humans from across the world (like @crystal.tattoo.art) & showing them the beautiful, secret places and growing.
Means coming back to Texas for a few days before I move back here again.
HMU if you’ll be in ATX area beginning of July 🙌🏽

I’ve got limes for smiles, for tequila, I’ve got limes unlimited. But I have faith as small as a mustard seed, and I can say to this mountain move and it will.

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I never gave up, I never let FEAR stop me, I surrounded myself with kings & queens who have the same mindset as me. They told me I might fail and I proved I’m rising to the top. I told myself I’m my biggest fan with a brand that sells a year later, Over 6 events in less then 3 months my brand & team have built. Stoped relaying on a job to hold me up but relayed on myself to sit on my empire. Here I am all because I didn’t let FEAR & the voices of the average effect where I’m going!! Stay true to yourself & what you want push through the struggle to see hear & see your anthem ! 🙌🏽💯👑 thank you to everyone who supports me & thanks to God for never failing me.🙏🏼 #allnaturaldazzlemascara #buisnesswoman #brandyourself #empire #vision #millionairemindset #bosswomen #queen👑 #eventplanning #ceolife #ambusheffect #models #interviews #faith #grindtime #movemountains #supporters #positive #success #entrepreneurship #motivation #wholesalingrealestate #neversettleforless #kings #radio #makeup #motd #photography #northjersey #southjersey

Sometimes it feel like you have been handed more than you can handle. You are stronger than you think you are. If you’re like me, June is ending and you feel a bit beat up and ready for summer. Take a deep breath, press on, and go move that mountain. .
#strength #motivation #movemountains #struggle #success #youcandohardthings #youweremadeformore #showem

“If you wish to move mountains tomorrow,
You must start by moving stones today”
- African Proverb

No sooner had I taken this photo of the “mini wall” I’d built... and this quote appeared on my sugar sachet!

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