This is my mantra.
Leaving my shackles behind. The judgements. The limiting beliefs. The rules. The fears.
Embracing the chaos. The unknown. The wilderness within.
Getting to know my AUTHENTIC self. The self that’s been hiding behind the veils and illusions.
Aren’t you tired of always wearing those masks? Of putting on a show that always feels dishonest? Or feeling like something isn’t quite put together?

Drop me a line. Leave a comment, DM me, and let’s figure out your first step towards LIBERATING YOURSELF.
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It’s easy to get trapped when we are so worried about moving THE RIGHT WAY vs THE WRONG WAY.
At the end of the day YOU JUST NEED MOVEMENT.
Personally, I enjoy a movement experience that’s creative, riddled with imperfections and glitches, but also glimpses into new territory and expands preexisting boundaries.
I love moving to explore, to express myself, to play with my body as it interacts with space, gravity, and time. I love being able to ditch the model of RIGHT vs WRONG and just show up AS MYSELF.
Once you’ve had a taste, why would you want anything else?

If you’re with me give me a #hellyes in the comments below!
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I’ve been in the hamster wheel cycle before. The one where I’m so dissatisfied with every imaginable aspect of my body.
How my body looks.
How my body feels.
How shitty my movement is.
How I’m so much worse than everyone around me.
How I’m always injured or in pain.

How I’m always working so hard to improve myself but I’m always behind.

Always unhappy. Always frustrated. Always beating my body up and beating myself down.
The best fitness coaches, methodologies, diet and workout regime aren’t enough. Those are addressing the SYMPTOMS.
The ROOT OF THE PROBLEM runs deeper than that. You can’t navigate it through the external circumstances alone.
It’s the WHY. WHY do you want to move better? WHY do you want to be stronger? WHY do you want to loose weight?
If your answer is “to be healthy” or “to look good” .... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
That’s just a reiteration of what other people have told you will make you feel better. It’s a fake promise for change.

You have to dig deeper. You have to be unabashedly honest with yourself.

Is it to feel free? To feel like you can do anything? To love your body and yourself for once and forever?
Maybe it’s something else entirely. But whatever it is, you need to address that ROOT OF THE PROBLEM and stop putting all of your attention and effort on THE SYMPTOM.
If you’re ready to make real shifts. If you’re ready to step into the YOU that you’ve always wanted to be but haven’t experienced yet, drop me a line. Comment below, DM me, let’s set up a call.
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I love repetition. It’s an incredible tool to shape so many different things. It can be used to refine and hone, to explore nuances, and to excavate the deeper layers hidden in a movement experience.
My upcoming Dance Release 101 Series with @liberatedmovement provides a beginner’s introductory immersion into building movement confidence and autonomy. We will use repetition over the four weeks to help deeply groove familiarity with connecting to our bodies, exploring new movement mediums, and using movement to help unlock a deeper connection to our true selves.
Spots are filling quickly! We only have 7 left! Email info@liberatedmovement.com to begin and complete registration! Series takes place 9/16, 9/23, 9/30, and 10/7 on Sundays 1230-1:30. Exchange is $40.
For those of you who don’t live local or cannot attend, I have an online offering that delves into the same principles! Message me now for more details on how to participate!

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And the beat goes on… My #yogatherapy classes at #hotyogaasheville in a 74 degree room. Just perfect for The needs of my students. Come join us Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 AM. #yogaforall #yogaforeverybody #manypathsonetruth #selfcarefirst #movementmagic

There is always room for love. What will your weekend bring? #friyay #possibilities #weekendready #movewithjoy #studiolove #roomtogrow 📸 @lpellettieri


This is me. Doing one of my favorite things- exploring new territory, and excavating new experiences.
Exploring opens up so many other opportunities right along with it:

How often are you engaging with these variables on a daily basis? If not daily, how about weekly? If not weekly, is it monthly?

I would venture if you’re only tapping into exploration, curiosity, creativity, and play on a monthly basis or less, you are seriously diminishing your potential for growth and expansion. In fact, you’re likely pigeon-holing yourself into that yucky category of only experiencing most of your life through the lenses of stress and suffering.
More importantly, how often are the experiences around your physical body playful, curious, explorative, and creative? 🤔🤔🤔 If you’re tired of the same old routine, and are ready to tap into these variables, send me a message! Let’s talk about what actionable steps you can start taking TODAY to plug creativity, play, and curiosity into your movement, and into your life. 🌟

#moldyourmatrix #play #explore

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TEACHING TONIGHT || a safe space to learn Indian dance. @liberatedmovement 7pm #donationbased #contemporaryindian #brindaguhadance || Photo by @christopher.erk.photography

UPDATE: SERIES IS FULL! Taking a short list of names for waitlist 🙃
D A N C E  R E L E A S E 101 
w @mariejanicek ☀️ 4 Sundays: Sept 16, 23, 30 and October 7 ☀️
$40 total, paid in advance
Limited to the first 15 people who pre-register,
to allow for individual attention.

We are filling up so register now! ✍️ This series has come about due to high demand for a space dedicated to helping people become more comfortable with movement and being able to move in your body. You should take this class if: *You’ve always wanted to take dance class. 💃 *You're too intimidated to try an open level class. 🙈 *It’s been a long time since you’ve danced and you want to ease back into moving. 🌱〰️ *You want to become more comfortable with moving your body. 💪☮️ *This 4 Part Workshop Series is designed to help you tap into your body’s intuitive and unique movement patterns, and step by step takes you through the practices and tools to help strengthen your connection to it. Week by week, we will learn and build on movement strategies and sequences to get you comfortable with your body’s movement needs and messages, using deep breathing, body scanning, release movement drills, and much more. There will be plenty of repetition week to week to help groove deeper familiarity and comfort, while building on these principles bit by bit throughout the series. 
At the end of the series, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of your body’s movement abilities, a stronger connection and awareness of your body’s experience of movement itself, and heightened confidence in dance and movement exploration patterns. ✨ *To Register:

Email 📧 info@liberaredmovement.com to confirm series availability.
We will provide directions on how to donate through our website.
Your spot is confirmed upon payment!

Any questions or want to talk to the instructor first? Just reach out!


There are a lot of precursors to being able to load into the ground effectively, especially when it comes to rolling patterns and floorwork.
The predominant message always seems to be learning to surrender your weight into the ground a little deeper. Naturally, our tendency is to push against the pull of gravity, and while pushing has its place, it’s only as strong as our ability to surrender and relax ourselves into the pull of gravity.
Working with simplified subtle movement patterns around a specific position is a great way to begin to learn how to give your weight over to gravity, and begin to allow yourself to sink deeper into it, to melt into its support. This simple rocking drill in the fetal position offered so much feedback for where I was gripping and resisting rather than releasing and surrendering. It informed the next layers and variations in the subsequent patterns on a whole new level, and I walked away from my ground practice feeling so nourished and wonderfully light, as though I’d just stepped off a massage table.
Starting September 16th, I’m teaching a 4 week class series through @liberatedmovement called Dance Release 101. They will take place on Sundays 9/16, 9/21, 9/30, and 10/7 from 12:30-1:30pm. These classes are tailored to an introductory level of dance technique and exploration, but are well suited to anyone looking to curate a new relationship with their bodies and moving through space. Using the mediums of breathwork, release technique, rolling, and much more, we will be opening up a whole new perspective for how our bodies communicate with us, how to be open to that communication, and finally, how to use it in harnessing a deeper ability to let go and find freedom in movement.
Registration is limited to 15 spots only, and we are already 1/3 full! Sign up now by emailing info@liberatedmovement.com and following subsequent steps to complete the $40 workshop payment. Your spot will be confirmed once you have submitted payment!
In the meantime, come by and take my standing Contemporary Workshop classes from 2:30-4pm every Sunday at Liberated Movement! Classes are open to all levels and are $10 min donation!


Movement manifestation.
Creation and DNA rearrangement.
I let my old stories move through me as I continue to unfold my destiny.
I welcome in the lessons that are meant for me.
Yes, let me bleed.
I choose to live in love with this vast spectrum I see stretched before me.
It is within me.
I let it pour through me, to every being of light I have been blessed to meet.
Healing my vessel and deprogramming my mental.
We are together.
I love YoU. < <> >

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Today Venus's journey through the sky has brought her to the constellation of Libra. This is a lovely energy as Venus in her home of Libra rules love, the arts, beauty, relating, harmony, grace, charm and what makes us happy. A summertime playlist brought through by a Libra, (me!) and holding space for a fellow Libra (on Tuesday), Sarah, awaits you. An invitation to you to move freely and experience YourSelf, and effortlessly prepare for the New Moon partial SoULar eclipse in Leo (new beginnings relating to Self, heart, courage, play, creativity, leadership, and personal empowerment) on Friday. 💜 StudioNia Santa Fe, Tuesday and Thursday 5:45 p.m.

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I picked up this print in #capecod a few weeks ago, and ever since have been using this #betheocean poem by @michaelfdubois as a daily mantra. I shared it in my @liberatedmovement class today. Thank you to this poet for words that absolutely soothe my soul, and to the beautiful beings that moved with me today. Happy #sunday & let's all be a little more like the #ocean. 🌊🌊🌊 #saltwaterhealseverything #gratitude #movementmedicine #movewithjoy #liberatedmovement #soulfood

It is, isn't it? ☀️ Walking by this sign right after our signature Liberated Movement class is ⚡🌊💫🌠💖 #nyc #sundaykindoflove

@themalcolmking annual ballet anniversary post that we just ❤️❤️❤️. (Swipe to see year 1!) Thanks for being such a great part of our community! And to @sarahdoudna, thanks for being the ballet teacher who inspires flower-giving instead of fear. This is the connection that movement should make. #movewithjoy #liberatedmovement

Thank you @carlostaomovement for sharing the magic ✨🌟✨ #movementmagic #RAyogateachertrainingbali #baliyoga

Part 1 Apparently moving like this makes cats appear... like attracts like? Pandiculations and undulations... while cats are a huge inspiration they’re not much for explaining how they do what they do :) understanding how the body really moves and flows and reverse engineering process for fluid healthy powerful movement and sharing it is a passion that goes beyond any one modality or practice. And it’s like being a kid in a toy store when I find someone that’s doing the same and inspires me like @yuenjon 💪🏻🔥


While I take a few days off in nature this weekend, founder and director of @liberatedmovement @lpellettieri will be teaching for me on Sunday, 2:30-4pm!!! Check out the details below 👇

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*Special edition of our signature class this Sunday 8/5 2:30-4:00pm $10 with LM founder and director @lpellettieri (subbing for @mariejanicek). Join us for class + an extra long #ocean -focused healing #meditation with (optional) essential oils. 🌊 If you need to let go, breathe deep, and sweat, this ✨ is ✨ for ✨ you. 🕉️💃🙏🏽
📸 By @lightandlandscapes
Liberated Movement’s signature class is a meditative movement class series that integrates breath work, dynamic stretch, Qi Gong, cardio dance, free movement and meditation, all to improve mood and sense of well-being. Class alternates between “yin” and “yang” movements to create a sense of calm and ease while also waking up your muscles and increasing heart rate. By working body and mind together to bring presence and attention to what you are doing in the moment, we are able to stretch ourselves strong, lower chance of injury, and improve the quality and feeling of your movement. If you want to boost your energy, relax your mind, and feel more alive, then this class is for you! Anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend; no prior dance/movement experience necessary. ✨✨✨ #movewithjoy #movementmagic #community


Of my intuitive movement practice.

Stepping into a space to communicate and speak with my body, to allow for an egalitarian exchange.
My guide in the process is purely feeling. Following the feelings and sensations of my my body responds. Often I will repeat and reiterate the same sequence over and over a few times, deeply fleshing it out, exploring and expanding it. And by that time I’m inspired to try something new!

Normally I give myself 15-30min for this space. Sometimes I end up needing closer to an hour. But the more you can allow yourself to fall into it and be guided? The more it can open up and offer you. ✨🌟⚡️⭐️💫 #movementmagic #flow #moldyourmatrix

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