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Build the foundation! Feel the movement! #cirqueitfit

Shoulder opener. The focus here is not maintaining the lower back neutral curve but to maximally extend and open the T-Spine and Shoulder connection.
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🌊surface play does not interest me, perhaps let us swim into the deeper waters and see what dwells there 🌊🐙

Cold enough to chill my bones 🌬

This is for those ADVANCED folk 💪 out there who want to master pull-ups, handstands, ring work, etc., but work those desk jobs and end up with super over-active upper traps when performing these advanced exercises!
Now, we determined yesterday that the upper trapezius muscle is still a relevant and important muscle. BUT, we don't want it being the boss 💁 and over powering the important guys, like the middle and lower fibers of the trapezius.
MASTER THE EXERCISES I SHOWED YESTERDAY FIRST! I'll show some more fun ones that EVERYONE should add into their weeks later on this week!
Hanging is so essential to mastering your shoulder health! To truly start to balance out the muscles all around your shoulder and scapula ⚖️ I highly suggest adding these babies into your bar routines! .
🎥 Scapula Elevation & Depression: think of shrugging your shoulders 🤷‍♀️ and then pulling them away from the ears as much as possible! This is harder than you think. If the lats and lower traps are weaker, your arms start to bend to compensate for any limited motion.
🎥 Scapular Circles: think of drawing as large of a circle as possible with those wings 👼 This may take time, and mine are far from perfect, but play with finding as large as a movement as possible. This really helps to tease out those muscular imbalances along the back. .
🎥 Single Arm Hangs: game changer!! The goal is to keep the shoulder blade down and engaged for as long as possible with the hang. It is very difficult!! Use a mobility band for support when first learning and practicing!
Try these out my little beasts and let's work at balancing out those scapular muscles to say farewell to that annoying upper trap irritation and pain once and for all! 👊✌️

Do your elbows ever hurt while benching? If so, you may suffer from cashing your elbows ousside your hands.
What this does:
❌Increases elbow flexor demand
❌Causes inefficient power output
❌Underutilizing the pecs
What benching with efficient angles does:
✅Decreases the elbow flexor demand
✅Causes efficient power output
✅Utilizes the pecs
Tag someone who cashes their elbows ousside their hands 💁🏻

Good day at the beach getting some good shots in.
First time I've checked out Marina Del Rey. So dope and not too many people. It's nice to be able to find some places in LA where there's not too many people, but still be a dope enough spot where you can create. Still trying to find more dope spots like this, but never get too much time to explore as much. What are some of your favorite spots in LA like this?
Thanks @rockadeezy for teaching me how to fly, and thanks for the help @thechristianhoward #freezeoftheday #cinemagraph

Episode 382:"Scapular Step-ups”
Here is a closed chain exercise to help target the scapular stabilizers, especially the serratus anterior. Why closed chain? If you remember our “Fix The Movement” post, you will recall that full upward rotation of the scapula requires a serratus anterior manual muscle test (MMT) of just 3/5. Bearing this in mind, it can be concluded that poor scapular movement is often caused by poor motor control - and not necessarily weakness - of the serratus anterior. A closed chain exercise is a great way to really feel this muscle activate by pushing AWAY from the floor.
To progress this exercise, add a slight bend in your elbows. With the elbows locked into extension, you don't have to rely on your muscles to actively stabilize the upper quadrant. If you don't already do this, TRY IT. You'll be forced to engage your shoulder girdle muscles much more! ⠀
Lateral steps are also shown here. If you want to progress the lateral steps, hover your hand above the step to increase demand on the arm in contact with the floor.
Note: Keep a straight line from your Heels -> Hips -> Shoulder, make sure you stay rigid around the core to avoid any back sag.


Been a good coach is not about how sore you can make your clients.It seems to be a badge of honour these days if you can make someone so sore that they can't walk down the stairs.. A monkey with a stopwatch could do that. Install good movement patterns and gradually progress over time #cpfitness #cpfamily #coaching #movement #girlswholift #fitnessjourney #fitness

2 years ago competing in Rising All Stars Pole Art division, and this weekend I get to compete again but in Circus Art! First time ever! 💖 Eeep! 🙈 Feel so lucky to be apart of this amazing comp and share the stage with so many beautiful dancers! 😍 Having 1 week to prepare for it has been crayyyy, but can't wait! 🙌😘

@mannyynnam have fun on your TV shoot today 🎥 #Bboy #dancer #AJKAgency #AJK

Keep pushing play guys! Whether it's at home #workouts or at the #gym ! Don't give up! After just 7 days of eating clean plant foods and exercise every other day I can see some ABS! Even just 15 minutes of #movement contributes to better #health and #wellbeing 🙌❤ #insanitymax30 #hiitworkouts #instafit #fitnessmotivation #7daystoahealthieryou #7daychallenge #healthyhabits #dubaiyogateacher #mydubai #uaehealthmovement #uaefitnessmovement #abs

Just MOVE And Get Back To Being That Kid Playing Around On Their Hands. It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect Because Nothing Ever Really Is #handstand #1hand #movement #play #beach #health #maldives #workout #fun #stopbeingserious #nothing #is #perfect #chill

​"It is clear that the future of dance looks bright..." 🌟
Throwback to this time last year when we caught Ailey II in action! Read the review on our site and go see the company in their 2017 season at @NYUSkirball from now till April 2!
[Ailey II in Ray Mercer's "Something Tangible." Photo by Eduardo Patino]
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