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Before Wednesday Is Over I Have To ShoutOut My #WCW To These Powerful Ladies @boomkack @shapewithangela #MoutainTops #GWA Love To Them Both

I never shared this Alaska picture but it is fire. #moutaintops #butchecks

Damn bitch bad, got a nice whip n she likes to drive fast. 😈💜 #mybaby #camaro #shwb #moutaintops

Monday Blues #farmlands meet #moutaintops
#indiansummer #catskills 🌾🍃🍁
Winter is coming .... #gameofthrones

Amazing views! Beautiful snow, fabulous sun! Heaven! #bettmeralp #swissalps #snowfun #moutaintops #skiheaven

#moutaintops today


How true is this quote!?

It is so amazing how often we get in our own way.  We like to think the world places obstacles in our way and this allows us to create excuses...excuses as to why we can't reach some goal or why we choose to not even start to begin with. •
We need to stop getting in our own way! Jump in, dive in, take the leap. You'll never get what you want by not trying....just sayin!!

Audrey experienced her first LSU baseball game last night. Sometimes I can't believe how quickly this first year had gone and all of the amazingly beautiful changes it brings. Her first giggle, the first time she recognized her name, first time rolling over, sitting up, crawling....seriously mind blowing what this tiny human accomplished this year!!!

All you mamas and daddys out there, what was your favorite first!?

#lsubaseball #mikethetiger #babyfirst

So exhausted today and feeling just blah. But on my way to pick up Audrey and there's nothing sweeter than seeing your kid get super excited when you walk in the door. Makes my heart burst!! ☆☆

Loving the love on Mother's day!! •
Being a mom can be so hard at times, but it is far more rewarding than I could have ever dreamed.  Never knew I could love a tiny little human so much.  My heart is so full today because I know how VERY blessed I am.

Thanks babe for the gifts 😘 @rogillom

Who else is their own worst critic!? ✋✋ People kept telling me that my 30s would be better than my 20s and I was totally skeptical because my 20s were freaking awesome!!

My 30s have brought me my first house and my first kid and those were huge, wonderful, life altering moments....true blessings! •
I've also seen a major shift internally. I feel more confortable in my skin, confident, healthy, happy.  I keep reminding myself that there is only one me. No one feels, thinks, acts the same as me (mind blown!)

I am worrying less about what others think or placing so much importance on their judgements of me.  I don't need to change anything about me to please someone else. This doesn't mean I don't have things to work on....I DO!  But who I am is a limited edition and that should be valued!

MOTD: Table Top
One of my favorite moves because it really challenges my balance.  What is your favorite move!?

Flying over Greenland, snow topped mountains standing tall above the clouds.

Showing my Shakeology some love 💛💜 Cafe Latte goodness ☕

Nobody else is going to do it for you! ✖crush your goals ✖ find your tribe ✖ dream big ✖ build the life you always wanted 💕💕

I love the Wednesday delivery! 😍🍅🌽🥑🥘🥗 I wish I was someone who could whip up meals without recipes or directions, but I'm totally NOT!! Thankfully this comes with directions and boyfriend helps....and by helps I mean does most of the work!! 💕💕 @rogilliom

It's almost sort of, kind of, close to the weekend...right!? 🤔🤔😣

I selfishly just want my kid to say "mama" already....I try and bribe her and that doesn't work. I think my kid is actually a genius and just likes to see me get salty 😂😂

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