I just got service after a week in the mountains and had one of the best, but hardest, weeks on trail. This is my favorite photo from this past week because I felt a happiness so deep and exhilarating that I will never forget it. Here, I am at the summit of Mount Whitney, the tallest point in the Continental US (14,505ft), and I had it all to myself. I literally was queen of America for one hour. 😂

the message I just got from my through hiking partner from the Appalachian trail, who is hiking the PCT.
I’m so unbelievably proud of this wank for how far he’s come with @badapplehiking and @pizzamaster so far. Stay safe you hiker trash.

Started the week at 14026 ft! #mountlangley #14er
Summits are forever humbling! They break you down and bring you back to sea level stronger, more focused, and deeply connected. Keep climbing!

I’m a sucker for a good campsite and this trip did not disappoint. Clear skies and stars shining every night. #rootsrated #mountwhitney #inyonationalforest #alabamahills #lonepinelake #trailcamp

PCT day 33 (Whitney) Was awoken by the sound of hikers preparing to summit Whitney in time for sunrise. I threw some food in my pack and left camp at 2 am. The Milky Way was the brightest I have ever seen. A massive cloud of distant gasses that lit up the jagged Mt. Hitchcock as I stumbled my way up without a flashlight. I reached the top right as the sun rose above the horizon and was awarded with an insane 360° view. I stayed at the summit for around 5 hours (including a nap). The way down was just as spectacular. I jumped into guitar lake and hiked on to camp a few miles from Forester pass. #pct2018

On June 16th after spending the week driving across the country from east to west with my dad, this group assembled in Lone Pine, California at the Dow Villa…a small motel that John Wayne had once stayed in…we prepared to hike the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States the following morning.  After only a few hours of sleep we woke to a jarring 1 a.m. wake up call.  This was followed by a short winding drive up to 8,374 feet in the dark,  a 2:30 a.m. departure from the trailhead at Whitney Portal,  3 hours of steep ascent with headlamps before sunrise, then 4 and a half more hours of hiking to reach trail camp at 12,000 feet at 10. a.m.. Here at 12,000 feet you are told that the hike now begins to get difficult.  Disregard everything prior to this and now it gets difficult.  After another 1,000 feet of ascent up 45 of the infamous 99 switchbacks, we reached the cables at 13,000 feet…. …. Going into this hike we knew our permit lottery date was risky being in June before all of the snow on the switchbacks was melted and we had read all of the recent news of hikers being air lifted out from injuries sustained on this part of the trail, but we had to go find out for ourselves. There’s a moment where you are risking your life to get across something and you see yourself coaching people you love into risking their lives and then you realize what you are doing and you snap out of it and choose what’s more important to you. This was an amazing adventure with an amazing group of people and hopefully we all return together when conditions are in our favor. #mountwhitney

@d__crane a man who will filter his foot water while standing in someone else’s dumped out food ⛺️💧

Let the John Muir Trail training begin... 10 week countdown to starting the 200+ mile trek from #yosemite to #mountwhitney

Little legs can take you very far, even to the top of #MtWhitney, the tallest mountain in the continental US! 🧗🏻‍♀️🏔⛺️ I’m so happy I get to share this beautiful view with friends (one of whom is NAMED Whitney), and that they will carry me on the trip back down!
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Esta foto fue de una “indiá” que me dió 😄
Quise recorrer 35K con mas de 2K de desnivel con 12Kg en mi espalda en solitario y en el menor tiempo posible. Jajaja..
Y salió bien!
Sólo quería medir mi resistencia con todo lo necesario para dos días de autonomía. Fue una linda cumbre, en modalidad Trail Running al estilo montañés. 😆
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Heaven help the fool who did her wrong 💗 #MountWhitney #FlyAwaysForDays #Cheesin #CheersTo20Years ✨ PC📷: @thatboiivince 💕

Tackled the tallest peak in the lower 48 states at an elevation of 14,508. A celebratory beer at the summit was a must 🍺. Photographs will never do this place any sort of justice! #mountwhitney #inyonationalforest #rootsrated

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