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Before the night is over I wanna wish my moms a Happy Birthday!! Love u! Good luck tomorrow at you're second homie @cachecreekcasino! #playhereplaythebest . Picture taken at Northern Israel. #mountofbeatitudes #israel #travelingmoms .

#CanaOfGalilee the site of Jesus' first Miracle of turning the water into wine! 🍷John 2:1-11 #mountofbeatitudes #SeaOfGalilee

We made it home last night! I am still processing all that we experienced in such a short amount of time. It is for sure that you can not go to Israel and not be changed and challenged. Thankful for all the fresh insight the Lord has poured out. #mountofbeatitudes

Be content but always hungry for more of God #Matt 5:6 #MountOfBeatitudes #Israel

Una luz por ti,por mi y por todos... #MountofBeatitudes #Israel


Sermon on the Mount: 8 Beatitudes

We have best group ever! 😍 And best guide also! 🙏🏼🇮🇱 #galilee #mountofbeatitudes #loveisrael

The way people of Jerusalem celebrate events makes me wish we did something like this here in America. As the kids would say, it was lit.

#CanaOfGalilee the site of Jesus' first Miracle of turning the water into wine! 🍷John 2:1-11 #mountofbeatitudes #SeaOfGalilee

#tbt to Standing on the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus spoke profound and powerful words that would stay with us for many generations to come. I for sure left a little piece of my heart in #Israel #mountofbeatitudes #salsaisrael2016 #theholyland #throwbackthursday

#mountofbeatitudes This is where Jesus preached the sermon of the beatitudes. Some depictions have Him above the crowd. He was actually below on the level part where the yellow blossoms are, while the crowd sat on the sides of the hill. With the natural curved amphitheater and the wind coming off the Sea of Galilee behind Him, He could speak very calmly and thousands would hear Him very well. They use to allow tourists to sit on the hill and have a priest read the Beatitudes calmly like Christ did to show how it worked, but they've fenced it off now to preserve the hill side.

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