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George Herbert Leigh Mallory (1886 – 1924) was an English mountaineer who took part in the first three British expeditions to Mount Everest in the early 1920s.

During the 1924 British Mount Everest expedition, Mallory and his climbing partner Andrew "Sandy" Irvine both disappeared on the North-East ridge during their attempt to make the first ascent of the world's highest mountain. The pair were last seen when they were about 800 vertical feet (245m) from the summit. George was 37.

A friend of the Bloomsbury Group artist Duncan Grant, George was photographed and painted by Grant at Charleston Farmhouse in Sussex. #charlestonfarmhouse

.. one of the best journey of my life .. totally lost in the middle of the nature with these amazing smiling and warm people .. Tibet is truly an holy land ❤️ #hymalaya #everest #mounteverest #everestbasecamp #tibet #roofoftheworld #vitamind #keeptravelling #buddhism #wanderlust #nevergiveup #freedom #overtherainbow #enlightenment #maipaura

Hiking in 30 degrees but we're still happy 🌋☀️ #lasplayitas #mounteverest

Grym Hajk idag med lillfjös! ✌️😎 @victorbrostrom
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I just hiked #mounteverest 😅 what an adventure 🌨🌄🏔 (don't let the sand fool u this is what mt. Everest looks like in the summer🤣)

At just 22 years old, @bonitanorris became the youngest women EVER to climb Mount Everest 🏔 Watch our interview at itv.com/lorraine #bonitanorris #thegirlwhoclimbedeverest #mounteverest #recordbreaker

"I'm enjoying preparing a talk for the seniors at a local school tomorrow who are about to head off for one of the world's best hikes into the heart of the Himalaya to the Khumbu Valley on an Everest base camp trek in Nepal very soon. With any luck the kids will enjoy this incredible view of Mount Everest from the trekking high point of Kala Patthar. It's a powerful place to sit in silence beside the fluttering prayer flags and contemplate human insignificance in the presence of such an incredible mountain."
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👉 Photo by Adventure Travel Photographer and Expedition Doctor, Andrew Peacock (@FootlooseFotography)


The first glimpse of Mt Everest from the EBC trail.
Photo: Elen Turner

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Harvard's Mount Everest simulation is a great way for executives to explore group dynamics and leadership.
SP Jain was thrilled to host Sydney Water for the exciting Mount Everest simulation at our Sydney campus.

New perspectives, and things are looking up. #choosetochange 📸 @YohanArfi

Reinhold Messner started climbing, with his younger brother Günther, around their native South Tyrol in northern Italy in the late 1950s. Between 1960 and 1964 Reinhold had already led over 500 ascents in the Dolomites in northeastern Italy. What followed afterward was a long list of successes on the hardest climbs of the Alps, the Andes and then on to the Himalaya, not always without controversy.
In 1978 he and Peter Habeler, following Messner’s mantra “by fair means” or not at all, became the first men known to climb to the summit of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen, a feat most considered physiologically impossible.
Two years later in 1980, on today’s date August 20, Reinhold reached the top of what was likely his boldest ascent ever - he climbed to the summit of Everest solo with no support, without oxygen, during the unpredictable monsoon season and partially by an unclimbed route. The climb, from base camp, took him 3 days, including a fall into a crevasse. Messner said in 2003 that this climb was the hardest he’d ever done. It’s well worth reading his account of this.

I photographed Messner for my book of climber portraits, an advance copy of which I should have in my hands any day now. The book’s release date is Oct. 15 and there’s a link for it in my profile on this page.

The photo you see here is a printer’s dummy of the real thing, obviously with no ink, photos, text. But there it is… 11” x 12”… just shy of two pounds with black linen slipcase. Very nice just to feel the heft of it after talking about it for 19 years.

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View of Nuptse, Everest and Lhotse from Kala Patthar, Nepal -- Autumn 1982

Pheriche, Solukhumbu District, Khumbu, Nepal -- Autumn 1982

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