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Front row seats are the best 👉 @lucybee985

Happy Saturday fitfam!!! Heading out on a hike with my lil fam! 😘👌✌️

Let's get to know each other better!!!
Answer the following-

What's your favourite movie/book?

What's the most interesting place you've been?

Favourite food?

I'll start us off-

E.T and the Bronze horseman
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Thai food

Life is an adventure itself 🤙🏻
🔻So here is where I stayed the night to be able to experience one of the best sunsets of my life. (On my previous post.)

This is the Mt. LeConte shelter and as you can see, it’s opened. Standing at an elevation of 6593 feet and isolated from pretty much anything, you find yourself in pitch dark, bear country and in the total wild, (which I love btw.) This shelter provides bear cables to hang your gear overnight (especially any food) so bears aren’t able to grab it. You don’t want any food inside the shelter! 😬 Good thing there were a few other hikers that same night and thank God no bears came to visit us. It was a memorable night and a great experience overall. Sometimes you have to let go of your fears to achieve what you want in life 😌🙏🏻✨

☝🏻 Tip: remember, you need a permit to stay here (read previous post.)

📍Mt. LeConte Shelter; Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee 🇺🇸


P a r c N a t u r a l d e l M o n t s e n y ⛰ ✅The Montseny is a protected area located close to Barcelona (Catalonia).
✅UNESCO designated the massif a biosphere reserve in 1978.The Generalitat of Catalonia regional government designated it a natural park in 1987, the Montseny Natural Park (Parc Natural del Montseny).
✅The Park is home to a wide variety of fauna from Mediterranean to alpine. The critically endangered Montseny brook newt is only known from the area of this massif.
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Sunday morning 🙌🏻 📷: @brucewaynemusic

Don’t count your years, make your years count! ⠀
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