Just in case you were doubting. It’s yours. ❤️ #mountainmove #matthew1720

Mountains are just dirt with a hard heart. #mountainmove

:: I’ve seen you move
You’ve moved the mountains
And I believe,
I’ll see you do it again.
You made a way,
When there was no way,
And I believe,
I’ll see you do it again.::
- ElevationChurch
Sitting here looking at a looming mountain this afternoon- it’s larger than anything I’ve faced before; It’s frightening and I know that I lack the strength and agility to scale it. It’s impossible, it is improbable; unlikely that I could succeed... but I’ve stood before mountains before and I remember saying similar things about those jagged rocks as well. I felt small and weak and incapable- acutely aware of my insufficiencies...but GOD- the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The GOD of impossibilities took my hand in his and led me across deserts, across bodies of water and I saw Him make a way when there was no way and He did that because that.is.who.HE is! He did that on the cross and He was doing that for me. He is a mountain mover. He does not tremble at the sight of improbability, He does not shudder at the looks of complexity. He is not moved- HE MOVES. He is able and He is stronger and He is with me. So if you are here with me, looking at something impassable, no that nothing is impossible for God, that He loves you and get ready for an incredible adventure and story.

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