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🌿Can't wait for the semester & responsibilities to end, I just wanna be outdoors🌿

Looking for a way out of finals like ...✌🏼

Spring hopping >> bar hopping 🤷🏽‍♀️ • unplanned camping wknd turned out perfff ✨(thx to the random person that paid for our campsite)

From the glacier to the ash. Sometimes a transition is smooth and gradual - or sometimes it’s just this abrupt.

Taking in the views 🌲
How was everybodies weekend?
📷: @everywherethatmarywent

Happy Saturday! Hope you got outside today. 🌲☀️⛺️


@onyx.nine told me that this is her favorite photo I’ve ever captured.😌
🎵The Polish Ambassador - Live Inside A Dream

Reveling in these sensational winter days high up in the Rockies ❤️ .
#colorado #mayflowergulch #snowshoe #mountainchicks #neverstopexploring #mountains #sheexplores #womenwhohike #likeamountaingirl

Travel vibes. 🖤
🎵Day Wave - We Try But We Don’t Fit In

Did my first urban hike and played tourist in LA! #mountainchicks #mtnchicks #urbanhike #mtnchickssocal

Took my new boots on a 6.2 mike walk today! ✌🏻❤️🏔 • • •
#exploremore #optoutside #womenwhohike #hikelikeagirl #summitsaturday #forceofnature #mountainviews #mountainchicks #andshesdopetoo

As a child she ran through the foothills of Colorado.
Seeking any and all adventures to be had.
Scrambling up what at the time seemed to be large and towering mountains.
She would stand on top of the mountain and take in all the beauty.
She knew at a young age there was something so powerful that nature had to offer all living creatures.
With not a care in the world she lived out her true self;
A free spirit.
Lover of Mother Nature.
A caring heart who hurt deeply for all around her who were hurting.
A dreamer who expressed her dreams loudly.
An animal lover who saw the joy & love they brought to humans.
An adventurous spirit.
Years and seasons passed.
Darkness slowly began to creep in and brought this young girl far too many distractions.
She knew deep down something was not right.
Years of exploring.
Longing for comfort and understanding.
Not knowing what was pulling her down.
Doing all she knew to keep your head up high.
Experiencing highs and lows.
Chasing what she thought would bring answers.
So she returns to those days as a young girl.
Finding adventure.
Experiencing healing through Nature.
Striving to live out her true self that she lost a long the way.

Perfect day for a hike 💛

Follow my hiking page @hikingrose and my girls hiking page @pnw.hiking for amazing views and hiking reviews/tips! 😍❤️

Sizing up that rock 👀 who else is missing summer adventures right about now!? 😅
Photo: @mtneric

Hei hei 🍍

Is this real life? ☃️

Переезд в новое место - дело всегда тревожное. Вроде как уже наладилось, стало привычным, тут снова бац и всё заново. Вот оно - пресловутое стремление выйти из зоны комфорта. Или, выходит, мой комфорт жить в таком режиме? Шестерёнки вертятся, меняется темпоритм, круг общения, разнятся обстоятельства, страны крутятся, цели ставятся.
Главное, чтобы тебя в этом кто-то поддерживал, собственный позвоночник в первую очередь.

Time for a quick day trip...Big Bear bound #snowboarding #BigBear #mountainchicks #carveandshred

Green is definitely my favorite color. Green of all kinds. 🌲🙏🏼
🎵Karma Kid - Bird of Prey

Hike # 60 of 52. What’s up and what’s down? Tropical hiking at sea level.

Sunset rays bouncing off the hill ridges.🙏🏼
🎵Tycho - Dye

Hitting the down hill mountain bike trails today - North South on Mt Wellington - with zero mountain bike skills. Sometimes you gotta just jump into something new 😳😬😁

Happy Friday all, from this 65 lbs of feirce loyalty to you. It's snowing here in Philly again, and oh so beautiful. Whatever the weather this weekend in your neck of the woods, I hope you're enjoying it to the fullest 💚

Going through photos, trying to figure out where to go on my next adventure. 😎

Bishop Peak | SLO County

Amazing day out in the snow 🙌🏻⛷ I have missed skiing so much and I’m overjoyed to finally fly down mountains again ❄️

SoCal mountain sunset. 🌲
🎵The Green - Love I

Make your choice, adventurous stranger,
Strike the bell and bide the danger,
Or wonder, till it drives you mad,
What would have followed if you had - C.S. Lewis ✨ The Magicians Nephew•

I loved the Chronicles of Narnia when I was a kid. It was a perfect winter read. I dreamt of going through the wardrobe onto my own extraordinary adventures. I tried to imagine what I would do in situations. What were some of your favorite books as a kid? 📚💕

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When you gotta go, you gotta go. Do any women actually use a she-wee while roped up?? I’m perfectly fine squatting when backpacking but being on a rope team and wearing a harness present unique problems. They say never unrope on the glacier and then offer no options for bodily functions. Thoughts? Solutions?
Also, just to clarify I am not worried about decency - how else do people make friends if not peeing or using a bluebag within extremely close proximity! But the cold butt and loosing all your warmth sucks and I’m a worrywart for safety and always imagine I am standing on a crevasse whilst peeing...

Wandering the chilly temperate rainforest in the morning with @onyx.nine.
🎵Emancipator - Emkay

What’s your favorite hike in SoCal? So far, my winner is San Bernardino Peak 🏆

I'm naturally an early riser, and when I was in the desert every morning I woke up around 5am, before the sky started to lighten. I bundled as much as I could before I got out of my tent (it was so cold at night), grabbed a blanket and my headlamp and walked to the edge of the canyon to sit and meditate. The moon was at the beginning of its waxing crescent phase so the sky was entirely dark and the stars were as bright and porous as anything I'd seen in the outback of Australia or the middle of Kenya... But the most incredible and expansive part of it was the totality of the silence. It sounded like a void, nothingness. At that time of morning nothing had started to wake yet, and there were no leaves or grass around to make rustling noise. There was no wind, no animals, and we were way too far away from anything for any ambient sounds. It was hollow and pervasive silence. Near the end of my meditations the sun began to rise and I'd open my eyes to this huge, colossal vast space in front of me. Total stillness, overwhelming gratitude, and a feeling I'll always revisit. "Go to a wide open space. Gaze without looking anywhere. The mind stops its building of thoughts, and rests on its own foundation- immensity. The light that you see by is the light that comes from the inside". #space #silence #stillness #truenature #staywild #peace @ptboexplores

#tbt to one of my favorite Moab hikes! At only 2.5 miles round trip with a mere 488' elevation gain this is a great hike for the whole family! Off the beaten path and away from the main park this hike is nestled just 10 miles up Potash Road. 4 miles north of Moab Potash Road follows the north side of the Colorado river.
The trailhead is clearly marked with a small Campground just across the road. We love this Campground... however be sure to either camp on the side next to the road or have 10 gallons of bug spray to keep those mosquitoes off of you!
The trail is lined with Cairns so even the kids could lead the way but be cautious as there are a few ledges that you don't want them wondering too close to. The view at the end is spectacular, a giant Arch, a donut in the sky, a man in the rocks and the old railroad that still runs through this beautiful canyon! You will not be disappointed❤ Adventure on my friends!
#mountains #canyon #moab #utah #caronaarch #hikeutah #hikrlife #letskeepitwild #getoutandexplore #hikersofinstagram #westbysouthwest #momswhohike #womenwhoexplore #girlswhohike #girlswhohikeut #werutah #utahisrad #utahhiker #mountainchicks #adventure #waymarkgearco #optoutside #provogirl

I don’t want to get sappy, but im sitting here and I am grateful now more than ever. 2017, you’ve brought A-team people into my world and personal growth I’ll continue to experience 👌🏼

Guess who is going to the mountains tomorrow? 🙋
So excited to do some more snowshoeing before I go back home! Hopefully Canmore (where we'll be staying for 5 nights) will also get some snow while we're there 🌲⛄
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Soak up the sun
Affirm life's magic
Be graceful in the wind
Stand tall after a storm
Feel refreshed after it rains
Grow strong without notice
Be prepared for each season
Provide shelter to strangers
Hang tough through a cold spell
Emerge renewed at the first signs of spring
Stay deeply rooted while reaching for the sky
Be still long enough
To hear your own leaves rustling
#yoginihikingadventures #yoginihiker #mountshasta #panthermeadows #mountainchicks #girlswhohike #outventuregirls #yogaandhiking #treehugger #treesister #hikingenvy #hikingtrail #ilovetrees #mothergaia #healing #ascension #divinefeminine #rising #grounding #rootchakra #balancing #3Dto5D #5thdimensionallifestyle #livinginom

If you find yourself often dreaming about a particular something, don’t ignore it.🙏🏼
🎵Bonobo - Brace Brace

Do more than just exist.

I finally found fall y’all!

11•24•2017 Hiking with #mountainchicks for black Friday #optoutside #grouphike #cathedralrock #sedona

Fisheye of my current favorite place in America. 🙏🏼
🎵Chance the Rapper - Favorite Song

7 Summit Challenge ⛰🏜25 miles 10 hours - incredible. But the real fun was training on countless hikes with some of the most inspiring, strong, hilarious, brilliant & truly beautiful women I have been lucky enough to get to know through our many adventures. Can’t wait for many more to come! 😍⛰👭👭🤪🏜🏞🌄🧡@phoenixsummitchallenge #7summitchallenge #phoenixsummitchallenge #psc #mtnchicksarizona #mountainchicks #dirtymountaingirls

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