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@campingofficial - These cold winter nights call for some cozy nights in. Photo by @kylefinndempsey =========================================
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Apesar de qualquer lugar ser lindo para mergulhar aqui em Belize, é preciso pegar um barco/lancha para chegar na segunda maior barreira de corais do mundo, que fica a menos de 30 minutos da costa. 🛥🐚🐠
O bom é que todos os hotéis, até mesmo os do interior do país, oferecem tours e passeios que te levam até lá, então uma vez hospedado aqui, você não precisa se preocupar em correr atrás de empresas para passeios!
E com essa cor de mar, nem precisamos dizer o quão incrível é mergulhar por aqui né?! 😍💙 Mostramos um pouco do mergulho de hoje no stories!! Assistam aqui 💙@travelbelize @goprobr #belizeroadwarrior
Even knowing that anywhere is a good spot to snorkel in Belize, you need to take a boat to get into the second largest coral reefs in the world, that stays less then 30 minutes from the coast. 🛥🐠🐚
All the hotels here have the snorkel's tour to offer, even the ones that are in land. So you don't need to worry about looking for a company to take you there!
And with this color of the water, we dont even need to tell how amazing is to dive over here, right?! Take a look in our stories from today to see a little bit more 😍😍💙💙

Down the rabbit hole ✨(side note- hosting my first giveaway today! Teaming up with @sharethewild. Check back this afternoon for a post with the info 💕)

Met (@kaleighrisa) on the Choose Mountains meetup to #oysterdome yesterday and walked with her most the way. She had a knee brace on and said she hadn't hiked in a long time. She did great, along with everyone else and it's so cool to see so many strangers and friends come together to just have a really great time. I asked her the question I ask everyone because I love hearing your stories ⬇️

What makes you #choosemountains?
🔹"Oh goodness.... I don't know where to start!
Hahah I mean, you could tell from today's adventure that hiking is a challenge for me. I've been down a long road of sickness and injury. From tearing my MCL, to getting diagnosed with Lupus, suffering from chronic migraines and a severe anxiety disorder, enduring it all while being a single mother.
I've always tried to find joy and beauty through the pain and I find it out in the mountains. As my eyes take in mile after majestic mile of rock and tree, my soul is soothed by God's grandeur and I'm reminded I'm infinitely small in this giant, wonderful world. The landscape beckons me to an adventure and speaks to my spirit that I was MADE to face these challenges. Through the mountains I heard an invitation to embrace the life of adventure and challenge that God was placing before me. Most days I feel small, weak and insignificant, disabled by my pain...and yes hiking with people much stronger and faster than me, reminds me of my set backs....but getting to the end of each hike, each mountain I summit, is an accomplishment overcoming the pain.

to summarize. I'm in constant to the core pain, and getting to the top of a mountain is me laughing in that pains face, when it says I can't do something I prove it wrong"

Kaleigh is wearing our CM beanie and lives here in Washington. Follow her for more

For our gear, visit choosemountains.com, link in the bio.
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@moonmountainman - As far back as I can remember I have always loved being in the mountains and the idea of climbing mountains. From a the age of 5 to 16 I was involved with the Boy Scouts because my dad was the Scout Leader. While in the Scout we did a lot of backpacking trips and learned outdoor skills but I only climbed 1 mountain during those years. When I was 17 I graduated from the scouting program with my Eagle Scout award and from 17-26 I rarely did anything in the mountains. I remember looking up at the mountain tops and wanting to go up there but I never had any friends that wanted to go with me so didn't. I didn't want to go hiking alone and I remember feeling intimidated by the idea. When I turned 26 I had some events happen and felt the need to go hiking. It was driving me crazy looking for someone to go with so I decided I had to go alone or not at all and I went. I set my sights on Mt Timpanogos. Half way up my legs were in full on rebellion with cramping from my toes to my hips. I could barely walk. it came down to hiking a few steps and then sitting down to release the leg cramps that tenses up but with time I made it to the summit and well.. my life has been on a different course sense. The first year I hiked a lot, alone, but then I found a mountaineering club with whom I did a lot of hiking and learned to climb steep snow routes and scramble across mountain ridges. Later I meet a guy that became one of my best friends. together we taught ourselves how to rock and ice climb and summited countless mountains. Although I had a steady full time job throughout all of those years we made the most of every day. I am forever grateful for the mountains and wild places that we have. They are, I feel, a necessary part of who I am. =========================================
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The world is abounding with beauty. You are a demonstration of this.
--Tara Estacaan 🗻🌲✌️
Loving Santa Fe but the Alaskan mountains will always have a piece of my heart! 💚

This morning @letskedaddle whisked me away from San Francisco in a comfy bus and before I knew it I was in the winter wonderland of @sierra_at_tahoe skiing untouched tree lines all day! #letskeddadle #sierraattahoe

Never give your complete trust to anyone who:
-hates the outdoors
-prefers people over dogs
-eats cereal standing up


You'll find me outside tomorrow, chasing waterfalls.

Love love love love loooooooooooove this canyon when she's covered in a blanket.

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?
Here's to the friends who like playing in the cold with me! 🏂✌️

I got to hangout with my favorite Kiwis 🎿❄️🍹🇳🇿

The sky is the limit, out of my way, you can't get me down 🎶

It's this #mountainbabes Birthday today! Life wouldn't be the same without you @izzibeella ❤️🎉

"Who decides why we live & what we'll die to defend? Who chains us? Who holds the key that can set us free? It's YOU. You have all the weapons you need. Now fight." 💎👊 #suckerpunch #mountainbabes #solo #mission #adventure #smokeNdrive #bewhereyouwannabe #girlpower #snow #gypsy #life #shambles #schemin #fight #flight #defeatmenot #leggo #selfie

Wild child ! This ones for you 💁 Swipe left to see how @caredw styles with hers!

Great way to end the ski day on the #minturnmile! Up next is dinner at the #tennesseepasscookhouse! @instagregoh .
#mountainlife #mountainbabes #minturnsaloon #tennesseepass

miss captain Mcdougle today + everyday 🤙🏼

If you look up at the night sky and match each star with something you're thankful for, you'll realize quickly how blessed you are. ✨
Stunning shot captured by @aaronrphotography

The mud was never ending today 46/52 #52hikechallenge