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Countdown! Out take from my book #ThefeeingIGetWhenImWithYou #spelakasal #mottobooks

'Walk Like an Egyptian' #giovannasilva #mottobooks (with a text from #olafnicolai) #artbooks #berlinbookstore

Lies and Diet Coke + Black Rooms
Now available from Motto books stores @mottobooks #mottobooks #elisabethmolin


#SCREEN #tombolopresses #ArthurFouray
BOOK LAUNCH @mottobooks #mottobooks
@rt4a in conversation with @rachelmayw

2NC: Good boy 0372 - Giovanna Silva

This project documents Sudan, the last male white rhinoceros of North Africa. Sudan lived his life inside the Prague zoo, before being transferred to Kenya for reproduction and specie preservation. Sudan lives under armed protection. Giovanna Silva spent ten days in his wildlife preserve, following him from a close distance. The book, entitled Good Boy – the way the guards call the rhinoceros, this lullaby which endlessly accompanied Giovanna’s days with the rhino – 0372, his breeding number, is a tribute to this prehistoric and unique animal. The book is conceived as a sequence of abstract images, in which the animal is barely recognizable, and close-up of his skin and his body progressively fading away.

#GiovannaSilva #MottoBooks #Sudan #2NCBooks #laabf2017

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Good news Berliners my photo book Follow Focus is available in the fine book store Motto. And if you are into books and zines you should definitely check this place out it has an insane collection. #bookcollector #zines #zinecollector #streetphotography #photobook #photobooks #fineartbook #mottoberlin #mottobooks #indiepress #fineartbook #berlinphotography

'Faraway, So Close'
25th Biennial of Design, Ljubljana
Publishedby Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) and Motto Books

Faraway, So Close presents seven investigations through the concept of time – time as a key with which to identify new patterns that can connect design with the phenomenological world and the myriad consequences of such an interrelation.

Acting in various dispersed territories across Slovenia, Faraway, So Close seeks out “low-intensity” places in which to test the possibility of changing our notions of economic progress and which could work toward and in the name of such fundamental aspirations as stability, community and a better future. Design is, or at least can be, a vehicle for exploring basic new metaphors. It is a dialogic procedure. This break from the strictly disciplinary approach of design creates space for an expansive investigation of various interdisciplinary intersections and engagement with a markedly different production of knowledge.
By presenting the seven investigative episodes developed within BIO 25 and their interchange with both local archives and broader paradigms, the book works to explore ways of changing the goals of design culture; of turning away from the urgent need to solve problems and instead opening up new frontiers for observation and experimentation, to look at our inhabited and habitable world for what it is and what it is becoming, and not simply what we think it should, ideally, be. �Contributions by
Nabil Ahmed
Andrea Branzi
Tony Côme
Brendan Cormier
matali crasset
Domitilla Dardi
Odo Fioravanti
Didier Fiúza Faustino
Studio Formafantasma
Thomas Geisler
Rory Hyde
Alexandra Midal
mischer’traxler studio
Dimitrij Mlekuž
Point Supreme Architects
Emanuele Quinz
Renata Salecl
Anna-Sophie Springer
Studio Folder
James Westcott
Elia Zenghelis
and many others

Photographic Essays by
Delfino Sisto Legnani
and Marco Cappelletti

Lies and Diet Coke + Black Rooms
Now available from Motto books stores @mottobooks #mottobooks #elisabethmolin


Goodbye summer! Outtake from my book #ThefeeingIGetWhenImWithYou #spelakasal thank you @omocreates @maja__weiss #mottobooks

Harun Farocki: Before Your Eyes - Vietnam / Etwas wird sichtbar

Published by Harun Farocki Institut & Motto Books
A hybrid attempt at coming to terms with a particular amnesia of the West German left in the late 1970s/early 1980s, Harun Farocki’s 1982 feature film BEFORE YOUR EYES - VIETNAM combines ideas about the distant, image-guided participation in the war in Vietnam with speculations on Vietnam as a laboratory of advanced modes of capitalist production, whilst reflecting intensely on the dyad of love and work.
This publication assembles selected material produced in 1982 to promote the film and make it accessible discursively. It includes the facsimile of a promotional leafleat that provided not only factual information but also directions for reading, a selection of unseen photos from the set and from a tiny piece of film (excavated in the archives of the Harun Farocki Institut), documenting a performative trailer put on an improvised stage by Farocki and actor Ronny Tanner during the Berlin Film Festival in 1982. The brochure is introduced by a commentary penned by the Harun Farocki Institut. 
Harun Farockis spielfilmlanger Film ETWAS WIRD SICHTBAR von 1982 ist der hybride Versuch, mit dem in den späten 1970er/frühen 1980er Jahren spürbar schwindenden Gedächtnis der westdeutschen Linken umzugehen. Der Film verbindet Überlegungen zur bildgeleiteten Teilnahme am Krieg in Vietnam aus der geografischen Distanz mit Spekulationen über Vietnam als einem Forschungslabor für neue Methoden kapitalistischer Produktionsweise, während er gleichermaßen kontinuierlich über das Verhältnis von Liebe und Arbeit reflektiert.
Die Publikation versammelt ausgewählte Materialien, die 1982 entstanden sind, um den Film zu bewerben und ihn zudem diskursiv zugänglich zu machen. Sie enthält das Faksimile einer Werbebroschüre, die nicht nur Fotos oder Besetzungsliste, sondern auch Lektürehinweise und ein Interview (das Farocki mit sich selbst geführt hat) bereitstellte, sowie eine Reihe von bislang kaum bekannten Fotos vom Dreh und einer performativen Werbeaktion, die Farocki während der Berlinale 1982 gemeinsam mit dem Schauspieler Ronny Tanner zur Aufführung brachte (und die i

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