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Buat siapapun yang pernah mengalami penolakan, percayalah bahwa akan ada yang lebih baik untuk kita selama kita percaya dan terus berkarya.

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Have a dream so big that you can't sleep 💤

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Move forward in everything you do, don't ever settle, and remain confident.

You should never get complacent at one level. You have to evolve into the masterpiece that God created you to be. You may never know what the end product may look like and that's fine, but it's your duty to aslong as you have life, find a way to move forward and improve. Just Get better. It doesn't matter how small your progress may seem, get better. It all will mean something one day
Someone is reading this right now who needs to get back to doing that thing that has been on their heart for so long. Let this moment be the defining moment when you choose to no longer sit on the sidelines. You can do it. I believe in you! STEP IT UP TO ANOTHER LEVEL 😎
Music and Vocals by @iamprinceangelo

Believe, work, work, work smart, and achieve 💙

In Marbella
With team ngm
And one of best photographers in the world big up @alexwightmanphotography 💥

Hello Facebook photographers, brands, designers, models and companies I am called Andrew and here is some work from my two years of modelling on www.instagram.com/popesfitness last photoshoots. If you want to book me for work use www.instagram.com/pro_male_model ( www.facebook.com/andrewnorteyprofessionalmodel )

Look into my eyes 👀
Look at the desire, determination the hunger in my eyes to be the best that I can be, successful and to make people proud of me 🙏🏿 For Modelling work direct message me on Instagram popesfitnes or Instagram pro_male_model or facebook fan page @andrewnorteyprofessionalmodel

Photographer: Catherine knee

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