De effectiviteit van supplementen kan enorm worden beïnvloed door factoren als timing, synergie, hormonale staat, opname, dosering etc.
Onderzoek toont aan dat je vitamines het beste kunt sandwichen, dus tijdens de maaltijd innemen.

Dr. Goodheart toonde aan dat het even in de mond houden van een supplement, waardoor deze vermengt met het speeksel de effectiviteit van het supplement spectaculair doet toenemen.

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Such an inspiring week at the @atstilluniversity Summer Institute! Amazing speakers on the topics of #kinesiology, #strengthandconditioning, #sportspsychology, #adaptivetraining, training older populations, #correctiveexercise, orthopedic rehabilitation, #performance and more! Hungry and humbled! #motivationthrougheducation #continuingeducation #dowhatyoulove

Once you realize that anything is possible, you will begin to renegotiate your reality. There is an infinite realm of possibility that we all can access. We first have understand that we must look with in ourselves to find it. #motivationthrougheducation

It was great meeting with former Texas Tech Forward @justin_gray5🏀. We went over the fundamentals of Brain Engineering 🧠 and reviewed some practical techniques that he can start implementing. #motivationthrougheducation

Your talent stems from your ability to subject yourself to two hours of finding and fixing errors and whatever skill you’re trying to acquire without the loss of concentration energy or effort. #motivationthrougheducation

It has become my passion to help people transform their lives not only with positive motivation but tangible tools that they can use to become the highest representation of themselves! To see the full video follow the link in bio. #motivationthrougheducation

On a mission to educate people about the science behind success! Thanks for the love @natalielaspina #motivationthrougheducation

Beast Thinking is here to teach you how to Engineer Your Brain for Success! We teach the science behind transformation. One of the toughest things about transformation is “Undoing You” . Let us help you! #motivationthrougheducation

A huge shout out goes to @therealtucktaylor for bringing down the house at the Les Brown Experience!! His presentation on Brain Engineering received a standing ovation and had the crowd buzzing afterwards. Special thanks to Better Life Productions and @coachcody82 for putting on a stellar event! Team Beast!!! #motivationthrougheducation

Today let’s strive to be more aware of our unconscious thoughts and actions in effort to evolve into our higher selves! The Mind Controls The Body! #changeyourthoughtschangeyourworld

Les Brown Experience is coming to Tampa this Weds July, 11th. I have been blessed with the opportunity to introduce BEAST THINKING at this legendary event!
Come out & support, but most importantly, experience and expose yourself to the first steps to Engineering your brain for success! #motivationthrougheducation @beast_thinking_

If you're like us then you have been using your friend's Spotify account because they were kind enough to put you on the family plan. •

But all stealing aside, music therapy has been shown to have amazing effects when tested on patients with mental health issues. •

According to independent studies compiled by Daniel Leubner and Thilo Hinterberger over the past 20 years, patients exposed to classical or jazz music have had significant reductions in symptoms of anxiety, depression and even dementia. •

So put on your headphones, play some soothing sounds and let the beats carry you as your mind wanders.

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Beyond excited to start another education/personal development experience by taking @yogajpkeegan Yoga Teacher Training 200 (YTT200) to become a certified yoga teacher through @yoganirvana! I started practicing with Jim about 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with yoga and it has truly changed my life. Pumped to see where this journey takes me and all the many ways it will impact me on an individual level along with my coaching philosophy, corrective exercise strategies, regeneration methodologies, and overall strength and conditioning programming. Let the journey begin 🙌🙏

First semester @atstilluniversity in the books for my Master of Kinesiology program :) #motivationthrougheducation

Risk Factors pt.2
Depression and Pregnancy

When women are pregnant with feelings anxiety and depression at the same time, their emotions affect the formation of the synapses and the neurotransmitters (brain signals) secreted by them which modifies the development of the child’s brain. Under the influences of stress, the body may release stress hormones which can affect the whole life of the unborn child. Children of women who have experienced severe stress and negative emotions during both pregnancy and after birth often also have enlarged amygdaloid nucleuses which plays a role in the sense of smell, motivation, and emotional behaviour. Negative changes in the prefrontal cortex, which plays the role for complex cognitive behaviours, personality expression, decision making and moderating social behaviour, are also responsible for emotional memory. This means that the experience during the fetal period may disappear in emotional memory many years, sometimes for the rest of one’s life, and may be the cause of unexplained fears.


Depression in adolescents is often overlooked and referred to as a phase, it is the result of a confusing time in which these adolescents are transitioning from childhood to adulthood. The primary signs that a child or loved one may be suffering through depression includes anxiety, behavioural problems, eating disorders, refusal to attend school and unexplained physical symptoms. If any of these signs are evident within a family member it is important to open a dialog with them because the effects of adolescent depression may lead to serious social and educational impairments and an increased rate of substance misuse. More than 50% of adolescent suicide victims were reported to have a depressive disorder at the time of their death making it one of the leading causes of death for this age group.


Such an awesome experience getting to work with @yogajpkeegan of @yoganirvana yesterday with the AFSC 2000 girls for some #recovery #yinyoga before their @arizonasoccerassociation state championship weekend! Two games to go! Let’s get it girls!

Risk Factors pt.1

Two of the most common factors related to depression that you may have already heard about are gender and occupation. Depression has been recorded to be almost twice as common in women than in men and is prevalent in occupations such as personal or health care services, food services, and entertainers. This is the reality for the developed world, where depression is much more common than in undeveloped countries.

I had a great time teaching tonight at @csun_edu with professor @shabnamsaysfitness Teaching about the many different types of fitness professions and letting the students experience ROC STEADY by @projectsteelfitness
#ProfessorPJ #CSUN #MotivationThroughEducation #Kinesiology #california #PROJECTSTEEL #ROCSTEADY #HeartRateHolder

Countless hours of studying and sacrifice went into this certification. Very proud of this piece of paper! This is merely the beginning and I have so much more to go after, but i have thoroughly enjoyed the process so far 😁! #strengthandconditioning #performancecoach #motivationthrougheducation #continuingeducation #CSCS

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