Beyond excited to start another education/personal development experience by taking @yogajpkeegan Yoga Teacher Training 200 (YTT200) to become a certified yoga teacher through @yoganirvana! I started practicing with Jim about 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with yoga and it has truly changed my life. Pumped to see where this journey takes me and all the many ways it will impact me on an individual level along with my coaching philosophy, corrective exercise strategies, regeneration methodologies, and overall strength and conditioning programming. Let the journey begin 🙌🙏

First semester @atstilluniversity in the books for my Master of Kinesiology program :) #motivationthrougheducation

Risk Factors pt.2
Depression and Pregnancy

When women are pregnant with feelings anxiety and depression at the same time, their emotions affect the formation of the synapses and the neurotransmitters (brain signals) secreted by them which modifies the development of the child’s brain. Under the influences of stress, the body may release stress hormones which can affect the whole life of the unborn child. Children of women who have experienced severe stress and negative emotions during both pregnancy and after birth often also have enlarged amygdaloid nucleuses which plays a role in the sense of smell, motivation, and emotional behaviour. Negative changes in the prefrontal cortex, which plays the role for complex cognitive behaviours, personality expression, decision making and moderating social behaviour, are also responsible for emotional memory. This means that the experience during the fetal period may disappear in emotional memory many years, sometimes for the rest of one’s life, and may be the cause of unexplained fears.


Depression in adolescents is often overlooked and referred to as a phase, it is the result of a confusing time in which these adolescents are transitioning from childhood to adulthood. The primary signs that a child or loved one may be suffering through depression includes anxiety, behavioural problems, eating disorders, refusal to attend school and unexplained physical symptoms. If any of these signs are evident within a family member it is important to open a dialog with them because the effects of adolescent depression may lead to serious social and educational impairments and an increased rate of substance misuse. More than 50% of adolescent suicide victims were reported to have a depressive disorder at the time of their death making it one of the leading causes of death for this age group.


Such an awesome experience getting to work with @yogajpkeegan of @yoganirvana yesterday with the AFSC 2000 girls for some #recovery #yinyoga before their @arizonasoccerassociation state championship weekend! Two games to go! Let’s get it girls!

Risk Factors pt.1

Two of the most common factors related to depression that you may have already heard about are gender and occupation. Depression has been recorded to be almost twice as common in women than in men and is prevalent in occupations such as personal or health care services, food services, and entertainers. This is the reality for the developed world, where depression is much more common than in undeveloped countries.

I had a great time teaching tonight at @csun_edu with professor @shabnamsaysfitness Teaching about the many different types of fitness professions and letting the students experience ROC STEADY by @projectsteelfitness
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Countless hours of studying and sacrifice went into this certification. Very proud of this piece of paper! This is merely the beginning and I have so much more to go after, but i have thoroughly enjoyed the process so far 😁! #strengthandconditioning #performancecoach #motivationthrougheducation #continuingeducation #CSCS

I believe in Motivation through education! Love to learn people more about my passion🙌🏻❤️❤️ #

First block of my masters program in the books! 6 credits down, 39 to go. Great start to a long road ahead! Up next is Human Movement Dysfunction and Exercise Science 😍💥🔥 #hardwork #nerd #functionalanatomy #research #kinesiology #sportsconditioning #correctiveexercise #rehabilitation #motivationthrougheducation @atstilluniversity

Low back pain "LBP" is estimated to occur in 10-15% of youth athletes from either acute trauma or more commonly overuse injuries brought on by a high training and competition frequency. The likelihood increases for sports that require high amounts of flexion, extension, and rotation, especially soccer.  It is often a result of dysfunction and increased lordosis in the spine which is normally caused by an exaggerated anterior pelvic tilt brought on by inflexibility in the hip flexors, hamstrings, and thoracolumbar fascia.  Other common risk factors include weak core strength and excessive kyphosis in the thoracic spine brought on by sedentary behavior.  If you or someone you know is suffering from LBP educate them on the positive effects of increased flexibility in the hip flexors and hamstrings along with a solid core strengthening regimen to help prevent and/or treat LBP.  See the blog post on the website for more information on the topic.

We are proud to announce that @kyle.porter7 has been named the head strength and conditioning coach for @sportingazfc ! Kyle will lead the team through their preseason program for the next three weeks and will continue training the club throughout the 2018 season. Let's go Sporting AZ!

The difference between a good vertical jump and a great vertical jump is all about the ability to redirect force through the eccentric movement phase (downward movement) – amortization phase (transition period between downward and upward movement) – concentric movement phase (upward movement), minimizing the stretch shortening cycle to maximize the stretch reflex which allows for more efficient movement and greater jump heights. The faster the recoil from the eccentric phase to the concentric phase (i.e. the shorter the amortization phase) the greater force potentiation/jump height. Try adding depth jumps to your plyometric sessions to work on this element of jumping. Start small (12 inch drop) and build up.

Congratulations to all of the PAP athletes that made their ODP teams and will represent @aysayouthsoccer in the @odpregioniv championships in January! @cammibych @cassibych

Congratulations to @kyle.porter7 on passing the @nscaofficial Certified Strength and Conditioning Examination today! This certification is considered the gold standard of strength and conditioning and we are excited to continue the development of our programs and coaching abilities utilizing all that was learned throughout the certification process.

Very excited to have passed the @nscaofficial Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam today! It's been a long road and studied my a$$ off, but it was all worth it. Time to relax 😊

We are proud to announce that both @kyle.porter7 and @stacicox have been accepted to the Master of Kinesiology program @atstilluniversity . Staci will be pursuing a dual tract in Sports Psychology and Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation and Kyle will be pursuing a dual tract in Sports Conditioning and Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation. This program will allow us to continue working with our athletes and we are excited to learn and implement new ideals to upgrade our systems and continue to offer a premium product as a result of higher education!

Klanten simpel en snel uitleggen waarom ze slecht slapen, altijd weer een mooie eye-opener🤓

Heb jij last van slaapproblemen? Neem nu nog contact op: patrick@voluitgezond.nl

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A new edition of our rockstar Bootcamp! We always start with an elaborate presentation to kickstart your journey. We teach our newbies the basics about training, nutrition and mentality. After tonight? 6 weeks of fun, muscle soreness and guaranteed results. #nocurenopay #motivationthrougheducation #rockstarlifestyle

Guys! Многие из вас любят кофе, но многие ли из вас задумываются о норме потребления этого ароматного напитка?! 🤔
Во-первых измерять кофе в чашках неверно🙅‍♂️
Взрослому человеку за раз рекомендуется употреблять не более 100-200 мг. А за сутки таких порций допускается выпивать максимум 2-3🙌🏽
Чтобы сориентироваться, сколько этого самого кофеина в одной чашке объемом 100 мл, рассмотрим основные разновидности напитка.
☕️Сваренный в турке – самый крепкий – от 110 до 170 мг.
☕️Эспрессо – 80-130 мг.
☕️Капучино – 70-80 мг.
☕️Растворимый кофе – 60-100 мг.
А еще смягчить действие кофе поможет молоко🥛
Но помним о том, что оно содержит калории 😏 и что все хорошо в меру!😉
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