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Work issued us Federal employees a furlough but doesn’t mean I can’t lift high! Chest Day done! #MotivationPUNday #LuckFimits

Spice up your life with some sage advice about seasoning! http://ow.ly/PQV130aiqcI #MotivationPunday #NutritionMonth #PACKhasyourBACK

Check out our top 5 tips to make salad a delicious and satisfying meal! Spoiler alert: romaine isn't the only ingredient on our grocery list. http://ow.ly/vdiG30a4Mpj #PACKhasyourBACK #MotivationMonday #MotivationPunday #romainecalm

Beans, beans, the magical fruit - get your protein, fiber, and vitamin boost! #MotivationPunday #NutritionMonth #PACKhasyourBACK

Really turned up the beet, and made this smoothie for breakfast today. Ingredients: 1/2 banana (frozen), 1/2 beet root (boiled), 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop whey protein powder

For many of us, the hardest part of Healthy Eating is cutting carbs... but not all carbs are created equal! Our five favorite root vegetables are as nutritious as they are satisfying. [ see link in bio ] #MotivationPunday #PACKhasyourBACK

Don't take these summer evenings for granite. #motivationpunday

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