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ok guys so I woke up super sore this morning but it's not too bad considering I think the #ezfitguide glute pump is still in full effect. 🍑🔥💢 I've been following a new routine that I cannnoooott wait to share with you guys. 🌚 #RevampComingSoon??? #Part2??? #EzFit babes have me INSPIRED I swear omg.
So many of you gaining confidence, strength- mental and physical, becoming more and more comfortable with the gym and meeting amazing people through it ❤️💪🏼 not just through the guide but through the Facebook group too. 😍
If you want to see what all the hype is about search "EZFitGuide Family" on FaceBook and come join the family. 🏋️‍♀️ We're supportive, funny, and just generally kick ass lmao.
As a thank you, use code "OSCAR" for 15% off all my guides for this weekend 💕 Summers almost over but that doesn't mean we need to put off our goals for next year??? Nah we got this. Link to my guide in the bio 🏋️‍♀️💕 See ya there 💪🏼🍑
And yes I totally made my cats name a discount code. #PerksOfHavingControlOfAWebsite #Lol #PlsDontBlockMe #CrazyCatLady

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- (украла фотку у дяди Серёжи😁)- Какую бы ты ужасную гадость не вытворял, найдется человек, которому ты понравишься. Это не любовь, не твоя вторая половинка - просто вы оба уроды🤣 #адскаянаваррская#юмор#жизнелюбие#ifbb#motivationalquotes#motivationmonday#сочи#солнце#море#стена

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🤘🏽"Is this where you park your bike? Nope, this is where I workout "
🔥My way of working out, no gym needed, no membership, so no excuses... 🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺
Don't forget about my #soxsoulstreetworkout challenge, will announce the winner on September 1st, win 100$ in cash plus pair of headphones 🎧

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(Left: 1.5yrs ago) (Right: now)
Post-pregnancy, I managed to lost all my pregnancy weight. That photo was when I weighed the lowest at 46kg. 6months ago, I changed my workout routine and started training harder with weights and for longer time. Started with counting macros to gain weight, so that I can tone-up and build some muscles. Today, I weigh 49kg. And I looked way leaner (compare to 46kg) and feel so much stronger. My main point is that weight doesn't matter, don't even bother to step on the scale.
Fitness have become my lifestyle now, literally my daily routine. I love it. I love it after every workout that I feel I've achieve something today (everyday). I love it I get to take some time off everyday from being mummy and do something for myself. I love it when I get put on my skinny jeans or my tight leggings. I love it when other cougars staring at my man and when I walk into the picture, it just f* them right off. I love it when i get to wear my bodycon or backless dress on date nights and my partner says, "that's f*ing hot". I always put on my best dress to impress my partner, just like when we were dating. I mean, would you rather your partner gawking at you or at the others. Anywho, you can agree or agree to disagree. It's just me. Lastly, love yourself like #kanyelovekanye

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Legends don't leave change to chance. They go out and make it happen. Welldone crew another spectacular week for you guys smashing goals. #goals

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