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What does fitness mean to you?
For me, it use to mean looking a certain way. Feeling physically strong and capable. Being able to run, lift a lot of weight and participate in events like marathons, competitions, and obstacle-type races.
My path to fitness involved all kinds of training like this. It included food restrictions, calorie and macro counting, intense workouts performed until I collapsed. My motto was to live sore, because if I wasn’t then I probably didn’t work hard enough.
I was successful with changing my body. But it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough because I focused and worked only on the outside. I bypassed the work on the inside. To do what I did to change myself physically did require me to develop mental grit and tenacity. But it is difficult to sustain if my thoughts and beliefs about food and myself were no different. I hit a ceiling. A ceiling that I created by my beliefs that had gone unchanged. And I never felt fulfilled.
This realization - the awareness - took me on a different course. Caused me to dig deeper. Caused me to finally acknowledge a void. A hole that I continuously tried to fill by changing everything on the outside. Looking inward instead, I learned to embrace the person I was BECOMING. I realized that I was waiting for my arrival to a destination. The completion of something… the end.
When I shift my focus to the person I am becoming - a constant expansion - I get to focus on my fitness JOURNEY, not the destination. I get to appreciate my health and fitness on a whole different level. And all aspects of the journey that make up life - relationships, family, money, etc. All of those things are in a constant state of becoming. That’s where I find fulfillment.

Why be moody when you can shake your Booty?
Seid ihr total wach und fit in die Woche gestartet?- wir auch nicht! Wir könnten uns noch im Bett wälzen 🐱
Musik an und abdancen sollte dem entgegenwirken.😸 #mondaymood

"Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day." - Dalai Lama

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