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Shared the 3 big lessons of my life with the enthusiastic youth of Sri Ram college of commerce #motivationaltalk #motivationalspeaker #SRCC #Delhi
A selfie video after the talk!

Excited to share my story at TEDx Jaipur, about the unsure battle with cancer and how it gave me a new perspective to look at life. #TEDxJaipur #TheUnseen #MotivationalTalk

Yesterday #motivationalTalk at Divine Mercy Secondary School in Chiradzulu. #ButGod
Unlocking potential 🙌😊

"Where is your love?" A good question asked by Mr Shamsury bin Mohd Salleh at the motivational talk today, that allowed us to explore what is love, how to love and who to love. #MotivationalTalk #Love #AsiaPacificUniversity

I had a pleasant time yesterday talking to the Form 5 students at SMKP Pasir Mas Kelantan. I'm thankful for such warm hospitality from the teachers. Thank you for inviting me to share my life journey with the students. Hopefully my stories will inspire them in preparing for SPM and their life after that 🙏🏼
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On my way to do a motivational talk to several hundred young women. I'm beyond grateful to share my thoughts and journey. We can be the GOOD and share our INNER power and light with others. We're driving there now.... only about 2.5 hours and Brian is coming to support me. If you want to know more of my journey then check out my book at Barnes & Noble, Amazon etc. I just want others to know you can go through hard times and still have a very happy life. Be better not bitter and LOVE yourself!!!! @teresacollinswebber #livelifeinallcaps #motivationaltalk #designer #gratitude

UTAR Kampar last night. 1200 students. Smart and LOUD bunch of people. Thank YOU all for coming out to listen to me talk. The two hour drive there (and two hours back) was so worth it! "Its not just about the qualification you walk away with, but also the relationships you create" #motivationaltalk #standupcomedy #utarkampar

Those who don't know your story have no right to judge you. If they do, let them. Talk remains talk. The truth remains the truth. You remain you. Don't waste your time trying to prove anything to anyone. Life has its own way of revealing your core. Let life protect you. Let your endurance define you. Let your scars be witnesses to the pain you swallowed. At the end of it all, you'll be proud that you stood by your own side when it seemed like the whole world turned against you. #Trustyourjourney #Begrateful
#Thankyouuniverse #AnayaSoni


Good Night Stars!
This wilderness is another person's paradise!

Another one for the books. Thank you @thompsonsquarestudios for hosting, and to everyone for coming. Upcoming dates being announced soon - watch this space. #motivationaltalk #motivation #inspiration #coachkeren #coaching #successecrets #lifecoach

Good Morning...Rise & Grind

As an education institution, we believe in the importance of keeping our younger generation motivated and determined in order to assist them in achieving their goals!
Thank you again SMK Membakut for inviting Almacrest to deliver Career Talk for your SPM candidates! We will always hope for the best for all of you!
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[Thema: #arschbackenzusammenkneifen]

In einer ihrer letzten Motivationsmittwoch-Episoden hat die wunderbar inspirierende @fraeuleinksagtja etwas über den Hype um #achtsamkeit gesagt. Ihre Meinung hat mich irgendwie erstaunt - und gleichzeitig wahnsinnig motiviert. Katja ist nämlich der Ansicht, dass Phasen richtig harter Arbeit einfach dazugehören. Sie hat so recht! Das Geld fällt nicht vom Himmel. Und ein Yoga-Retreat sorgt auch nicht dafür, dass die Auftragsliste kürzer wird. Natürlich müssen wir immer auf die Signale, die uns unser Körper sendet, hören und uns Phasen der Regeneration gönnen. Aber wir sollten aufhören, einen Antistress-Tee nach dem anderen zu schlürfen und uns selbst in Watte zu verpacken. Denn damit bringen wir unser #Business nicht voran! In diesem Sinne: Ich pack es mal an. Der Sommerurlaub (🇸🇪💛💙) ist in Sicht und ich hab noch eine Meeeenge auf der to do-Liste stehen 💪

Rise & Grind...Happy Wednesday!

I never thought i would become an author in English language. I studied in a Malayalam medium school - RamG
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Lengendary Les Brown with Lady Helyn of Helyn's Corner

Using your talents will open doors for you.

#useyourtalents #livelovelearn #nigeria #motivationaltalk #motivationalspeakers #lesbrownmaximumachievementteam

Whether it may be creating art, marketing your art, or anything else, give 100% in everything that you do. You won't always see immediate results, but you'll reap the benefits and results of your hard work later on! Be patient with the process and always persevere y'all! #TuesdayMotivation

Good Morning...Rise & Grind

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