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@Regranned from @smasheton - When I got sick a few years ago, doctors tried to instill a fear in me that I would never run like this again. That I would never compete at the level I hope to, let alone a competitive one. I basically told them to bite me. I then went through a long healing and transformative period where this 5ish minute miler could barely run a 10 minute pace for 5 minutes. But in that time I grew. I learned more about me over the following year+ that I wouldn’t give up for anything. I learned about nutrition, recovery, mental health, and took more time to understand the inner workings of me that were pretty damn scary at times. As I dug deeper, I realized how brilliantly resilient I am. I refused to quit and won my first race back nearly 2 years after being benched. Fast forward to now. Look what I can do again? But someone still holds part of me back as I train and demand from my body the same intensity I used to. That someone is ME. Because a small part of me is scared. I fear it’s all going to get taken away from me again even though my heart won’t let it. I’ve grown too much to go back there. My humans won’t let me go back there either. The only direction to go is forward or sideways but never backwards. I just need to shatter the glass and let myself go from good to great. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
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We’re back with The Noteway’s Student of the Week!

Name: Cheong Shu Yan (21)
School: NUS School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
My Story: To kick start my university life, I thought that vibrancy was everything. So I enrolled myself in hall and signed up as a member of two NUS Centre for the Arts Dance Groups and participated actively in all. I thought I could commit to them fully. At this point of time, I was still figuring out what I could do and what I wanted to do. However, as school work started to pile up, I started to struggle with spreading my time evenly to all activities. Being quite a family oriented person, I realised that I was neglecting them as well. The struggle however, made me find out what I was suitable for and what I was not. I was not suitable for hall - I was not ready to commit to too many activities. It was not too late to make a change. I prioritised and chose what I wanted to dowisely. I chose to stay active in NUS Dance Ensemble and even take up a leadership position. I found ways to stay connected with my family as well. Now that I know what I want, I find myself much happier and clear-headed with my end goals in mind.
Advice for youths out there: It is alright to make mistakes at the beginning. It is part of learning. It is alright to not know what you want from the start. It is part of understanding yourself. As long as you learn to understand your abilities, know how much you can push yourself and learn to prioritise your time along the way, you are good to go!

Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't.. #quoteoftheday
I created this using the @toofaced funketti palette combined with a few light pink shades from @morphebrushes jaclyn hill palette, I added @w7makeupuk silver glitter liner to the crease 💜💖💜 wish i got a clearer photo..it is so precise in person 😣


Enjoy the journey. It’s never the outcome because even with the outcome there are plans to develop more outcomes. The goal is to enjoy the journey. Fall in love with the process and allow it to lead you. Sending love, light and #encouragement your way. ❤️ #motivationalquote #lifequotes #travelersnotebook #writersofinstagram #blackgirlswhoblog #lawofattraction #lifecoach #life #mindset #positivethinking #blackgirlswhowrite #lifelessons #growth #inspiration #journey #mindfulness #changeyourlife #universe #thefirst30days #enjoytheprocess

Soo, when is the best time?
Well, experts in the industry say January is the month of good deals, which I am sure we can all agree on. It’s a fresh year to have all your energy focused on finding that perfect venue for you.
There are so many amazing amazing venues out there waiting to hold your perfect day. If you need a hand on your hunt, just call on ISL with your requirements and we can help 😘
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The heart based entrepreneur wants both; abundance and impact.
If a vision is big enough and the passion is fierce, a healthy mixture of hustle and inspired action will bring to fruition those dreams and the world will be a better place as a result.
What a wonderful idea to consider.
So celebrate the entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in more ways than just bottom line for these are the leaders of our future and entrepreneurs can change the world by living their vision through their business.
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Remember this quote from Al Duncan. Stop losing time and start making interesting things with it. Work on your company of you are an entrepreneur, read news if you are an investor, study a lot if you are in college,... Use your time wisely and you will improve yourself drastically.
#Time #Entrepreneur #Investor

Sometimes we don't think about it this way, but what we desire is within our reach, and a reflection of who can become. It is about constant growth, not about external comparison. A great one to reflect on from @roxannesvibe 🔥

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