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Happy Mother's Day to the three most influential mothers in my life. I'm grateful for my Mothers unconditional love...Mom there won't be another who puts others needs above hers, thank you. Leslie, there won't be a person I'd rather have as a sister. You took care of me when I needed it and kicked my butt when it was needed. I know your life hasn't been easy but you dance in the rain better than anyone I know. @ginasfancyfaces Mateo and Lucas are beyond lucky to have you as a mother. Your love and commitment to our family is unparalleled. I'd like to wish all my friends who are Mothers a happy day not just today but every day. I'm fortunate enough to be around you and see all the positivity you put in to your children making this World a better place. #blessed #mothersmaketheworldgoround #motherslove #love

Happy Mothers from my squad, to my Mommma, my baby's momma, my baby's mommas momma, and all the mommas out there, y'all the reason for the season! I love all y'all!! 💯 #HappyMothersDay #MothersMakeTheWorldGoRound #RoadTrip #TheHighlyRegarded #Family

Happy Mother's Day to this gem of a lady! So thankful and grateful for all you've taught me and the love you give me. 💕 And thank you to this beautiful little lady for making me a mother! Blessed beyond belief. 🙏🏼🌸💞 #mothersmaketheworldgoround #motherlylove #motherhoodismagical #loveyourmother #happymothersday

Joyeuse première fête des mères supermom @ruthvegafernandez! Sol is truly blessed to have you as his mother! ❤ Merci @paulinemoulene pour la photo. #fetedesmeres#supermom#mothersmaketheworldgoround#morsdag

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing mamas out there 💐
#mothersmaketheworldgoround #allthemoms

PSA to all the mothers out there........ if he could give each one of you a rose, he would!!! #mothersmaketheworldgoround

Thankful for this little boy who calls me mama 😍 becoming your mom has been a blessing and I will forever support you. Becoming a mom 2 years ago has changed me in so many positive ways and to think, this just the beginning of my motherhood journey ❤💕🤗 ! Happy Mother's Day to me and all the beautiful moms out there😘😘 #mothersmaketheworldgoround 💪🏼🎉

The only Mother's Day gift I need... my 🌎
#bestjobever #happymothersday #mothersmaketheworldgoround

Happy Mothers Day!! #mothersmaketheworldgoround


#wcw💗 This woman is our life line! She is an amazing mother, grandmother and friend all in one. We can't thank her enough for all she is to us. We love you mom! 😘 #mothersmaketheworldgoround #sospecial #myhero #sheisamazing #weloveher

| Ami Jaan Humari Rooh Aap par Kurbaan |

#yyc2017 #shayri #blackandwhite #amijaan #mothersmaketheworldgoround

STORT grattis till alla fina och fantastiska mammor på mors dag! Extra kärlek till mitt alldeles egna toppexemplar @lenaklena54... You're simply the best! ❤️❤️❤️#mothersmaketheworldgoround

Happy #mychocolatemilkmonday everyone!!!!!! Checkout an excerpt from Queen called Queen's Legacy by Demetria Williams that's included in Mothering Through Pain and Suffering in Silence that sheds light on why she chose to breastfeed and why it's revolutionary to her!
Books are available now. To order a copy and help us raise money for The History of Our Chocolate Milk documentary go to www.motheringthroughpain.weebly.com ! All proceeds from the book purchased on #MyChocolateMonday will go directly to the documentary. Our goal is 35K.
#TheRevolutionStartsHere #mychocolatemilkmonday #supportiseverything #breakthesilence #breakingthecycle #motheringthroughpain #MothersMakeTheWorldGoRound

Today we pour libation for our dear Brotha El-Hajj Malik El-Shabbazz . May he be pleased as our ancestor and know that we vow to protect our families and communities by any means necessary. ❤️✊🏽 Ashe. Repost from @blacklotusmother using @RepostRegramApp - I'm for the truth no matter who's telling it... #WomenAreNationBuilders #LifeBeginsInTheWobman You all have to be more conscious of the treatment of our women. White supremacy has taught many of us that our queens have no value. #IntentionNatalAlienation #TeachTheBabies #MothersMakeTheWorldGoRound

Sweet June is 1 week old today ☀️🌸🙏🏻
In that time, 6 meals have shown up at our door. 6 dinners to feed our exhausted bodies + fuzzy minds...All from incredible + caring mamas in our NBPT community. Some home cooked, some ordered, all served with love + generosity of heart + soul. Notes with well wishes + congratulations on the side...
Rory + I are so grateful for our kind community, but even more blown away by the outpouring of help + thoughtfulness of the mamas here. "Look for the helpers." Moms truly make the world go round 🌎❤️👶🏻
#mothers #mothersmaketheworldgoround #community #nbpt #newbabygirl #grateful

Scratched the ol' Mother's Day bakin' itch! #mothersmaketheworldgoround

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