The mothership feeds. She’s gonna drop a considerable brood very soon. #Tiger #preggers #mothership #protocolo

Currently mothershipping for our gameboats Zulu & Minke whom are competing in the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic.
Stunning weather and picturesque views make for an incredible week on the #GreatBarrierReef
@lizardisland @qldtourism @australia #queensland #islandlife #mothership #belugax @zulugamefishing 📸 @jakethemuss666

#patch game for the #battlevest is getting strong 💪🏻 only buying patches at #shows I missed merch at #monolord so I ordered this one, #beastmaker split up so I took the opportunity while I can to order, and I haven’t seen #mothership since I’ve had this idea and that patch right there is the one that made me decide to make a #vest in the first place, saw it at a show but didn’t pull the trigger and it sat with me for so I long I decided to make my own, so it was ordered too. #toke #redfang #telekineticyeti #mastodon #sleep #wofat #thewell #jerusalem

We bend- we don’t break... 🌍⚡️💪🏽 “Scars on your heart from past relationships have taught you what you really want in a life partner. You want to be put first not last. And you don’t want to chase someone who never chases you back.

Tears cried over toxic friendships have taught you what it takes to be a better human being. You know the true meaning of loyalty and surround yourself with others who value it as much as you do. When you finally let someone in, you know it’s for life.

A crushed soul from lashings at work has given you thicker skin. And shown you the type of life you don’t want to lead. You will live your life with compassion, not anger.

Ripped jeans and frozen dinners remind you to keep pushing for your dream, because you won’t be poor forever. You know in your heart you won’t settle for this life and you will work as hard as it takes to get you there.

A shaken mind, from the anxiety, the stress, the depression has taught you to reach out for help when you need it. You’ve become more open and learned you are not alone.

And the unfortunate events, the sudden deaths and unfair circumstances that are simply out of your control have taught you life is precious. Life is random. And life can certainly be unfair.

You see, you’ve been through so much already, but there’s so much more left to do. Which is why, when the moment comes that you feel like you’re just about to break you do not.

Instead, you bend.

And all the strength that you’ve gathered over the years from every shitty moment comes in at the last second to support you. Just like you always knew it would.” -Taryn Hillin 🕊✨💚

I always thought South Park was funny #onlyinla

Hop on the mothership,
And we ride 🚀

Some Bassnectar flow on a meditative Wednesday morning.

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