Mad dash to Sydney for #Evita at the #OperaHouse made it just in time! #mothersdaypresent @mazziew

Hoje não é teu dia. Teu dia são todas as manhãs, tardes e noites, todos os dias das mães, aniversários, natais, anos novos, finais de semana... De segunda a segunda, de sol a sol, de lua a lua você tem que ser amada, homenageada, agradecida, e ainda assim, estaremos para sempre em débito!
Obrigada! Obrigada! Obrigada!
Nossa heróina, nosso exemplo, nossa maior inspiração!
Amamos você infinitamente, mãe. <3

He found a leaf bigger than his head. Day made. 🌿🍁

Three things you’d take to a desert island?
I would say SPF 50, an iPod for my music and of course my family. But only two of those things I can fit into this handbag 😂 It does happen to be one of my favourite Mother’s Day presents from the kids 😉🏝

I got #mommy this #mothersdaypresent and she wears it every day even though I try and grab it and put it in my mouth because I am #teething #bigislandbaby #numberoneson

В 30 недель Б мне сказали, что я врядли доношу в срок ребенка из-за низкого расположения малыша в тазу, и на таком сроке уже поздно назначать поддерживающую терапию.
Всё, что мне порекомендовали это беречь себя, снизить физическую активность, не ходить по лестницам, не поднимать тяжёлого (даже котика не поднимала), лежать дома ножками к верху😐
А что делать? Я лежала, да. И каждый день договаривалась с животиком потерпеть и подрасти🙏😊.
Встала на защиту диплома и лежала дальше до 38 недели😎
Родила в срок 39,6 нед за сутки до ПДР🐣....И стала мамой. Это что то новое и непередаваемое в моей жизни!
Ведь каждая мама старается сделать всё для своего малыша, ещё с того момента, когда они соединены в животике пуповиной. Спасибо моей маме, спасибо маме моего мужа, спасибо моей доченьке за то, что она выбрала меня своей мамой!🕊️
С Днём Матери! 🌷

Anyone know about these plants?? Am I supposed to do something with this weird sprouty thing?😂😂🙈 #sendhelp

Just hanging with The Tenors no big deal! #thetenors #mothersdaypresent #numberonedaughter @tenorsmusic

"The Blooming Tree"
The Callery pear trees are so beautiful to look at when they bloom. And they smell....so...so...bad! It is due to their ease of planting and the symmetry of the tree when pruned at the proper time that have put so many of these trees into corporate and retail landscapes. Plus they are very resilient of disease and pests. It's main problem is being weak against ice storms when not pruned properly. In spring, you get the conical cluster of white blooms, and from spring through autumn, the leaves are a deep green oval shape. The wood is often used in wood winds, carvings and wood prints.
You can download five 300 dpi image files of this photograph. They're ready for printing in the most common print sizes and can be done at home or through a print service. The great part is the cost is only $5.99 for all five files! To order click on the link in our bio on Instagram or follow the Shop Now button on Facebook.
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Just want some sweater weather back. 🍂🎃

It has got to be one of the most underrated parts of parenting to simply get to be a kid again yourself.

Enjoyed watching this amazing film on the big screen again - with a live orchestra playing the whole soundtrack!
A top Mothers Day present for me - and Fathers day present for Bro in Law! 🍽🎬📽🎺🥁🎷🎻👍🏻😁
#jurassicpark #jurassicworld #jurassicpark25 #jurassicparkinconcert #jurassicparkconcert #stdavidshallcardiff #mothersdaypresent #fathersdaypresent #brotherinlaw

One of my Mother’s Day presents finally on the wall, can’t wait to paint the living room and it be finally finished! #mothersdaypresent #scrabbleletters #livingroom #decorating

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