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Happy Mother's Day hooyo ❤️ Love you so much! There are no words to describe this amazing woman with the biggest heart in the world. Can't wait to see you soon hooyo. 🌻🖤 #happymothersday #mothersdayiseveryday

Learn to give flowers while people are still living' #mothersdayiseveryday

Match made in heaven 🙌🏾 this photo captivates just how cool my baby has been since she came into this world compliments mommy perfectly.my best friend ❤️#mothersdayiseveryday

The entire world should know how I feel bout this lady by now. #mothersdayiseveryday ❤️

you light up the room @daniellamaculan ❤️ mamy linda, você é pura luz! obrigada por me ensinar a importância da compaixão, sentimento escasso nos dias de hoje. Te amo demais! #mothersdayiseveryday
ph: @yellowestudio

Mum summer -17 edition ❤️
#mothersdayiseveryday #love #bybarda #havenisthlm

Adventures with momma ❤
Swipe right for more ✌😘

Never underestimate the power of mother's prayer ☺️♥️

The greatest gift is my daughter and being her Mama. A heartfelt beautiful day spent with my Ohana. Super grateful. 🙏🏽✨💕💗💖 Sending so much love to all the Mama's out there and Mama bear hugs to those who really need that today. 💜✨#mothersdayiseveryday #gratitude


As a man I’ve learned that many women will come and go as they do but a mother will always be in your corner no matter what. She will always be the realest woman in your corner, she is my god and can’t no woman alive ever take her place. Love you mom. #47andfabulous #numberonelady #lovehersmile #mothersdayiseveryday #honorandcherishyourmother

To my best friend, councilor, mother of my child, nurse, masseuse, driver (with no license), critic, missing puzzle and inner peace. From late night messages to late night massages, from beach rides to joy rides. My dear you are that place in my mind where I go to find the right answers, when I am at my limit you whisper "push back kristoff, fight back" and suddenly I'm strong again. All that I have achieved was because of your influence, your love and tender care. Last night I dreamt the whole world burned down and after all the ashes settled it was just us three standing side by side at the edge of oblivion. You are the most beautiful, charismatic, ambitious, compassionate, witty, resourceful person I've ever met and I'm glad to call you mines even if forever doesn't mean always... You're doing a great jo!!
#wce #appreciationpost❤️ #mothersdayiseveryday #familygoals👪 @_blac.diamond_

Nothing is happiness more than spending time with my ma #mothersdayiseveryday ❤️🍷🍚🤪

My mamma took care of other people so me and my bros can live 🙏🏿 #WorkingWomanWednesday #StrongBlackWoman #MothersDayIsEveryday #FamilyOverEverything

My queen 👑 , my rock, my role model. You have birthed me, raised me and nurtured me. You have helped me become the man that I am today and been there through thick and thin. You taught me right from wrong and put up with so much hassle, my goal is to always make you happy and proud of me and to repay you for everything you have done for me, but I know nothing I do will equate to the smallest thing you’ve done for me 💐 ❤️ #blessed #bestmother #myqueen #rolemodel #alhamdulillah #heavenisunderthemothersfeet #mamma #humble #grateful #mothersdayiseveryday #privilages #standard #my world #instagood #beautifulday #muslim #tbeid #islam

To the world, you are a mother.
To me, your the world.
All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to you.
No words can truly express the love, respect, admiration, and appreciation I have for this woman. #mothersdayiseveryday #tbt

👊 And then I'd apologize because my Mami taught me manners 😋😝 My 👑Mami👑 is my favorite!! #MothersDayIsEVERYDAY #Love 🇵🇷❤

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