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you light up the room @daniellamaculan ❤️ mamy linda, você é pura luz! obrigada por me ensinar a importância da compaixão, sentimento escasso nos dias de hoje. Te amo demais! #mothersdayiseveryday
ph: @yellowestudio

This is my mom 💗 let me tell you a lil something about my mother. She is the most beautiful, hardworking ,strong, independent , smart and even words cannot describe how greatful and cool my mom is. She is more like a friend than a mother to me but ofc " ye dik kau ingat ye aku ni berkawan kawan jugak tapi hingat ye kau keluar dari pantat aku" :") It is an honour come out of her puss- I CAN'T THE CHILDREN IS READING. Anyway, she is the reason i am here today without her i wouldn't be who i am or worse i wouldnt even be here. Ma if you are reading this ADIK BARU NAK TIDUR EH KEJUT ADIK PUKUL 6:30 AND i loveu so much thank you so much for raising me for the past 15 years of yourlife. Thank you so much for washing my taik tersumbat, buai-kan setiap 3 minit or else i'll be screaming, suapkan makanan dari kecik smpai tua bangka nak mati, for teaching me that money tak tumbuh dari bulu pantat so i have to work my ass off to gain money, sebab mama tahan tangisan,jeritan dan makian setiap kali belajar :") TAK LA KAU USHA MAK AKU DIA TAK LEPAK NGAN ORG MELAYU DIA LEPAK NGAN MATSALLEH, MAK KAU ADA? HAHAHAHAHAH and one more thing thank u so much for giving birth to me in a very caring and wonderful family. I'm very sorry if i ever did you wrong ( tbh everyday ) BUT MA IM SORRY. You are the greatest gift that god have ever gave to me. Thank u so much for being my mother 💕 SARANGHAE, I LOVEU, ADIK SAYANG MAMA, AISHTERU #happymothersday #mothersdayiseveryday

Happy Mother's Day hooyo ❤️ Love you so much! There are no words to describe this amazing woman with the biggest heart in the world. Can't wait to see you soon hooyo. 🌻🖤 #happymothersday #mothersdayiseveryday

@ the beer & BBQ festival last weekend trying alligator leg . With one of my favorite mommas who's always down to ride can always find an adventure and enjoy the spontaneity in life. I ❤️ you #mothersdayiseveryday

Mom, you're my best friend, my cheerleader, my confidant, my comedian when I need jokes, my worst enemy when you say what I undoubtably need to hear, my favorite human in the history of me. I could talk to you forever. Thank you. You're incredible. #mothersdayiseveryday #myeverything

Dear Mom & Dad (because they are a unit )💣💥
Without the #inspiration #drive & #support you gave me, I would not be the person I am today! My daddy taught me how a woman should be treated always. #mom you are the most beautiful thing I keep inside my 💜 always the most positive spirit, you are my rock and best friend forever! They are the best dream team and it's my goal to have a partnership just like theirs! So excited for our trip! 🇲🇽 Love, your daughter.

To be able to call YOU MY mother, is the ultimate blessing!

Know that not a day goes by w.o me feeling blessed that you’re both my mom and my best friend.
Happy Mother’s Day Amazon Goddess!

#supermom #supermodelmom #mothersdayiseveryday #iloveyoumom #bestfriends

Want to give thanks to this lady, @sabinatobias who is one of the most dedicated Moms I know. Her loyalty to my daughter is unequivocally stronger than the roots of a White Oak Tree. I couldn't have asked for a better mother to Aria. Happy Mother's Day to her and ALL the dedicated moms out there! #mothersdayiseveryday 📷: @lasfotosproject


My little one is 3 months today! Couldn't ask for a better baby! ❤️Watching you achieve little things every day is the most fulfilling thing of being a mom! .
#mom #3months #baby #littleman #cute #lovehim #mommy #momlife #mamalove #joy #happy #littletoes #proud #follow #soworthit #mothersdayiseveryday

Yeah! I've got a new toy! Thanks papi mami 😘😘😘 #fathersdayiseveryday #mothersdayiseveryday #babykyle #KyleGeraldCandra

Mum summer -17 edition ❤️
#mothersdayiseveryday #love #bybarda #havenisthlm

A happy Father's Day to my momma. Pulling double duty since 1987. #fathersday #mothersday #mothersdayiseveryday #singlemom #singlemomwhoisthebomb

It's #fathersday. So I tell my #uselessandstupidson to take me to #brewery where the #singlefathers are. #mothersdayiseveryday

Inseparable 🤗 driving the mothership ☄☄

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