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У Жени @morskaya_pipiska есть отличное чувство стиля, каждое фото, как картинка😍, а у меня нет, поэтому такое фото сумбурное 😂

Хорошего вам пятничного настроения☺️ .
А давайте устроим опрос☺️Из какого вы города? Мы из города Нижнекамск Республики Татарстан☺️
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4 hours regular work out in the gym ONLY in 20 minutes? OFCOURSE I had to try it 💪🏽 How? By stimulating over 650 muscles in your body while working your full body in different movements & exercises like running, boxing etc 🏃🏼‍♀️🥊 You have to wear the body suit which is basically connected to the machine wirelessly, you literally feel vibrations all over your body while exercising, it's crazy but I loved it⚡️💪🏽 @fullcirclebody #Fullcirclebody #gethealthywithdubaimother
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I stopped breastfeeding my son after two years together, June 1st. Since then I have been on a complete emotional rollercoaster. After doing some research I realized that it can take a long time for your hormones to stabilize again. Also, the lack of prolactin, the feel good hormone that leaves you happy and calm, can lead to depression and mood swings. -
I was in such happy place before I stopped b-feeding and until now I have been trying to figure out what triggered this backward spiral. There has been binge eating, anxiety, depression, loss of motivation, self-doubt, weight gain, crying, mood swings, and subsequently, SHAME!
I am not saying all of these things can be blamed on quitting b-feeding, because I have to take accountability for the actions that have lead to some of these things but I 100% believe it is a contributing factor. -
My son asks for "Baboos" every day too which just breaks my lil mamma heart in two. I regret this decision because I made it selfishly. I thought my life would be easier with out the trouble of having to whip out a boob three plus times a day. I listened to the chatter around me that two years old is too old to still be nursing a child. I can no longer comfort him immediately when he is sick or hurt and I have to deal with the aftermath of the hormone fluctuations. I knew it would come eventually but I wish I had not stopped yet. -
Mamma's, do not listen to what other people are saying. You know when the time is right for you and your babe to stop. Do what is best for your body and your family. But also remember, once you stop you can't go back. There are so many benefits of breast feeding and if you are lucky enough to be able to do it for a long time, treasure it. Also, Be kind to yourself, HORMONES are a BITCH!

First week back at the gym this week after having nearly 18 months off! Feeling it already! 😬No pain, no gain though right?! Haha! 💪🏻🤣 Having 2 kids in under 2.5 years means this body of mine has stretched back and forward a couple of times and I have also accumulated some extra wobbly bits and cellulite along the way which I am keen to tone up as much as possible. It's so easy (especially after having kids) to be super critical of our flaws but I just have to remind myself that I have literally been pregnant and/or breastfeeding for nearly an entire 4 years now as I only had a break of 2 months between Bossy weaning and then falling pregnant again with Obi (and am obviously still breastfeeding him too).. So our bodies really are quite amazing and I think we have to cut them a little slack if they aren't what we see as "perfect". I know my body did a perfect job of growing and birthing 2 beautiful boys and that matters more than anything else 👶🏼👦🏼 That being said, summer bodies are made in the winter so here's hoping come summertime I am ready to rock a bikini at the beach 🤞🏻🏖👙

He has sand even though his eyelashes. Salty caramel skin from sunshine and splashing in the waves. Eyes sometimes amber sometimes moss green. Ringlets of gold in his long hair. And I would rest my cheek against his chest and want nothing more ❤️ <this was supposed to be a girls' picture but he crashed it😎> #spoiled #loved #mommysboy #motheroftwo #islandlife #mommyandme #daughtersrock #mygirl

[PART1/2] That time I almost caught the baby... Daddy was down the hall in the livingroom, filling the birthing pool. Mama was with me in her bedroom, having explosive surges that brought down her waters right there beside her bed. I crouched and peered and saw her daughter's head right there. Midwives had been called and were en route but there was no time for that now. I pulled my camera off my neck, and shouted to dad "Daaaaaaaaaaave you'd better get in here 💥N O W💥 if you want any photos of your daughter's birth because she is 💥HERE!💥" and in about 5 seconds or less, he was right there beside me, and I assured them both baby looks awesome, there is nothing to fear, everything was going to be just fine here. I let him know she'd be pretty slippery, so to make sure and have a good grip around her neck after her head is out, and while her body turns... and there you have it! This amazing homebirth happened before my eyes, with a bit of my guidance, and with a lot of human willpower and brilliant teamwork between this couple.... in a tight corner of their bedroom, at 9 in the morning. 5 minutes before the midwives arrived. This was my first full birth photographed. I'll never forget that incredible experience. .
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I love you honey... ❤️
Bye for now again... see you soon... 😘😘😘 Sacrifice is done by those who wants to give something more for their loved ones... I am sacrificing my time today for an abundant life for my family soon... 🙏👍

To keep my sanity 🙈

The boys have been teething and are super clingy at the moment. I literally have to hold them all day long.
So, now that I have been successful in putting the boys to sleep. I deserve some 'ME' time 😊 #wineoclock #thestruggleisreal #mumlife #getalife #mommyblogger #newmum #instalife #hardday #loveyourself #goodlife #holdon #motheroftwo #candidlife #mysunshineboys

Friday 💪🏻
Earlier I met with super lovely sisters of @3acreblooms for a coffee and chatted about ALL the things, flowers, motherhood, the juggle etc.. it really filled my cup up and is so nice to know that through IG there are communities and friendships that can grow ✨ Then I bought little boo a cute backpack because I felt guilty about yesterday's jab 😢 (#mumguilt) and have done a little tidying and packing for our week in the Lakes 🙌🏻 and now the nursery run in the rain!
This is the only pic I have, the pretty yellow stairs in @stonesbakeryfalmouth
CHEERS to Friday 🍷

Motherhood 💜 #throwbackfriday #blackqueen 👑 #motheroftwo 👩‍👧‍👧

Such a cutie 💙 We miss his older brother, Teddy so much. #lovemyboys #motheroftwo

Happy 3rd Monthsary 🍮 my baby🚼😙 Zayn :* iloveyou to the moon and back 😘
#nofilter #happymomma #motheroftwo #proud #blessed

prep work before extensive shoulder workout.. banded walk walks one of drills we do each and every time to ensure she is properly activated and ready to go!.. and staying injury free.. 4 weeks out from competition!.. #CoachCharlesClarke #C3Built #SEXYTIME #physicalhotness #lululemonambassador #npcbikini #motheroftwo

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