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Inilah saya sehari-hari, berpiyama dengan rambut di gulung seadanya😊 Allhamdulillah selama hampir 3bulan ini, sy sangat menikmati peran menjadi seorang ibu dengan 2 anak. Walaupun kadang2 mamanya d buat rebutan, haruss begadangan setiap malem, haruss menemani kaka bobo siang, lanjut mengASIhi adekk, kemudian setiap malam harus gantian nge-pukpuk dua2nya 😅😝truss jarang bisa "me time" tetapi allhamdulillah saya bahagia sekali dengan keadaan ini. Bisa 24jam bersmaa anak2 tanpa ada tekanan maupun target pencapaian😍😘🤗 Ya Allah di bulan Ramadhan ini, aku memohon jagalah selalu kedua putri kecilku, beri kesehatan dan kebahagian selalu dalam kehidupannya, jadikanlah mereka anak2 sholehah yg berhati baik dan penyayang serta mudahhkan rejeki dan kehidupan mereka. Amin YRA 😇😇😇😇 #motheroftwo #motherdaughterlove #doaibu

Tja, was soll ich sagen. Nein, falsch - endlich kann ich es sagen!! Wir sind bald zu viert. ♥️ Ich kann das Glück kaum in Worte fassen und bin gerade einfach nur dankbar. Die letzten Wochen waren nicht immer leicht, erstens, weil mir quasi konstant speiübel war und zweitens, weil ich immer darauf achten musste, dass der Babybauch nicht auffällt. 😁 Denn ja, ich gebe allen recht, beim 2. Mal geht es so schnell mit dem Bauch, ich war sehr erstaunt. 😅
Ich bin so happy, endlich drüber reden zu können und euch mitteilen zu dürfen, dass wir voraussichtlich Anfang Januar Eltern von zwei wunderbaren Kindern sein dürfen! Ein Babybump Update der letzten Wochen gibt es bald auf dem Blog. Und ja, wir wissen sogar schon mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit, ob es ein Junge oder ein Mädchen wird. Aber das möchten wir erstmal Familie & Freunden erzählen, also warten wir damit hier noch ein wenig. Ihr könnt ja schon mal raten, wenn ihr mögt. 👦🏼? Oder 👧🏼? Alles Liebe, eure Annika
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Вчера ходили подстригать наших мальчишек💇🏻‍♂️Для Матвея это был первый поход в парикмахерскую😊Мы его ещё ни разу не стригли с самого рождения😍Все прошло хорошо, сидел спокойно☺️Ну а Арсений уже видимо привык к походам к парикмахеру😊Вообщем, мальчишки у нас молодцы👍🏻.
А вы стригли/брили своих детишек до года?

You girls didn't take away from my FUTURE you gave me a NEW ONE ..!! #youngmotheroftwo #mother #motheroftwo #theloveofmylife

I know how hard it is to love your body after kids - Especially if you have stretch marks and your skin is loose. When I was pregnant with Emerald I got stretch marks from my belly button all the way down to my legs and inner thighs.
I don't care about them anymore, they are a part of my body; I barely even notice them now. Having stretch marks can really dampen your confidence.. If you let it. But you should love your body. Love what you have achieved with it. And THAT, self love, should be more important than any mark on your skin.

Sadie: Mommy, I wish I could pee standing up with my (grabs crotch)...like a boy.

Me: Sugar, it's pretty tricky for girls to pee standing up. We can't really aim.

Sadie: But maybe? If I hanged onto the potty with my hands?? Me: Probably not, baby. I know it's a bummer that boys get to pee standing up and we don't, but guess what? Girls can GROW PEOPLE in their bodies. Boys can't do that.
Sadie: oh YEAH! Like how you grew ME in YOUR tummy! And then you peed me out! But not standing up.

Me: uh...same state, different town, kiddo.

Sadie: what?

Me: LOOK! A bunny!!

It's been a little while since I participated in a Transformation Tuesday post... I have come so far in the last year and for once I can say I am quite proud of myself! I still have a ways to go to reach my goals, but looking back at old pictures helps to show how far I have come. I went from being a miserable, out of shape, depressed woman to feeling strong and capable of anything I set my mind to! If you want something bad enough, make it happen! No excuses. It took me to the age of 30 to pull my head out of my ass and get my mind right. I will never let myself get to that point again. Consistency is key guys! 💪🏼😊❤️ #transformation #transformationtuesday #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #herbalife #herbalifenutrition #gymismynewbestfriend #projectmilf #progressnotperfection #operationthickfit #motheroftwo #fattofitjourney #fattofit #operationbeachready #gingergoalgetter #gymismynewbestfriend #girlsthatlift #toningmyassets #toninthemthunderthighs #motivated #naturalweightloss #igfitness #latina #curves #curvygirl #ificandoityoucantoo #watchmedoit #workingonme #dallas #dfw

Meet Winston 💙 He is 5 weeks old lost his momma to a car. He is malnourished but though he may just be bones he has a fat belly and we are on a road to recovery. He loves belly rubs, he screeches not meows, he loves milk, his wet food stains his little white nose and he's very adventurous! Welcome to the family little man! #motheroftwo #familyoffour 👫🐱🐱


Working on a summer bag 😍so in love with the colors

#selfie #loveyourself #lovelife #blessed #motheroftwo ✨💫 with each step I'm becoming my selfie again....never will my spirit break! #strongerthenever #positivevibes

Sometimes you gotta be a Beauty & the Beast #humpday .
MBF NOW at #gohealthspringwood
BUILD a booty with fitmum
Enquires email me on madeleineblackmorefitness@gmail.com
Or send me a DM ✨
[photography by @muscatmediacreative]

Lost 15 pounds so I need some new summer fits. Not sure about these shorts but the bodysuit is cute. #bodypositivity #motheroftwo #tryingtogetfit #slowybutsurely

Women come in all shapes and sizes, it is hard to focus on what is healthy and comfortable for YOURSELF. Stop comparing ladies and grab that confidence. You are all beautiful. I may not be a size zero, and have curves, but I have had hell trying to maintain but I am learning this is MY body, and I am learning to love myself everyday more and more.... #MOTHEROFTWO #MOMSWHOWORKOUT #allwomenarebeautiful #EMBRACEYOURCURVES #LOVEYOURSELF

I've had people tell me they can't become a coach because "they don't have their sh$t together when it comes to health & fitness.."
Ummmm yeah - I DEFINITELY don't have it all together & I've been a coach for one and a half years. I have daily struggles and missteps ---> I've skipped workouts, ate 6 slices of pizza, drank soda instead of water and let my depression creep back in. I'm freaking human & guess what. . . I'm still a GOOD coach because I have a DRIVE to better myself and HELP others be the VERY BEST version of themselves. My job as a coach is to get people to realize all their goals & dreams ARE attainable whether they are financial, physical, mental or life. I'm a LIFE-Coach & I keep it 100.. So you don't have all your sh$t together. . . GREAT <3 <-- seriously its better that way because you can be GENUINE with people & share your journey: the good, bad, raw and real.We share what works for us on public platforms to help INSPIRE others to get the heck out of their comfort zones & make positive changes in their lives... It's not always easy but its completely changed my life giving me the ability to travel, earn extra money, lose weight and meet some KICK-A$$ human beings <3
I'm on the HUNT for some women who don't have it all together - who want to better themselves WHILE helping others - that believe in themselves <--- is that you?! Are you ready to create new habits, earn some extra money & join a tribe of go-getters?! Let's chat because the time is NOW for you to stop thinking "I can't" do that... because sh$t anyone with a passion to help others can do this job <3

I'm exhausted today but I still forced myself to do a 5 mile run and a HIIT class at the gym. I need my new pre work out to come in #preworkout #fit #fitmom #fitish #gym #run #tired #alwaystired #fitmomma #momoftwo #mom #motheroftwo #workhard #cardio #weighttraining #hiit

No quiero ser flaca...quiero ser fuerte 💪👊😉 #strongisthenewsexy #strong #girlswithmuscle #fitmom #motheroftwo #motivation

#Moana (have you seen it??) is everything I want my sons to be... industrious, creative, fearless, kind, forgiving, generous, and uninhibited by others in the pursuit of her destiny. I especially love that her name is genderless, and that it means "ocean", because the ocean herself is also everything, and more. ❤️ #TheArtOfSurthrival #Mahalo

Una vez fue un sueño, decidí convertirlo en realidad como medio de refugio mientras Gabriel está fuera del país jugando (casi dos meses) para evitar "la depre" por esto de los apegos. A los que conocen a mi mamá saben que es una "dura" en esto de la costura. A pesar de eso, no fue hasta hace tres sábados atrás que utilicé por primera vez una máquina de coser con mi comienzo en el taller de costura básica. Pero como al parecer complicarme la vida me sale bien, pues quería más acción por lo que también comencé el curso para hacer trajes de baños. Los que han trabajado la tela Lycra saben que es un "pain in the ass" y para una novata como yo, es de manicomio.
He aquí mi primer traje de baño, que para mí, es más perfecto que el de cualquier diseñador por qué lo hice con mis manos santas bajo mucho "estrés" ya que pensaba que me sería imposible aprender a trabajar la bendita tela. #tropicalmama
Pd: No me atrevo a medírmelo por temor a que se descosa... 🙈🙈🙈#motheroftwo #blessed #downsyndromemom #baseballmom #singlemom #brave #empowered #swimsuit #novice #starter #newadventure #tropical #paradise #islandlife #positivevibes #proud #dreamcometrue 👙🌴☀️⚓️

Beautiful run this morning🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ weather was just perfect. I start my 7 days off with a bang😄😄😄
#motheroftwo #happyrunner #runhappy #rma #hashtag

I didn't think I'd get the chance to do this again, but here I am. I'm madly in love with my girls. Being a mother has completed my life in ways I never knew were missing. #motheroftwo #lovebeingamom #momlife

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