Busy little factory for producing the world’s best honey. #northernnsw #mothernaturerocks #delicious

Let's watch the sunset together 🤗

Beautiful views at your hotel makes your trip just extra amazing 🙌🏼

The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious wild and free 💙

Why isn't the beach my garden?! 🤔

I can’t get enough of Capri’s beautiful view 😍😍

I was wondering if Leonardo di Caprio’s ancestors came from Capri 🤔

I need more vitaminsea 🙌🏽

Why aren’t we all wanderers? 💙

No filters! Mother nature at her best.
#mothernature #mothernaturerocks #latrigg #lakedistrict #sunset #sheep

Heading to my next destination 🛣

When I found my inner peace 🙌🏽

Windy day up here in Mackinaw! Amazing!! Mother Nature is working it today! Cars are being escorted across the bridge and trucks, cars/trailers, and high profile vehicles can’t cross right now. @jenhignite - Stood under the bridge and shot these videos. Thought of the pictures you take of your family in the same spot. #mothernaturerocks #biggestwavesihaveseen #markandcandydomackinawcity

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