Held off for as long as we could but the heat had to come on today. Here’s to chilly days ahead!

The Dracaena Marginata is one of many plants capable of eliminating odour, purifying air and decomposing harmful pollutants in an indoor environment 😀. Just ask Wolverton from @nasa 😉. When a customer asked me to fill up their empty office corner with a little bit of nature, this plant was the first to come to mind. @thesuccygarden bringing the outdoors, in 🤗 🌏🌵.

I fear I’m turning into a crazy plant lady 🧟‍♀️☘️🌿🍀🌴🍂🍁🍂#motherinlawtounge #repotting #indoorplants

Time spent resting and relaxing is time well spent. Happy Sunday!

It was 38 this morning & so glad I’ve brought my house plants back inside. 🍁🌿🌻🌿🌻🍁

A lot of my plants tell a story... this guy and some other cuttings made it home from Florida to PA. I like to try to bring plants home from our vacations as an additional memory and they are typically my plants that I’m more attached to. This year we were at the beach for a week in Florida and then took the kiddos to Disney for a few days, the problem all of the plants I brought to propagate spent 8+ hours in a hot car in 100 degrees and looked they wouldn’t be salvageable. However, with some TLC on them they are starting to grow!! They aren’t all pretty yet, but they will be! I can’t wait until they are all huge and beautiful in a few months so I can share!
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Dienffenbachia (Dumb Cane)
👩🏻‍🌾 I have had this since early this year. It belongs to my Treatment Room. But like I said in one of my previous posts, the #plants in my treatment room aren’t looking happy. I don’t know if it has something to do with the humidity or heating, I don’t know. So I had to take them home and this #dienffenbachia is one of them. I am still having problems looking after this one. Some of the #leaves are turning brown especially on the edges. I really don’t know what’s wrong. I always make sure I don’t over water it. If I put this in direct or indirect sun it’s still the same. It’s growing well but the leaves I’m just having trouble. I had to cut the ends off the leaves so they can save their energy rather than trying to recover them. If you have any suggestions how to prevent this please let me know, much appreciated.🌿

⚠️ This is poisonous plant. If you have any kids and pets. Do not buy this. Just in case they eat it. Even their sap is highly poisonous. #dumbcane #tropical #motherinlawtounge #foliage #houseplants #indoorplants #loveplants #gardenstories #mygarden #greenfingers #plantlover #gardenlover #gardeninglife #instagarden #instagardenlovers

Dwarf Mother In Law Tongue 🌵

Good Evening ...👋🏾🕳

Summer’s over now, right? 👻🕸🎃

Seats are reupholstered and the rug is in, Odin approves. 🖤

Cute little 🐍 has been living the good life on the front porch all summer.

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