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I LOVE dressing for the holidays! Click your way over to theparrishplace.com from my bio to see some unique (AFFORDABLE) Holiday pieces I absolutely love! This motley crew of mine adores @marksandspencer! #shoppinglinks #marksandspencer

Can't get enough of his kisses 😘
Photo Credit • @le_karina

There's only one sale I'm focusing on today and that's @vicidolls! 30% off everything you guys!!! Use code krista30! Wearing the luxey knit sweater (in a medium) and the premier skinny (in size 5). Happy shopping my friends! And okaaay I lied, maybe I'll find me some child locks on sale today too. #vicidolls

Happy Black Friday!🖤Get 25% off e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g today @pinkdesert with code 'JANENEBLACKFRIDAY'! @pinkdesert is one of my favorite clothing and swim lines! (See my Instagram stories for last night's outfit with the cutest ruffle sweater and tuxedo jeans 😍). This floral maxi dress has a snap top, making it nursing-friendly. And I just bought 4 bar stools for our new home that were $100 off each! 🙌🏼 Now tell me about your favorite sales!! Everything from home decor to kids Christmas gifts. I'm all ears and ready to blow my home and Christmas budget 🤣🤗

Did you hear me cry with Joy? "It's positive!" Did you wonder and think "silly mom I'm not an olive, or an apricot, or an eggplant." Were you startled by my screams of excitement when you were just trying to get comfortable in that tiny place. Did you think when the hard days came "oh mommy Don't be sad, when I get here, you will see. I am not 'Down syndrome', it does not define me, it enhances me." Could you tell I didn't realize what a blessing that extra chromosome would be.
Then you came. You stopped my world. You took your first breath, and all was right again. You challenged me, you expanded my knowledge, and my heart. You've made me the best version of myself. You're dad and I, we are #theluckyfew

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Judah is such a light. His smile and laughter are so contagious wherever he goes. Kaeden’s middle name is Isaac. It literally means “he laughs”. And even though he’s no longer with us here and now, Judah carries his legacy as our second son, filling our home, our lives, and this world with a laughter of love that is so pure, it’s divine.
Photo credit • @le_karina

We dropped off the kids and took off to join in on the Black Friday festivities. We haven't spent this much time together sans kids in over a year! It was such a good reminder that I kinda like ya @_benchristensen

🙌🏻На днях нам пришёл чудесный спортивный комплекс @about_rstart. Мы с мужем решили подарить сыну на два года эту замечательную развивашку. А то в ленте часто пестреют красивые фоточки малышей с этими комплексами, ну и мы решили вступить в КОМАНДУ обладателей этого замечательного спортивного помощника.
👻Радости конечно не было предела, Елисейка был в восторге! Бегал по дому и громко кричал: «Ура ура, игруська. Мама Папа аи аи». Аи у нас это спасибо😊. Елисейка обожает это слово, говорит его по всякому, как удобнее ему.
А теперь немного информации о самом комплексе, который рассчитан на возраст от года до 6-7 лет:
- используется в пяти различных положениях: комплекс просто переворачивается на любую грань, кроме самой верхней. - перекладины удобно обхватывать крошечной детской ручкой
- расстояние между перекладинами оптимальное: легко дотягиваться, легко залезать и слезать
- активно используется как в городской квартире, так и в загородном доме
Нам все безумно понравилось,особенно мне😂✊🏻! Теперь я спокойно могу готовить еду, убираться дома, зная что Елисейка с удовольствием занимается в спортивном комплексе🧗🏼‍♂️. Мы постоянно меняем положение, ставим горку, вешаем роликовую дорожку, в общем каждый день у сына абсолютно новая и разнообразная игра.
Можно сказать, что у него свой мини тренажёрный зал. А то как так, мама с папой значит ходят заниматься, а «я» нет😄✊🏻.
Чуть не забыла сказать, сейчас на сайте «Раннего старта» проходит просто фантастическая АКЦИЯ, спортивные комплексы по огромной скидке 25% до 26.11. А самое приятное это чудесный страховочный мат в подарок.
🔥Любите #скидки и #подарки? Хотите порадовать себя и своего малыша? Тогда скорее приобретайте Спортивный комплекс Ранний старт по выгодной цене. Такого больше будет!!!
Остальные подробности наших игр с комплексом, и как я его удачно приспособила для СЕБЯ, в следущем посте.
#спортивныйкомплекс #длядетей #развивашки


We had a terrific day ❤️👶🏼@joshestsatx we love this boy so much!

This was his first time on the sand. It's wasn't a very successful experience 😂

I gave her, her first Holiday cup & she threw it back real fast with sass. She either got it from her momma or she already knew the drill! (Don’t worry, it was hot cocoa.)

Sometimes I get frustrated that I haven’t had time to do the ironing, walk the dog or cook a decent dinner and my hubby reminds me of this 💛 Happy weekend lovelies x

#flashbackfriday to last year in my Christmas shirt :) Having a Christmas sweater wouldn’t make sense in Botswana weather as Christmas is usually hot so a shirt worked best.
Our tree 🎄 is already up, and this is record early for us. I guess we caught the Christmas spirit sooner this year 😁
The other day someone asked me what Christmas looked like growing up, whether we had traditions?
And the short answer to that was yes, we did.
✔️We all went to grandmas place in the village ✔️Got a set of new clothes ✔️Ate a special meal, usually rice + (a cow or goat and a few chickens would be killed) ✔️Attended a Christmas Day soccer match (I had lots of uncles and male cousins, so they made up most of the team)
No gift exchange or decorations, just plain gathering and seeing everyone. The fun thing about being grown up is that we get to create our own, especially once married.
What about you, what traditions did you have growing up?

Sometimes you are standing in exactly the right place my son. You just need to recognise that you are

#foryouson #lovelife #ourlife #playground

Someone help me freeze time?!? 😭

What has been my biggest lesson as a mother, this year? Self-care is NOT a luxury. Say WHAT? Did you read that? YES! I require that my self-care be a part of my everyday experience. I am meant to LIVE this life to it's fullest by creating space for me! YES, I matter that much. YES, my needs are incredibly important! My son and daughter benefit when I take the time for self-care. I get to recharge my power source by allowing time for me. #selfcare #Amplify #motherhood #womeninbusiness PC @genevieve_denise

Celebrating the holidays with Blayke is the warmest, coziest, loveliest feeling! Blayke is already loving all the Christmas decor- we picked out a tree, she’s already deconstructed her Nana’s snowman, fallen into the Christmas decor box, and taught me to put all the ornaments up at the top of the tree out of reach! Busy day for a busy girl! 💕

Love is love 💕 #bowlover

One week to go until his first birthday. I find myself staring at him for hours, trying to memorize every detail of his sweet baby face. The way his nose crinkles when he laughs, the little gap in his front teeth, his big brown eyes in that beautiful almond shape, how angelic he looks when he sleeps. He is perfection in every way. ♥️

Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 20% everything!! 🖤 Now through Tuesday! 📷 @shopthemanor


B I G D A Y // little Fox?

He is such an animal lover. We had a morning filled with Oo's, a bad mummy moment (see stories) 🙈, a lovely lunch at the arboretum and a shopping trip. I hate big shopping centers so much, yuck.

Luckily I can shop small for all the important things. How cute is this muscle tee paired with @hopscotchbabyau bloomers and @lillyroseaustralia sandals! Would you like to see them added to @kisschaseydesigns website?
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