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Those edible baby lips 🙌🏻//

So many snuggles today! 💕 And ALL the coffee!! ☕️

Hey you sweet little babe, what happened to you sleeping all the time? 😴☕️ #babyindiescotland #3weeksold

a toddler can do more in ☝️ unsupervised minute than most people can do all day.

How beautiful is the blanket of freshly fallen snow. Snow, so white and clean. It makes the world look fresh, pure, & new. So peaceful and calm you can feel the stillness as the flakes gather to make a soft white blanket. Easing my soul and refreshing my spirit. ————
So thankful for God’s creation that points to its creator and reminds us of His promises everyday
Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

Calling all tiny dancers 💃🏼 Studio blush + black ruffle leo collections coming this spring! Dance never looked so simply sweet 🖤 #simplissweet @homeofuandme

Most days I have to force him to wear this hat for a picture. Today was not that day 🙌🏻

Freezing icy, sleeting, snow days call for lots of family snugs 🤗 #humphreyhappenings #liamshaene

•December 30, 2017•
I wish I could sleep as peacefully as this kid.

for once i did not dread spending a morning at the dentist (the dreaded six month cleaning . . . yes, i am a nurse who doesn’t mind blood, brains (yes i have seen brain), and that smelly brown stuff (have i ruined your morning yet?) 😂 but i do. not. like. the. dentist) because i knew i would get to spend the rest of the day with my boys. i have been working more which means less time with my boys and more time serving others. id be lying if i said that made me happy. i love being a nurse but sometimes the medical field just really hardens a heart and tears your body down. because of this, i choose today to be grateful for the days off and especially days i get to be home and relax with those i love the most. . . and if you’re still reading - fact: i prefer iced coffee over hot coffee even on snow days.

1 📸 di 3
Let i snow. Let is snow. Let is snow ☃️❄️

Only the best for my best 👶🏼 @mustelausa cleansing wipes are so soft on babe’s skin & perfect for quick clean up (because Lord knows we always have some sort of mess) Ben & I find ourselves wondering what the heck we ever didn’t before we were parents & always had wipes 🤷🏼‍♀️ #mustelamoms #ad

Beautiful mama, beautiful baby sharing sweet moments. ♥️ We grow in loving community and the sharing of our stories. At EBA, we support women throughout their pregnancies and postpartum periods with Chinese medicine 📷👶🏻💕@foxandhounds_

👉🏻 @cw_hemp Plus in MCT oil, Mint Chocolate Flavor, hemp extract oil, beneficial botanicals to help support skin health, mood, and more! This magic is a MUST to add into your healthy lifestyle, there are so many benefits when you take this daily. And @cw_hemp is legit, plus mint chocolate makes it easier to swallow down. Can be mixed in coffee, smoothies and more. Never heat this though, just a reminder 🙂 Are you currently taking a MCT oil/Hemp oil daily? { friends you can get 10% off using this code BABBOXI7T2NGUFUDRB until 2/15/18 } .
#BBoxxLCG2018 #ad

Just wanted to give a little shout out to this sweet man of mine who doesn’t make it into these squares often enough. (He doesn’t like the camera🙈). I wanted to share a little something that has been on my mind lately. We often see these squares of kissing couples and the sweetest captions and that can lead us to think that other people’s relationships must be perfect. Those little squares can be deceiving because I don’t believe anyone’s relationship is “perfect,” we’re all very different people and we’re all sinners. So I won’t flaunt our relationship and tell you that I have the perfect husband because neither of us are perfect, but by God’s grace we are sticking together, forgiving each other and overlooking each other’s imperfections. I believe these are key to a lasting marriage. So next time your relationship is being a bit rocky, don’t be deceived by these IG squares. Everyone is fighting a different kind of battle💛. Be blessed friends! #thegirlsgettheirgoodlooksfromdaddy

Look 👀 who’s #ontheblog today! Check out #theodoreleroy’s 16 month in FavAve! That face 😍 (link in profile) #motherhoodrising

My word of the year is HAPPY 💕☀️ 🎶
May seem pretty basic but if you knew how many struggles I've been facing lately, you would understand how much that simple word deeply means to me 🌈

So far, we are off to a really good start 💕
#2018goals #happyhappy #momlifeisthebestlife #feelingfulfilled

Alright friends.. I need your help! I’m looking for a cream or light blue knit (either a onesie or pants and a sweater) for baby’s newborn pictures. Something a little thick, lots of texture, and super soft. Have you seen anything like this? What are your favorite shops for baby boy clothes?

#homeschool with a view and a buddy. Lucky girl! 😉

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