This is a photo of me holding my little girl. Forever carrying her despite knowing that when I put her down for her nap I will see her soon again. And when she needs to (like last night) she can sleep next to me. She can nuzzle into my chest and fall asleep, happy, warm and safe. Like any mother loves her child I love her more than life itself and I’m so fortunate to have her. This is why my heart breaks into tiny little pieces when I see photos of children being separated from their parents at the US border, or children covered in dust from bombs in Syria. While I post my photos of cakes and snuggly baby blankets a mother just like me will have to go to bed not being able to hold her baby tight, and not knowing what their future will be. I wish we lived in a world where a child never had to know what heartache was, that he or she could always be close to the people who love them and that they could live in a world where a people are met with nothing else than compassion, love and support. I will keep hugging my darling baby girl and hope that all the mothers out there will get to do the same. Anything else is an absolute tragedy.
Therefore I will send a sum each month to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to try and contribute even a little for the safety of children around the world #ForEveryChild #WorldRefugeeDay

Who doesn’t loves immune support during winter?
I’ve just started taking this Inner Defense support as I’m feeling a winter lergy about to rip me to shreds.
What busy Mum has time for that as I sure don’t! My body is pulling out its guns blazing to get on top it. It’s not alone though as the Thieves cavalry is right behind it!
I LOVE using Thieves essential oil (it’s the one I can never, ever imagine living without again) to help support my body’s immunity but these little capsules are full of all the extra goodness my body needs to support a well winter! Total game changer!
#gamechanger #winterwellness #supplements

See this wine glass? It’s empty! It’s empty because a few days ago (6.15.18) I made the decision to stop. The decision to stop drowning the stresses of life every night in a glass. I’m done being the Mom who would say “it’s 5 it’s clock somewhere and it’s been an absolutely crazy day raising a toddler, so I’ll just grab a glass of wine. I’m done spending the money on this stuff that is doing absolutely nothing for me. I’m DONE. It has been a long road to get here and the road ahead is even longer and I’m ready to go on this journey. Ready to go with my amazing husband who has also made the same choice, for which I’m grateful. 😘. I have so much more to share over time and I hope you will join me on this journey of sobriety, because it has been amazing so far. And lastly, it’s all possible because of my faith in Jesus!

Seems like our packages do this on occasion - picked up in Melbourne, delivered to Sydney, via Perth!! Huh!!?? 🤨🤨 As long as they’re getting there in one piece that’s all we care about! X

SOOO someone is two months. which means one more month until we are half way until half way to being one year. yup. slow down please #mywesleydean #momlife #twomonthsold #12monthswde

Me~ “Jackson come take a beach selfie with me!”.
Jackson~ happily scooches over and gives a small sweet smile beside me.
Me~ “Come on, show me your usual big bright smile”.
Jackson~ gives usual big bright smile.
Me~ reviews fun beach selfies and now knows why there was originally no big bright smile. #donttalkwithyourmouthfull #dontselfiewithyourmouthfull #hesmine #hesstillthecutest #takemebacktothebeach .
#mamatribevibe #honestmotherhood
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The habit of worrying; by far one of the most destructive daily habits that soooooo many of us get caught up in. I am a serial worrier. I worry about the day my son asks me to let him go on a play date without me, or worse sleep over at a friends house. I worry about what the future holds for my family, our health, what battles might possibly be ahead of us. I worry about my children as they progress through school, I worry that they might fall victim to bullying, that their feelings will inevitably get hurt. I worry about raising daughters and how I could possibly f*ck them up because of my own insecurities and issues with body image and self esteem. But I also worry about totally trivial things like whether or not I should put pineapple on my pizza 🤷🏼‍♀️

So, two questions for you; 1). Are you a worry wart like me? and 2). Pineapple on a pizza, yay or nay?

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Of course I struggle, I just don’t quit. Today was a struggle but I didn’t quit. What keeps me motivated?

My motivation comes from multiple sources - my little man, my family, wanting to achieve my big dreams, etc.

We live in a world where we can CREATE our own version of freedom, security, happiness and love. It’s nice to dream of those tings and even ACHIEVE them.

Yes... I fail. I struggle. I barely make it by some days but you’ll never see me quit.

Food for thought 👇.
❤️ Make sure your dreams are big enough. .
❤️ Work towards those dreams so you start to see them come to life or even imagine yourself achieving them. .
❤️ Imagine for a second that you lived in a world where your circumstances were only as good as they are right now. You could never get or be better.

Guess what?!! You DO have an opportunity that could make your dreams come to life. Do you want it bad enough to go after it and never quit?

Derek Maxfield the CEO of Younique wanted to do something revolutionary and unheard of with our payment.
They pay US before they even get paid! Yep. Every 3 hours after a sale we get a deposit!! He envisioned a plan in which we could sell something during the day and then buy what we need that night.
One word comes to mind. Freedom.
This may not have been my story or yours but there are a lot of women out there that desperately need this and that’s why I will continue to share.
Once you have had the pleasure of watching someone change their entire financial future your life is forever changed.
To get a message that says “Yolanda my lights were gonna get shut off tomorrow and I just was able to pay my bill” is SO REWARDING. My hope for YOU!

#cantstopwontstop #younique #beautyrootedinchrist

Aria watched out the window for 15 minutes, begging to go outside, then stood at the deck railing staring as Jordan mowed.. She was so excited when he came and picked her up for a tractor ride.. Even if it was past bedtime!

She LOVES dancing😍
I’m hosting a giveaway with @thesimpleseam until Friday! I’m OBSESSED with this shirt for summer, and they have some of the cutest clothing items up in their shop right now! Head one post back to enter!

I always need an additional top up in between wrangling toddlers, newborns and crazy staffies! Up and Go Blends are the perfect choice for busy mums. They contain fruit, nuts and oats... and the choc almond flavour is delicious! Did I mention there’s no added sugar 🙌🏻 Now to continue keeping busy with these two before Cobey wakes from his morning nap.... @upandgoau #upandgo #ad

This girl! I can’t even take her cuteness! I took her to the beach for the first time this weekend. I wanted to dip her little toes in the water and let her touch the sand, but she fell asleep in her stroller so I decided to let her sleep in the shade and took some time to lay out! 🙌🏻🤗💁🏼‍♀️🌞


We are over the moon guys! Our ultrasound this morning showed a perfect baby... boy 💙💙💙 Thanks for all the love!!!! We are so appreciative of all the encouragement and support. It takes a village right?! We are just hoping for smooth sailing now until we meet our newest little man. @hyphopanonymous #godisgood #20weekspregnant #babyboy

Spontaneous adventure 🌳🚗🗺!!
I had this impulse to head to the beach. Not our beach, I thought “Shuswap!” And I can bring the dog 🐕!!
There were a few moments where I was doubting the decision but I said “yes!” Figured it out and it was fantastic!! We had SOOO much fun!
#familyadventure #spontantousadventure #momlifeisthebestlife

It’s been a crazy past few days but I’m glad to have these crazies 🤪 especially when Dad is out of town 🍌 #callmemaybe #motherhoodandme #militarywifelife

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