Such an inspiration 🍂 @lanaelsahely being present lets you appreciate every little detail around you @harpersbazaararabia

Happy Wednesday and welcome to the Midweek Moms Follow Loop! Meet like minded friends, mommas, influencers, travelers, bloggers & small business owners. This is a great way to increase your true followers.

Copy this as your post and use this picture to participate.
1. Follow ALL three hosts @kristinpiereschi @mama_bear_wooten @thealohaohana to participate
2. Tap on #midweekmomsfl13
Follow the hashtag and click 'follow.’ Also use on your post to get support along with this picture.
3. Follow only those who use this image!
4. Comment 💫 on everyone you follow
Allow 24 hours for a follow back
5. Download app telegram and select link in hosts profile for picture and wording of this loop or message a host
Happy Midweek Sharing and connecting! Check with hosts next week as well for new midweek loop and upcoming giveaways! .

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Exercises everywhere anytime you want 💪🏼 we went for a walk with the fam and with my hubby we always do these exercises during the walks 😊 i got those muscles on my legs with these exercises 👌🏼
Gyakorlatok bárhol, amikor csak akarjátok! Minden nap megyünk sétálni a csajokkal, pontosabban ők már futóbiciklivel én Dorkával a hátamon Apával együtt szaladunk a csajok után 😂 És ezekkel a gyakorlatokkal lett olyan izmos a combom amitől sokaknak káprázik a szeme ☺️ Dorka 10kilo felett van, minden séta alkalmával legalább 100 kitörést hajtok végre 💪🏼👍🏼 Séta közben is láthattok és miután hazaértünk levezetés képpen még pár ismétlést hozzá tettem 😅💦☔️ ennyire izzasztó ☀️ Gyönyörű napsütéses időnk van ma is! Aktív napot nektek is 🧡💛🧡

there's no way for u to be moody when u wake up to this refreshing view every morning ❤️~ hutan hijau di tepi sungai disinari matahari pagi... fuh~ perfect! #MyTwins #Motherhood #enjoyingeverymoments #walletbalenciaga #BecauseImHappy


Reusable glass straws! Save the earth! We also have to-go cases so you can take them with you!

Thanks to LA prep and their soups, salads and green smoothies for making my hospital stays easy! #tb #healthyoptions #laprep #foodieforlife #foodgram #eatingmycolors #soupsandsalads #lovegreens #torontofooddiary #healthyeating #allergiesarenofun #motherhood

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