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How incredible! Love that cesaren birth videos are becoming more and more prevalent @pregnancyfitness #newborn #newmom #maternity #motherhood #pregnancybeyond @pregnancy_beyond

Charlie participating in Saturday's candlelight evening! Please everyone let's get the 'C' challenge going on Instagram!! #charliesfight #charliesarmy #charliegard #mitoaware #mitoaware #mitowarrior #motherhood #mitochondrialdisease

As a mom, how do you manage to juggle parenthood, work, self care, and being a supportive partner? Author @thejoyharris joins us on the blog to give us advice for busy moms. Click the link in the bio to read and add a few of your own self help routines to help out other busy moms. Click the link in bio 😉
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I recorded my first "Coffee with Kai" session & it was an epic... fail. I personally love it because it shows 1. How disinterested he is in this whole idea 2. How lame he thinks I am when I ask for a fist-bump (watch his face) 3. I love the way he says "I don't like it" when I ask if he wants some coffee (clearly a joke! I would never give my child coffee after 1 pm. Again kidding. Never coffee for Kai) and 3. He literally walks out on me in the end & I'm left looking like a sad, lost puppy. That about sums up my grand idea of a talk show with Kai. 🤓 Aside from soaking in my everyday with the boys, I'd love to document short videos here & there of how Kai's speech is coming along. I know that once he starts saying "love" instead of "yuv" and "daddy" instead of "dah-yee" I'm going to wish I caught it on tape to replay over & over. Maybe my next idea will be better -> back to ze drawing board! 📝(if you want the full minute of our gripping talk show -> YouTube.com/bethanyciotola, subscribe for more silly debauchery & attempts at capturing the boy's craziness and our life in the big city.)

The question I get asked the most via dms is "where do you get your bedding?" I know that's kinda silly but I post a lot of bed photos. So, I decided to answer here about my bedding. I have two sets of sheets one is bamboo and one is linen. I swear, once you choose something other than cotton you will never sleep on cotton again. I feel like with cotton sheets I was always "covers off, cover on" all night and it was so annoying. Bamboo and linen both regulate the temperature so much better and I don't have that annoyance all night. My bamboo sheets are SO soft almost silky. The ones I have are from @cozyearthbedding I love the quality of this brand. Sleeping in linen is very different. Linen isn't silky. It has more texture but I really love how linen feels against the skin and how I am never too hot or too cold. Do you sleep on a textile other than cotton? #lemonthebengal

I feel like they are all three making the same face, together at last! 📷 @carlykenihan
✨the moment my world stopped and nothing else mattered ✨

John "Slater" Kenihan + Zoe Hope Kenihan

April 23, 2017; 4lbs 14oz. + 4lbs 4oz.
God, You are good❤️ #33weeks #ivfsuccess #ivfjourney #ivftwins #ivfcommunity #twinbabies

These two favorites (Owlet & Pelican) are being restocked tonight along with with a few other birds! All slings in our story will be on the site at 6pm MST. Also, do you follow us on Facebook? Come find us for details on ring colors for our restock!
This weeks restock will be limited but we will have a bigger one next week. We are working so hard to have the shop fully restocked for you in June.
We also have tons of minis flying in & a fun twist on Barbet (black rings!)

. Placenta Magic
Photograph by @ilzeferreirafotografia

I had a comment from one of my lovely snapfam on my last post, saying she loves the photo of me pictured perfectly sitting on my laptop with my done-up hair and Lex happily playing by my feet because she knows from snapchat what it was really like for me, creating the program; working from home with a baby in tow. It made me chuckle. So true. This is what I looked like and most of the time and trust me, there was sh*t everywhere in our living room and unwashed dishes in the kitchen. I’ve also had lots of people say, how did you do it? I have said it a thousand times but it was really hard. 4am alarms to work before Lex woke up at 6am, attempting to be a present mum when she was awake when I was thinking of the deadline I had in 2 hours and how the hell I was going to meet that, working like a crazy person when she went down for her nap, when ALL I wanted to do was crawl into bed and glue my eyes shut, working hard when all I really wanted was to tackle some of the laundry that was in our house so that Clay didn’t have to come home to an effing tornado, putting Lexi to bed and then staying awake to proofread yet another version of the program until 11pm. There was mum-guilt, there was wife-guilt, there was coach-guilt, there was friendship-guilt, I felt like I was letting so many people down and was a struggle. Mind you, I had a babysitter for Lex for 3 hours twice a week for about 4 months and that REALLY helped!
So, if you are comparing yourself to ME and the work I have done lately and it’s making you feel like sh*t, STOP! There are probably 50 things that YOU are good at that I am not. Did you know I’ve never baked a cake before (insert hanging my head in shame as a mum, what do I do at her first Bake Sale? Just “Bad Moms” it? What will Gwendolyn do to me!?) I also have a kick ass husband who is helpful in so many ways and always finds a way to put less pressure on me. Anyway, I’m sharing this because it’s real life and it’s easy to compare yourself to others when they don’t keep it real. So here is me, keeping it real. Hubby's tee, 2nd coffee, bags under eyes, paper everywhere, monitor somewhere, at 4am, hustling hard hoping to make a positive impact.


Mother and twins are looking good, dressed nice and eating well. @beyonce #motherhood #pregnancy #fashion #makeupjunkie #blogger @4373fashionlane

A quick little weaving made between getting the kids to sleep.

I'm used to nursing Hiccup until she's ready to get into her crib, but it was highly unusual to have to help Boo tonight. Something was clearly wrong....he was upset and agitated. He started exhibiting behaviours we've never seen before. And even with melatonin and Tylenol, he wasn't settling down. So I lay down with him, sang him the bedtime lullaby I used to sing when he was a baby, and stroked his hands and arms (one of his favourite sensory experiences). He responds well to repetition, and I wanted him to not really pay attention to what I was singing so he could fall asleep, so I just sang the same song over and over again. About the 6th or 7th time he finally drifted off.

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Family Vacay Whoop Whoop! Matty loves it when I take cool selfies in public. Hey, it's tough being so cool.
It's my gorgeous friend Pammy's wedding in Noosa tomorrow. So we're headed up for the week for the first foursome vacay. Excitement is an understatement. I've been craving a holiday and pretty much have had this trip planned for 5 months. It's the first time we have splurged on pretty fandangle accomodation too. I know the private plunge pool will be totally worth it with Evie and Emma, and for Mummy and Daddy time. My family and more babies are coming to stay with us over the holiday too and even though whenever I leave Qld I get sad because I miss them so much, the time spent together is always special.
When I booked the flights months and months ago Emma hadn't arrived yet, and it dawned on me yesterday that when I booked I made up an infants name and DOB for booking purposes... I most likely didn't need to do this and could of added an infant later but anyway I did. The babies name was Thomas Myers haha and DOB was Evie's but 2 years younger. Lucky it was super easy to update yesterday with Jetstar. Can't say the flight leaving on time as been just as easy. Currently sitting at the airport with a stir crazy toddler with a flight that's over and hour delayed. Hey that's life! Plus side is Emma will get a feed in before the flight and a nappy change.
Hopefully this time in 4 hours I'll be sipping on a vodka by the pool in my new one piece because all new mums going on a pool/beach holiday need a new one piece.
Are we there yet! 🛩🍑

• Little ones first selfie ;) hahah. This was probably the most surreal moment when we went into the ultrasound room & the tech slapped on some warm jelly on my belly & our little one was shown! At this point I didn't really feel pregnant besides not being able to keep the water down 😅 I couldn't stop smiling at the monitor. This is when little bean was a bean 9 weeks 4 days! 1 inch & twitching it's arms & feet. Heart rate at 167BPM 💗 This was one of my Beautiful As Life moments @thymematernity #BeautifulAsLife I was lucky enough to find a fetal doppler so I can listen to baby's heart beat at home every now & again. It's the best thing ever! ❤️🤰🏼 tomorrow marks 13 weeks! Hello 2nd Trimester!
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There is nothing sweeter than your Mama.... and she sure will be loving this floating Mama necklace that you grab for her just in time for Mother's Day😉 #mama #mamabear #lovemytribe #lovemymom #sterlingsilver #rosegold #golden #littlemisspepper #motherhood #mothersday #mommy #mommyandme #mommyblogger

When your little #nugget doesn't want to let you go. #family #motherhood #motheranddaughter

I was your home ❤️ {posted by Heather}

#Repost @_abagailwedlake_
A mark for every breath you took, every blink, every sleepy yawn. One for every time you sucked your thumb and slept in perfect darkness. One for every dream you dreamt. It was your home and where I grew to love you. I've earned my stripes and am embracing them more and more everyday. 🐯 postpartum bodies are different but show the beauty of being given the chance to bring life into this world.

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Can we just talk about this gorgeous doll ?? @_charliejean definitely knows how to model in front of a camera 🎥. This doll is rocking her nutmeg Greek Flats . 😍

Would you like to learn how you can plan for a beautiful first few months with your new baby?✨
Join me at my "First 40 Days" Workshop for parents-to-be to learn how you can avoid feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or stressed as a new Mama.✨
Tuesday evening 16th May, 6:30-8pm at Thirroul Community Centre.
This workshop is equally great for first time, or experienced parents.✨
$25 per couple. Bookings essential (link in comments).
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No more training wheels 🚲 this summer!!! I'm so proud of my sweet girl. She's been practicing every chance she gets with her daddy and now she's perfected it. She's growing up y'all. 😢 #nomoretrainingwheels #twowheels

#Repost @matroishka
Selamat pagi, #matroishkamoms! Senang sekali aku berkesempatan untuk berbagi cerita selama sehari penuh melalui #matroishkaIGtakeover.
Alhamdulillah, kehamilan ketiga ini berjalan dengan lancar, sehingga memungkinkan aku untuk tetap beraktivitas seperti biasa yaitu; mengurus rumah, suami, anak-anak, dan melakukan berbagai aktivitas pekerjaan yang sarat dengan dateline yang harus dipatuhi. Peranku sebagai CMO dari @bamedskincare membuatku harus selalu tune in dengan perkembangannya. Kebetulan, Bamed Healthcare di tahun ini banyak mencanangkan berbagai program pengembangan yang memerlukan support marketing plan yang aktif dan dinamis.
Sempat merasa was-was, bagaimana agar dapat tetap produktif pada masa hamil. Namun sambil terus menanamkan pikiran positif, ternyata aku bisa menjalaninya dengan gembira. Tak terasa, kini sudah masuk minggu ke 37 dan kami akan menantikan kehadiran anggota baru keluar dalam 2-3 minggu lagi. In syaa Allah. 👶🏻💕

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Zoo day with Lilly #momlife #mylifeisazoo #motherhood 😂😂

Esta tema interpretado por esta hermosa y pícara pequeña junto a su papá es parte de una hermosa canción titulada 'Venezuela".
Para los venezolanos resulta más que emotiva. Tanto así que la popularidad y el sentimiento que evoca ha hecho que sea considerada como un 3er. himno para Venezuela (El primero es nuestro Himno Nacional y, el segundo, el Alma Llanera) 
A continuación leerán lo que dijo este papá de cómo surgió la idea de grabar este vídeo:
"Durante nuestra clase de Cuatro de los viernes, por un momento me distraje y comencé a tocar la canción Venezuela. Una de mis alumnas, Danielita, contemplaba el atardecer, una de las tantas cosas bellas que nos regala este país. Visiblemente emocionada, me dice: Pepo, esa canción me dan ganas de llorar. Yo le contesté: 'Llora, drena, eso es bueno! Tú eres una artista porque sientes la música'. Al terminar la clase, mi hija Agatha me dijo: 'papi, y si grabamos un vídeo para tu IG y alegramos un poco a los venezolanos?'
En estos días de tanta carga emocional he cuidado mucho lo q voy a publicar, por la sencilla razón de q muchos niños me siguen. Hay mucho contenido violento por las redes...me revuelve el estómago y me produce mucha rabia, impotencia, pero saben qué? Decidí publicar este vídeo porque SI HAY ESPERANZA! 
Por una VENEZUELA LIBRE y UNIDA, Agui y yo les dejamos esta humilde versión de #Venezuela
Qué vivan los niños!"
¡Contagiémonos de optimismo y esperanza!
Para aquellos que no la conocen pueden buscarla en Youtube, escúchenla, estoy segura que les conmoverá 😊 
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“Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.” Stunning mother @danielle_symes in our Born a Goddess dress 🌿P.S. We are having a pre Mother's day sale starting tmr! Right now is the perfect time to put your favourite items in your cart. 💫

#faywithlove #divinefeminine #motherhood #pregnancy #goddess #womb

How is there no sandwich emoji? 🤔
Caprese sandwiches are my favorite, what's your favorite?

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