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Here's a little cheer on this #humpdaybumpday

A bit more than half way at the always popular Airplane Mobile in Calgary. Seriously Canada is HUGE and how is it that all our kids wanna do is play with the iPad at home but when given the chance to have free reign over it on the plane they have NO interest?!?!? #familytime #mamahood #motherhood #motherhard #adventure #lifesajourney #explore #torontomoms #andshemoves

This is the first Foto at Instagram from my son. I love this picture❤️⚓️ #son #love #bestmotive #motherhard

It's a rainy day and these boys' energy level is high! How about a "relaxing" bath overlooking the ocean? Mama's turn is next🍷. #westcoastliving #beautifulbritishcolumbia #rainydays #slowdown #mamahood #motherhood #motherhard #childhoosthroughinstagram #andshemoves

Awesome giveaway over at @mre.soeur NEED!! #motherhard ❤️❤️ #giveaway #vsco #vscocam #Java

This morning was a giant battle just to get oldest son to school today. It involved tears and power struggles and I dug deep found a tiny bit more patience and empathy and decided to have a slower start and a baked good together. Finally got him there but without any proper attire. So now I'm headed back dropping off warm stuff and not sure to consider this a win or not?!?!?

Sunshine in a bowl! Perfect for these fluke spring days in mid winter.

When you are running a business and re-training at the same time things can get little overwhelming! Then there is the family and kids to look after as well.... I will take @bethanyjarroussie advise try to mother hard during this rollercoaster of a ride! Happy weekend everyone ☀️🍦Thank you for the lovely photo!

I needed this today! Sweet beginnings.
Photo by @aliciawhitephoto via @megclouse


The Advent for Mamas starts this Wednesday Dec. 13 over on the & She Moves Facebook Community! Join me for 12 days of movement and self care prompts to help you slow down and nourish your well being so you can feel more present and joyful! To be honest, I always have a little freak out over the holidays (although I'm getting better: see previous post). It's generally about expectations and the fact that I'm running around taking care of everyone else's needs and running myself into the ground. Well not this year! Let's do it together. #cultivatepeace #createjoy

Here's me at work today! Haha, I've got a pretty great job! I spent the afternoon with @louisapucci working on pretty great things coming very soon! Stay tuned for all the details. But hint:it'll look and feel something like this #totalbliss

I know these days are numbered. I can’t imagine nor do I want to, the feelings I’ll have when Stevie no longer nurses. I’ve always said I’ll nurse her as long as she asks. My girl is two and my Mama heart is so thankful for what we’ve had. I remember being at a prenatal appointment with my midwife, and asking her if it was possible to continue nursing Stevie while giving enough to my newborn. I now have an almost 18 pound, thriving (almost) 6 month old. I’ve tandem nursed every day, and though it hasn’t been without struggle, tears all around, patience worn thin and boob skin even thinner, my tired arms and sore back are worth every moment I️ get to hold them tight. The pure privilege it is to feed my children in this way will always amaze me. Not knowing for sure when this journey with Stevie will come to a close, I️ know our bond is unbreakable and I am determined to soak in these moments of forced pause. #motherhood #mother #daughter #motherbirth #homebirth #thisgift #thankful #motherhard #nursing #breastfeeding #fedisbest

Over on the & She Moves Community Group I am declaring today SUNDAY FUNDAY! And I thought I'd extend the challenge to all of you!
Motherhood can be physically exhausting, emotionally draining and constant/repetitive/never ending! And it becomes very easy not to carve out time for yourself. I'm talking minutes, maybe an hour or two to do something that makes you feel good! So today I challenge you to take some time and do something FUN! It can involve the family but it's gotta be something that YOU find FUN-which probably isn't playing with Thomas the Tank Engine. And I bet when your kids see you having fun they'll want to get in on that action too! Share your thoughts and experiences with us too!

I was just thinking its been awhile since you saw my adorable/crazy kids! Well this week I'm featured on @thebumptobabyshow blog and talk a bit about my birth experiences, parenting and self care. I love this #ittakesavillage series because it really helps normalize the challenges we face in parenthood. It's an amazing and complex journey and we're always learning, growing and evolving 💖😊💖

#mondaymorningmantra Sending love to all of you who are feeling like things will never possibly get an easier. Baby isn't sleeping. You feel weak and uncomfortable in your own skin. You miss your friends. I totally feel you. I've 100% been there, many times before. And after every period that has challenged me in ways I never imagined, I came out with new perspective, new understandings and new parts of myself. It wasn't an easy process and that process doesn't end but change is not only inevitable but it is necessary and you will get through this!

#mondaymorningmantra It's a good one today! Soak that up! Soak up how awesome you are even as messy and complicated as you feel sometimes! I'm gonna try the mantra "I am a masterpiece" today. It feels heavy but I can just picture the bright broad brush strokes that make me unique and beautiful. I hope this resonates with you today!

Happy, happy thanksgiving! I am beyond grateful for the things in my life but let me tell ya, soaking up joy isn't always easy. It's something I'm continuously working on. Thanks @brenebrown for teaching me and millions others about the practice of gratitude and joy! Today I invite y'all to join me in receiving and soaking up the goodness and joy in your life! And thank you for all your support and allowing me to do the work that I do! Much love 💕-Laura

Magic✨💖✨ Isn't the connection between mom and babe just utterly amazing?!?

So so grateful for a weekend away with the family and this stunningly gorgeous weather! We've had some little challenges along the way this weekend with the kids but working through these times of friction and coming back to each other is what family is all about. It's messy but you gotta get in there and work through it.

Martinis & the Nintendo Switch is how I keep it together.
#motherhard #familyfriday #emcstory #splatoonisbetterthanslicedbread

Oh hey little dude 👋🏼💋How many diapers have we changed in the Target bathroom?? Cant count that high. Not pictured is the cutest little drooling goolie, shoving popcorn in her face. 👀🍿Kids. Also, is there anyone else who since having kids has formed an emotional attachment to Target? Even if all we do is walk around or return something and check out the latest Nate Berkus… It's a good trip. #confessionsofahousewife 🙋🏻#anyone #holler #staystrong #motherhard #motherhood @mre.soeur

I'm a sucker for bridge work! It feels challenging but really good in my body while also being super beneficial for creating stability and strength in and around the pelvis. MOVEMENT TIP:keep your bra line heavy on the ground to ensure your bum is doing the work and not just your back! We seriously rock bridge in & She Moves postnatal classes with all sorts of variations that will keep you feeling strong and supported! A few spaces still left in my new Postnatal Movement class @westendmamasto that starts up tomorrow! Book your space and get moving with an awesome supportive group today!

Awe yeah, it's Saturday morning and the perfect time to lock yourself away from the kids and give your body a little love 💕 I LOVE this sequence that I picked up from @jenni_rawlings in one of her online videos. What I love is the element of stabilization while working on creating mobility in/around the hips. This will feel great after a long week of chasing babies and kids or sitting at a desk. Equal parts energizing and relaxing so you can feel your best as you go into the weekend! Check out Jenni's IG profile or website for all kinds of amazing movement tidbits!

Good morning! Happy Friday! Hopefully the weekend means you can fit in some TLC. Well as mamas that's not always possible and so this week I wrote a new blog post for those times when you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed and cant necessarily run off to a yoga class or a massage. Check out my 5 movement tips to help you chill the F out! Super simple movements you can do in the moment or at the end of your day to help you decompress. Check out the link in profile and take a few minutes, to stop, breathe, and revive yourself!

Feelin' good with a little glass of sparkly at the @momsTO Wine Festival!

A beautiful reminder/pep talk for your #mondaymorningmantra It's so easy to feel like we're failing at this mothering gig, that if we were as creative or patient or organized as someone else THAN we'd get it! But nope, Mama, you are the exact person meant to nurture and love your little one(s)! Soak that in today! ✨💖✨

I don't know how tomorrow's gonna go down. It's my little Rowan Bear's first day of school and Mamas first day with 2 kids in full time school. I'm feeling all the feels! But tonight, we put on some chill music and made some cookies in preparation for the big day! These cookies have been my go to for years as they only require 6 ingredients and are quite hearty. These would be great for busy mamas needing a one handed snack that packs some energy. RECIPE from @glow_kitchen: 1.5 cups of oats, 1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce, 1/4 tsp salt, 2 tsp cinnamon, 2 mashed bananas, 1/2 cup raisins (or chocolate chips of choice). Stir wet ingredients and mix into dry. Add raisins or chocolate chips. Bake on baking sheet with parchment for 20-25 min at 350 degrees. And there ya go-cookie town!

Happy Long Weekend! Whatever the equivalent of "nesting" is when you're kids are now at the age that they can go out into the world without being attached to you at all times, is exactly what I've got it going on right now! Kitchen clear out now in full effect. 📸 courtesy of one very concerned husband!

And can someone ask me mam why she dressed me as a snow leopard / kitten / ballet dancer / tupac. Just pick one mam for crying out loud. Baby tupac is just fine.

Happy Friday🍾🍾🍾 Hope you enjoy the last official weekend of the summer! Thanks @alwaysxalways for sharing this great pic by @kelsey_white

Bathroom cleaning time. Don't feel like doing a thing, so a bit of makeup for a lil zing. Now I feel fabulous scrubbing the bowl! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣💃🏻🤣🤷🏻‍♀️💃🏻💋#motherhard #wifeharder

This is the first Foto at Instagram from my son. I love this picture❤️⚓️ #son #love #bestmotive #motherhard

Borrowed from the amazing duo @sasandyosh I just had to #repost as it's so true and it's a cool word! #maven ・・・
One of the fabulous things about Instagram is being part of such a huge circle of inspiring women.
Working hard, playing hard and mothering hard every day.
Supporting each other all the way along... because we all understand how hard we work to achieve our goals!
We are truly a wonderful group of 'Mavens'
Thanks ladies! #womensupportwomen #sasandyosh #designhouse #mavens #southwoodsocialhub #amazingwomen #workhard #playhard #motherhard #fierce #workingit

One of the fabulous things about Instagram is being part of such a huge circle of inspiring women.
Working hard, playing hard and mothering hard every day.
Supporting each other all the way along... because we all understand how hard we work to achieve our goals!
We are truly a wonderful group of 'Mavens'
Thanks ladies! #womensupportwomen #sasandyosh #designhouse #mavens #southwoodsocialhub #amazingwomen #workhard #playhard #motherhard #fierce #workingit

I just want a good cup of coffee!!! And well maybe a little bit of time away from my kids! #vacationlife #familytime #missingtoronto #ineedacoffeebreak

Nada como estar ao lado de vocês, no meu mundinho de loucura...🖤 #Love #family #festivals #TheQontinent #thebest #familyhard #hardstylemusic #mystyle #hardlove #motherhard

Some Friday L❤️VE for y'all! Sending good ✨vibes✨to all those mamas who are waiting for their little ones to arrive. The days feel long and it's hard to stay calm, but enjoy this sweet time as much as you can. 📸 by @bluevinylphotography

Hee hee, love this! Needing a little laugh on this dreary Saturday. Amazing card by @emilymcdowell_

#mondaymorningmantra I know, I know, this may not be the most inspirational quote to start the week off but I find it incredibly freeing to know that things don't always have to be great and awesome and perfect. It is part of the human experience to struggle and allowing yourself to experience pain, hurt, anger, etc will actually help you move through those feelings and is an essential part of healing. It is HARD to be in that place of discomfort-believe me I have been there MANY MANY times and we will all continue to have challenging times throughout our lives but that is not a bad thing, it's all part of the process!

Sending all the mamas to be peace and love on this #humpdaybumpday ✨💖✌🏻 Although birth can be intense and overwhelming-you can do it!

Yesterday my mind was swirling and my body was TENSE! I was in total freak out mode. I had work to do but knew I'd probably just surf around on the internet, distracting myself so I decided to head to High Park for a little #naturetherapy and it felt so good! So good to just get my body moving and be surrounded by birds and a lovely breeze. Did it fix everything? Nope. Did it calm my body and mind. Yeah ❤️🌳😌

Today was seriously one of those days where it felt like I failed at everything! It didn't feel great trying to juggle a bunch of balls at once and having them all fall all over the place but taking some time to enjoy sushi at the park with the family and to focus on the things that I did accomplish today. What's something you did today that made you feel good/proud?!?!?

#mondaymorningmantra I'm taking the day off work (mostly) to enjoy family time. Time to nourish together as a family. Time to slow down, enjoy some Nature time. Swimming. And just being together! Hope you have a great Monday!

Happy summer vacation to all the parents of school aged kids! Let's do this! ☀️🌳⚽️🍉⚾️🎨🍷🍷🍷📷: @letterfolk

Let's keep the good weekend vibes going with this #mondaymorningmantra POWER UP this morning with some quiet time and some coffee 🙏🏻☕️🙏🏻☕️🙏🏻☕️

View from my mat this morning.

Quiet coffee break while the kids sleep in the car! Saving all their energy for the weekend! T-Ball, Soccer, Camping....wine for mama!

🎉Yay Yay 🎉 Know that people got your back! Ask for help! Trust yourself! Giv'er! Be willing to slow down when you feel exhausted! Believe in yourself! Celebrate your wins! Celebrate the wins of those around you!

Got sick kids, wet hair and a mountain of work. Soldiering on and mothering hard today! 💪

HANDS today for #mombodlove Gettin' dirty with the little gig this evening at the park. So grateful to feel a sense of balance right now with family and work, it makes it so much easier to really be present with my little guys. It's not always like this so I'm enjoying it while I can.

Bilgiyle annelik yapmak
Çocukla çatışmayı beraberinde getirir.
Annelik bilgi ile değil,
İçsel duyuşların yol göstericiliği ile yapılır.
Dr. Adem Güneş
#annecocuk #duygular #rose #pedegog #motherhard #motherhood #motherlylove #beautifulview #motheremotions

Here we go Tuesday! I love the feeling of integrating weights into my Movement practice. It feels so good to use your own body weight like we do in yoga but adding resistance in makes me feel strong and even more connected to my body! Join me for this beautiful blend of strengthening and lengthening all after your little one goes to bed. New 6 week series starts tomorrow night 8:30pm @samastudio, no babies. Just mamas getting their stretch and sweat on! This class will help create core and overall strength! Only 2 spaces left, link in profile💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 photo by @jenarronphotographs 💖

Hope you're having a wonderful and restful long weekend! Obviously as a parent it's hard to have an entire weekend of relaxation and that's why this restorative pose can be so helpful. I love this picture from @buenomarket and her adorable little babe in class showing how it's done! Just find some wall space, throw your legs up and take a few minutes to breathe and allow yourself to feel grounded. Perfect for a Holiday Monday-to either help you get through the rest of the weekend or soak up those relaxing weekend vibes ✨💖✨💖

After a lazy morning laying around reading and drinking coffee (aka tv time for kids) we decided to head out for a short hike. Short hike was made even shorter because I didn't pack all the necessary rain gear for the kids. Today's prompt for #mombodlove with @bellybootcamp is HAIR and although I look a little peeved I actually think my hair sometimes looks better when I try less and it gets a little spritz out in nature!

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