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Was a mother of a class 85+ sweaty, hot mamas working their booties good. ❤ these people! @oceansidejfc #jazzercise #badmoms #partylikeamother #hotmommas #motherhard

When you are running a business and re-training at the same time things can get little overwhelming! Then there is the family and kids to look after as well.... I will take @bethanyjarroussie advise try to mother hard during this rollercoaster of a ride! Happy weekend everyone ☀️🍦Thank you for the lovely photo!

This does it more justice; NEW TOP! Rather apt just now too @mre.soeur 💕 #staystrong #motherhard #strongmother

Awesome giveaway over at @mre.soeur NEED!! #motherhard ❤️❤️ #giveaway #vsco #vscocam #Java

This is the first Foto at Instagram from my son. I love this picture❤️⚓️ #son #love #bestmotive #motherhard

Playing postman pat and delivering the Kesgrave news 🙈 made much more bearable with coffee on the go ☕️ #mèresoeur #motherhard #parentingtheshitoutoflife

Martinis & the Nintendo Switch is how I keep it together.
#motherhard #familyfriday #emcstory #splatoonisbetterthanslicedbread

Bathroom cleaning time. Don't feel like doing a thing, so a bit of makeup for a lil zing. Now I feel fabulous scrubbing the bowl! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣💃🏻🤣🤷🏻‍♀️💃🏻💋#motherhard #wifeharder


Martinis & the Nintendo Switch is how I keep it together.
#motherhard #familyfriday #emcstory #splatoonisbetterthanslicedbread

Oh hey little dude 👋🏼💋How many diapers have we changed in the Target bathroom?? Cant count that high. Not pictured is the cutest little drooling goolie, shoving popcorn in her face. 👀🍿Kids. Also, is there anyone else who since having kids has formed an emotional attachment to Target? Even if all we do is walk around or return something and check out the latest Nate Berkus… It's a good trip. #confessionsofahousewife 🙋🏻#anyone #holler #staystrong #motherhard #motherhood @mre.soeur

I'm a sucker for bridge work! It feels challenging but really good in my body while also being super beneficial for creating stability and strength in and around the pelvis. MOVEMENT TIP:keep your bra line heavy on the ground to ensure your bum is doing the work and not just your back! We seriously rock bridge in & She Moves postnatal classes with all sorts of variations that will keep you feeling strong and supported! A few spaces still left in my new Postnatal Movement class @westendmamasto that starts up tomorrow! Book your space and get moving with an awesome supportive group today!

Awe yeah, it's Saturday morning and the perfect time to lock yourself away from the kids and give your body a little love 💕 I LOVE this sequence that I picked up from @jenni_rawlings in one of her online videos. What I love is the element of stabilization while working on creating mobility in/around the hips. This will feel great after a long week of chasing babies and kids or sitting at a desk. Equal parts energizing and relaxing so you can feel your best as you go into the weekend! Check out Jenni's IG profile or website for all kinds of amazing movement tidbits!

Good morning! Happy Friday! Hopefully the weekend means you can fit in some TLC. Well as mamas that's not always possible and so this week I wrote a new blog post for those times when you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed and cant necessarily run off to a yoga class or a massage. Check out my 5 movement tips to help you chill the F out! Super simple movements you can do in the moment or at the end of your day to help you decompress. Check out the link in profile and take a few minutes, to stop, breathe, and revive yourself!

Feelin' good with a little glass of sparkly at the @momsTO Wine Festival!

A beautiful reminder/pep talk for your #mondaymorningmantra It's so easy to feel like we're failing at this mothering gig, that if we were as creative or patient or organized as someone else THAN we'd get it! But nope, Mama, you are the exact person meant to nurture and love your little one(s)! Soak that in today! ✨💖✨

I don't know how tomorrow's gonna go down. It's my little Rowan Bear's first day of school and Mamas first day with 2 kids in full time school. I'm feeling all the feels! But tonight, we put on some chill music and made some cookies in preparation for the big day! These cookies have been my go to for years as they only require 6 ingredients and are quite hearty. These would be great for busy mamas needing a one handed snack that packs some energy. RECIPE from @glow_kitchen: 1.5 cups of oats, 1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce, 1/4 tsp salt, 2 tsp cinnamon, 2 mashed bananas, 1/2 cup raisins (or chocolate chips of choice). Stir wet ingredients and mix into dry. Add raisins or chocolate chips. Bake on baking sheet with parchment for 20-25 min at 350 degrees. And there ya go-cookie town!

Happy Long Weekend! Whatever the equivalent of "nesting" is when you're kids are now at the age that they can go out into the world without being attached to you at all times, is exactly what I've got it going on right now! Kitchen clear out now in full effect. 📸 courtesy of one very concerned husband!

And can someone ask me mam why she dressed me as a snow leopard / kitten / ballet dancer / tupac. Just pick one mam for crying out loud. Baby tupac is just fine.

Happy Friday🍾🍾🍾 Hope you enjoy the last official weekend of the summer! Thanks @alwaysxalways for sharing this great pic by @kelsey_white

Bathroom cleaning time. Don't feel like doing a thing, so a bit of makeup for a lil zing. Now I feel fabulous scrubbing the bowl! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣💃🏻🤣🤷🏻‍♀️💃🏻💋#motherhard #wifeharder

This is the first Foto at Instagram from my son. I love this picture❤️⚓️ #son #love #bestmotive #motherhard

One of the fabulous things about Instagram is being part of such a huge circle of inspiring women.
Working hard, playing hard and mothering hard every day.
Supporting each other all the way along... because we all understand how hard we work to achieve our goals!
We are truly a wonderful group of 'Mavens'
Thanks ladies! #womensupportwomen #sasandyosh #designhouse #mavens #southwoodsocialhub #amazingwomen #workhard #playhard #motherhard #fierce #workingit

I just want a good cup of coffee!!! And well maybe a little bit of time away from my kids! #vacationlife #familytime #missingtoronto #ineedacoffeebreak

Some Friday L❤️VE for y'all! Sending good ✨vibes✨to all those mamas who are waiting for their little ones to arrive. The days feel long and it's hard to stay calm, but enjoy this sweet time as much as you can. 📸 by @bluevinylphotography

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