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From yesterday's blog post: "Ellie being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered, but you have that down already. Your life does not have to go as you planned to be wonderful, and sometimes it's the biggest bumps in the road that shape and mold the best parts of us. The deepest feelings of heartache you experience will make those moments of pure joy even more rich, and will help you see that life itself is a gift, that every breath we take is not to be taken for granted, and that the simple things are most often the most important things to living the fullest life imaginable." || www.freckled-fox.com || @inframesphotography || #linkinprofile #motherdaughter #cantbelieveit

Jedna iz edicije "Mama voli bebu najviše na svetu". 😊 Uz nijednu divljakušu odevenu u divnu svilenu tuniku i gaćarone iz najlepše dečije radnje @petitcocobelgrade sa sve mačkica-tortom iz @nasa_mala_zavrzlama . Mama se obukla za minuta 5 u no-name brendove (jer se bebi tlačitelju tako može 😂😂😂) , ali zato ima savršeno @nenailic rukopomazanije i @srna____ kosouređenije da parira harizmi jegnovodišnje šmizle, trenutno zainteresovanoj za akciju - nego, kad će više ta torta?! 😋 📷 @nikmarinkovic #motherdaughter #birthdaygirl #birthdaycake #firstbirthday #babygirl

Gotta squeeze in some good luck cuddles before it's mama's turn to throw down! The thought of this little lady watching me makes me go faster, but the truth is she was playing with some cute pugs and didn't want a single second of it 😂 still... she was there and COULD have been watching 😂Gosh what will I do when she actually says "go mummy!" 😭😭😭

{NEW POST } I ALMOST ATE POO...• It was our scheduled Friday night date... Surah was about 11 months old, we were headed to dinner from OC to LA (so the drive was quite a bit) and then we were going to visit some friends after. It started to rain, harder and harder......(read more, LINK IN BIO) Featuring: @waterpuracare baby wipes, 99.9% water and 0.01% citrus extract, a safe and non-toxic option. #waterpura

Oh my god we are dying from cuteness and a hundred other emotions! The REAL reason we all want to get good at handstands #goals 😍💪 @gasya #inflexibleyogis


I'm basically a clone of my mom ❤✌#paintingwithatwist #motherdaughter #bestmomever

The left is my daughter Autumn and her son Ashton, on the right is me and her. Look how much the babies look alike #ashtonknox #motherdaughter #fullcircle

My First love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #motherdaughter #daughter #firstborn

So proud of this one today, 🐵number 1 made such a beautiful flower girl at #brenelly wedding today! But poor 🐵 number 2 who is currently up and awake with croup 😭poor kiddo!! #yogimom

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