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Unsere erste Mama-Tochter #partynight Motto #fairytale 🦄Ich sage mal ich hoffe darauf folgenden noch ganz viele 💕vielleicht lässt dann auch irgendwann die Aufregung nach. Lütti platzt nämlich fast vor Spannung 😅

Let us take a closer look at Raphael’s Madonnas on today's Sunday!

Did you know that Raphael occupied himself with the theme of the Mother of God throughout his entire creative period? 
The Divine Child in his paintings is often shown playing, which is a surprising motif considering that according to a Christian doctrine, God never acts without cause - because: being God is a serious matter! Raphael’s perception of the playful God hardly fits this concept. Raphael’s portrayal of the profound basic human need for play & unconcern in these Mother-and-Child depictions is an expression of the new Humanism in Italy.
Enjoy this purely human emotional bond between Mother and Child in MADONNA DELL’ IMPANNATA and many other masterpieces by the Renaissance artist until 7 January 2018 at our exhibition #AlbertinaRaffael.

#Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum 
Raffael | Madonna dell’Impannata | 1511 | Galleria Palatina, Palazzo Pitti, Uffizi, Florence: Gabinetto Fotografico delle Gallerie degli Uffizi / @uffizigalleries


Experts say pregnant women should avoid noise louder than 115dBA even if wearing hearing protection.
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Kule skygger av meg og barna 😁! #happysunday#siluette#motherandchild

Այսպիսի բարի կիրակի☺️

Like Mother, Like Daughter ♥️

Բարի՛ կիակի բոլորիս☀️

Dear Mom, I may not always like you.
We may have arguments and fights sometimes but theres one thing you should always know. That i love you❤
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MISSING: Stolen from his mother shortly after birth. Last seen crying for her milk, on a truck headed for a veal crate.
CRUELTY IN A CRATE: Few consumers realize that veal is a direct by-product of the dairy industry. In order for dairy cows to produce milk, they must be impregnated. While female calves are slaughtered or added to the dairy yard, many male calves are taken from their mothers when they are as young as one day old and chained in tiny stalls to be raised for veal.
The confinement is so extreme that they cannot even turn around or lie down comfortably. As author John Robbins notes, ,"the veal calf would actually have more space if, you stuffed him into the trunk of a compact car and kept him there for his entire life." _
Many veal calves are deliberately kept anemic in order to produce light colored meat, which fetches higher prices in restaurants. Their liquid-based, iron deficient diets cause numerous health problems. Motherless and alone, they suffer from ulcers, diarrhea, pneumonia and lameness. after 3 to 18 weeks of this deprivation, they are truck to the slaughterhouse, where their young lives are taken from them.
Humans have no need for cow's milk. Just as dogs' milk is intended for puppies, human milk is intended for baby humans, cow's milk is intended for baby cows - not humans.
Dairy products are high in saturated fat and cholesterol and have been linked to numerous health problems including diabetes and prostate cancer. A Harvard study which followed more than 75,000 women over a period of twelve years found the women who consumed the most dairy products had no more protection from bone fractures than those consuming little or no dairy. There are excellent sources of calcium other than dairy, including kale, broccoli, collard greens, fortified non-dairy milk, and fortified orange juice.
Save the lives of these babies. In place of animals' milk: try soy, rice, almond, coconut, hemp, hazelnut and oat milk in plain or original, chocolate, vanilla, unsweetened and other varieties.
Caption @belinda_vegan
Video @choose.veganism
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Reine Lefebvre and Margot, by Mary Cassatt, 1902. Pastel on paper on canvas. #american #impressionist #painter . The impressionists (also known as 'independents') varied considerably in subject matter and #technique , applying colour in separate #strokes with little pre-mixing, which allows the eye to merge the results in a 'impressionistic' manner. The impressionists had been poorly received for years, a friend of #cassatt , #henrybacon , thought that the impressionists were so radical, they were 'afflicted with some hitherto unknown disease of the eye'. #marycassatt admired her friend #edgardegas use of pastels, later going on to say 'it changed my life. I saw art then, how I wanted to see it'. Well known for her #beautiful #impressionistic #view on #highsociety #socialites and #unique #figurative #portraits of #motherandchild . #americanart #americanartist #motheranddaughter #portraitpainting #pastel #fineart #fineartamerica #arthistory #arthistorynerd #artshare #jennymackenzieartfavourites #impressionistart

The happiness on her face cannot be denied. Congratulations bikitot and pao! He is beautiful! @victoria_jordan_ @paolinichocolati #motherandchild #firsttimemother #congratulations

“Love Bond”
12” x 12” acrylic on canvas
#iriginalart #motherandchild #acrylicpainting #bond #palleteknifepainting

Buenos días precios@s ☀️
Feliz domingo 😘

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