Mary’s first paper piecing and her first mini quilt ❤️ So proud of her. #paperpiecing #miniquilt #mossandlotustomte

It’s just about Sunday so here is my needlebook for Day 7 of the #sunnyneedlebooksal
I used @mossandlotus Tomte FPP pattern shrunk down to a teeny tiny size. I think he looks like a wizard so I have named him Erik the Wise 🧙‍♂️ This one was made entirely from scraps except for the felt. I used faux binding and decorated the inside with a fabric stamp - swipe to see.
The background fabric was a scrap someone sent me; it’s Cotton+Steel lawn (mochi speckled teal). I’d love some more if anyone has seen for sale recently or has some they’d be happy to sell 💙💕 #cloudtorineedlebook #cloudtorifinish #needlebook #mossandlotustomte #mossandlotus #tomte #wizard #fpp #tinypaperpiecing #tinypiecing #fauxbinding #fabricstamps

Joining @charmaboutyou for #saturdaynightcraftalong

#foundationpaperpiecing learning. I’m making a mini quilt for every month this year in an attempt to become a better fpp’er! March celebrates my Irish heritage. #tomte gnomes are cousins to Leprechauns! The Tomte patterns by @mossandlotus directions were clear to follow. It was my novice fpp skills that give me seam ripper practice! 🙄 I think I’ll be really good at fpp by January.
I do need some direction! How do you keep a 1 way background straight (not crooked) when the background isn’t the first piece you start with 🤔? HELP! Starting to cut out April’s mini 🌂 #themermaidsgrotto #irishgirl #happystpatricksday #mossandlotustomte #tomte @schnitzelandboo

Nes with a Valentine for his Queen of Hearts. Is it Gunda? Or does his heart belong to Pernille? We have to wait and see what happens when they all meet in the spring meadow.
#MossandLotusValentineSAL18 #mossandlotustomtelove
@mossandlotus #mossandlotustomte  #mossandlotus #mossandlotuspattern #mossandlotus #foundationpaperpiecing #nestomte

This bag!🌈😍 I used @alisonglass fabrics to create a rainbow on one side and @mossandlotus Love on the Horizon+Gunda Tomte block on the other💗🍄 SLIDE==>>to👀! There’s a few pockets inside including a secret zippy😉 I used my favorite go-to Posy Pocket Tote bag pattern by @lindseymweight It’s a birthday gift for my sister...I hope she likes it! Today is the last day of the sew along! Be sure to post your love on the horizon blocks💗#mossandlotustomte #mossandlotusvalentinesal18 #mossandlotusloveonthehorizon #alisonglass #alisonglassfabric #rainbowtotebag #posypockettote #aurifilthread #totebag #quilted #princessinapouch

I wish I could capture the magical sparkle of the frozen snow on a sunny day after a snow storm✨ this is my first (of many to come) Love on the Horizon Tomte block from @mossandlotus its an easy foundation paper pieced block to compliment the smaller Tomte blocks that Sue designed so well:) it turns the 6” Tomte block into a 12” block❤️ I have big plans for this sweet little gnome💕 #gundatomte #mossandlotusvalentinesal18 #mossandlotusloveonthehorizon #mossandlotustomte #alisonglass @alisonglass #alisonglassfabric #aurifil @aurifilthread #aurifilthread #heartquilt #heartquiltblock #fpp #quiltsofinstagram #princessinapouch

Wanted to take a break from the Tomte blocks to show how the new #mossandlotusloveonthehorizon block looks with other 6"x6" quilt blocks. (And how convenient that one 6" block will turn into a 12"x12" block?! Faster quilts I tell ya and more fun to add the heart than just sashing.). How cute is that pink sky with clouds surrounding the baby onesie?? 🙊😍💕 So excited to get another niece this year and put her name and birthday on the onesie when she arrives! I'm thinking this will be a little wall hanging and maybe I'll add little pockets on the bottom corners to hold special things? Not sure.. it'll be fun to figure out! Anyone else have a cute baby arriving this year? (#MossandLotusBabyOnesie is available in my Etsy shop). ::
This is the last week of the #mossandlotusvalentinesal18 but it goes all the way to Monday the 12th so post away until Monday at 11:59pm est! 💕. I'll be announcing the lucky recipient for week 3 and the grand present! And don't forget, any of the tomten blocks or the heart block are included in the Sew Along. So if you sew the heart block with some other block, that's ok! But you can always put a Tomte in it too.. since they seem to love it there. 😊✨💕
New to the Moss & Lotus Valentine Sew Along? It's not too late to join it! See below for how to join in. 💕

New project: the tomtes from #mossandlotustomte #mossandlotustomtesal. This is my first try . Thanks to @blechkopp1 , her fabulous tabletunner inspired me ❤️#quilt #quiltsofinstagram #patchwork #foundationpaperpiecing#happyhexagons

Audition for the Springtomte background fabric. I don't like when the seam allowance shines through light fabrics, so I decided for the darker yellow. When it was finished I didn't like it because of the low contrast with Gunda. Sewed a version with the lighter yellow then which fits much better from brightness and design. Have to accept the visible seam allowance.
First Springtomte for the #MossandLotusValentineSAL18
@mossandlotus #mossandlotustomte  #mossandlotus #mossandlotuspattern #mossandlotus #foundationpaperpiecing #gundatomte

Hi everybody, it's Thyme Gnome here. Sue didn't want me to tell you that she's on day 4 of a chest cold and down and out miserable. I kept telling her to crawl back under the sheets and stay as long as she needed but she's been trying to do whatever she can anyway (admin stuff she's needed to catch up on) (she doesn't like operating the sewing machine when she's this sick). ::
I've been sneaking around her sewing room (don't tell her) and found my old friend #GundaTomte 😊 who has been teaching me how to talk the language of deer (those are special deer from @amandaherringdesigns @rileyblakedesigns ) (plus she's going to let me weave embroidery floss in her ponytails 😍). So Gunda and I got to talking and.. oh right.. I should finish up here. ::
Well, since I'm here and pretending to be the boss today (😍🍄💕) I thought I would announce the first winner of the #MossandLotusValentineSAL18
are you ready..???... 🙊🙊🙊💕💕💕
The winner of a $25 gift card to any patterns in Sue's Etsy shop, out of last weeks participants, is... @princess_ina_pouch !!! 💕💕💕💕. Yay!! Congratulations!! ::
(Please message me, Thyme Gnome, your email so Gunda and I can get the gift certificate to you.)
I know if Sue were writing this she would say stuff like, "thank you SO much to everyone that sewed last week" and "I'm so sorry I'm so sick again" but I just really want to play with Gunda's hair now so I'll see you guys maybe another thyme, ok? ::
{for more details and official rules about the Sew Along please see previous posts} #ThymeGnome #MossandLotusGnomeStories

Der „Kaffe-Fassett“ Tomte! Er wartet auf den „Tula-Pink“Tomte... 😉 The „Kaffe-Fassett-Tomte“ is waiting for the „Tula-Pink-Tomte“... pattern from #mossandlotus
#mossandlotustomte #mossandlotusvalentinesal18 @mossandlotus #kaffefassettfabric #nähenmachtglücklich #patchwork #smallblock #paperpieced

I finally finished all my Tomte blocks 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Pretty impressed with myself.
Patterns from @mossandlotus
#tomteblocks #MossandLotusTomteSAL #mossandlotustomte #fpp

So my plan for this quilt is to put gray prints from the #floraandfawnfabrics plus gray solids around the outsides of the heart block, but I started playing around with the idea of using the aqua ones for some of them. What do you think? 🤔 (Swipe for comparison and let me know if you have an opinion! I love hearing what you have to say 💕)
Just to clarify on a few things.. there are essentially two choices of quilt blocks to post for the Valentine Sew Along (jump in any time and use any color/theme fabrics you want!). Any of my Tomte blocks count (that's one option). Then the heart block that I'm still finishing is the second option (I will let you know when it's in my Etsy shop) - it's called Love On The Horizon and fits any of the 6"x6" Tomte blocks and any other 6"x6" blocks you might have. (The possibilities are endless!!)
Whatever block you post for the Sew Along, out of those that are eligible, need to have the Sew Along hashtag (#MossandLotusValentineSAL18) and my account tagged (@mossandlotus) in your post. This is the only way I can see your photos (must have public account too). (You can also tag the actual photo so I'm sure to see it and it stays in my 'Photos of You' tab. It would be helpful for me but you don't have to.) .
If you post a photo of one of the Tomte blocks, you would add the hashtag #mossandlotustomte.
If you post a photo of the heart block, you would add the hashtag #MossandLotusLoveOnTheHorizon. (If you post a photo with both blocks together, use both the hashtags!)
Please do not mix these hashtags up and use them on something other than the block they are for in the photo. That will likely confuse other people and it will interfere with a special something I will be announcing soon. (🙊😍💕). .
I will also be sending out little Tomte heart add-on pieces to newsletter subscribers. They are sections to replace in the Tomte blocks so you can have your little tomte holding a heart. 😍 It will not include any Tomte blocks, just little replacement parts for all you amazing Mossy subscribers that 💕tomten. Those add-on pieces will have a hashtag #MossandLotusTomteLove ::
Was that a lot? 😬 | See below for SAL details

Nes.. the one that takes it upon himself to orchestrate all that has come to run Moss Forest. Nes.. the one that all the tomten and gnomes go to when they just can't figure something out. Nes... the one that doesn't get caught up in fluffy thoughts under his pointed arrow of a hat (but keeps every good idea in his back pocket... or under his beard.. but don't tell him I told you). Nes.. the one that knows exactly how every magical secret of Moss Forest happens (but never, ever, brags or talks about it). Nes.. the one where after months and months of hard work on those trails.. starts to show his big fat mushy heart. 💕🙌🏻
#mossandlotustomtestories :: The #MossandLotusTomteLove add-on pieces will be available free to my newsletter subscribers until Feb 14th this year. (I'll be including a heart piece for each tomten.) 🙊 So go sign up!! (Link to get to sign up in profile.) Email, with add-on pattern pieces only, will go out next week. ::
The super awesome folks at @rileyblakedesigns are giving as part of the grand present (one person chosen at the end of the sew along from participants) a fat quarter bundle (yes... that WHOLE stack in the photo) of @amandaherringdesigns #FloraandFawnFabric !!! Yay!! AmandaHerringDesigns
See below for Sew Along details and rules. And please note the only hashtag for the Valentine Sew Along you need to include in your post is #MossandLotusValentineSAL18

I confess that this is a hard one for me to post. I had a vision in my head and it didn’t turn out at all like I’d hoped ... Still, I persevered and finished this project and I’ll be giving this giant mug rug to my (mug rug/Tomten loving) husband on Valentine’s Day. So, what don’t I like? Well, I obviously struggled with Tomten placement. I could live with that though. I also struggled with the text background (how on earth do you expert paper piecers manage to get directional fabric straight?) I do like the red grunge heart surrounding the Tomten. But that black. Oh my. I couldn’t face piecing more wonky text, so I chose a sparkly black (called ‘rock candy’) and whew. It’s not a great color for Valentine’s Day, is it? Anyway, it’s done and I figure we’ve gotta share our not-so-great projects as well as the ones we love. @MossandLotus #MossandLotusValentineSAL18.
I believe the paper pieced heart pattern is by @unicornharts (on the paper piecing pattern it says ‘Heart 2015’). #MossandLotusTomte

❤️ my little brother (who is 6’5 and a police officer) volunteered to give this little #gundatomten a photoshoot. He took the 3 wheeler and disappeared into the icy woods for almost an hour and came back with 50 photos! I couldn’t decide which one I liked the best so I included all my favs💗💗💗 he is the cutest💙👮🏻‍♂️ I’m joining @mossandlotus for her #mossandlotusvalentinesal18 #mossandlotustomte if you haven’t made a Tomte yet go to Sue’s shop and get your pattern💗💗💗 #aurifilthread #gnomesintheforest #magicalforest #tildafabric 🍓🍓🍓 #strawberryclips #quiltclips from @thecherrychick ❤️

I really don't think I'm a perfectionist but I do feel like sometimes something does seem right and needs to get fixed. I don't love that the mushroom/tree is still lost on this but I'm ok with it. I am glad though, that I ripped lots of seams out yesterday and today (😑) to change #TinyTomte 's outfit and fix some lines that were off for the new #minicharmblock pieces (😍🙌🏻). How do you gauge if you will rip seams out? Do you judge by how many you'd have to take out or by how it looks to you overall? 🤔 Lovin' how this #MossandLotusLoveOnTheHorizon block came out in the end. (That foreground is going to be fun to quilt.. I'm thinking pink-turquoise veriagated. 😍
No designer friend today... so just sew and post ya'll. 😍 And guess what just became official? That #floraandfawnfabric I'm using.. is part of the grand present for the #MossandLotusValentineSAL18 ... a fat quarter bundle of it!! 🙊🙊🙊😍😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Fabric courtesy of @amandaherringdesigns #amandaherringdesigns #rileyblakedesigns
:: Never done a Sew Along? No problem! Join in any time! Read my next two comments below and let me know if you have any questions!! It's super fun and there are so many incredible people to support you! 💕💕

The Tomtes are finally in their home. The sewalong is over and I finished the Wintertomte wallhanging just in time before I have to start with the Springtomtes for the #MossandLotusValentineSAL18 @mossandlotus #mossandlotustomte #mossandlotustomtesal #mossandlotus #mossandlotuspattern #mossandlotus #foundationpaperpiecing

Do you ever have fabric plans and then you get sewing and the fabric placement doesn't look right? 😣😭 I feel like the little tree and mushroom disappear in the background fabric. And then the charcoal grey is just too dark and the pink beard is too light. 🙄 What's great though is that I worked it out on the mini charms and now I know and can make adjustments. 🙌🏻 Yay for #minicharmblock s 🍄🌲 ::
No designer friend today... since I COMPLETELY forgot to send out a sign up to my designer friends 😑. I have so much I'm trying to catch up on.. I'll be responding to the DM's and emails soon. (Just know that I will get to them this week.) Also working on the heart block to get up on Etsy, plus compressing (if I can) the pattern from the Christmas Tomte Sew Along... maybe if I tell myself it will all be done by the end of this week I won't stress so much. 🤔😅 :: So excited to start seeing all your Tomte!! ::
Fabric courtesy of @ #amandaherringdesigns #rileyblakedesigns #floraandfawnfabric ::
1) Each #MossandLotusTomte and/or #MossandLotusLoveOnTheHorizon block you post is a chance to receive the gift of the week (announced on Monday's) or the grand present at the end. (The more blocks you make and post on Instagram, the more chances you have of receiving a gift!) ::
2) You must tag me @MossandLotus (please be sure to use the @ symbol), the designer of the day if there is one, in each of your posts. ::
3) You must use the hashtag #MossandLotusValentineSAL18 so I can see your posts and pick someone for the weekly gift and for the grand present at the end! ::
4) Gift recipients will be chosen at random from those that participate. ::
•See below for more details•

Ready for the #mossandlotusvalentinesal18 hosted by @mossandlotus if you haven’t made a Tomte yet head over to Sue’s shop to get the pattern and join the fun! This SAL runs from Jan 22-Feb12❤️ looking forward to seeing your Tomte creations💕🍄❤️🍄 #mossandlotustomte #mossandlotustomtesal #valentinequilt #minitin from @thecherrychick matching thread from @aurifilthread #warmcrochetscissors #showmethemoda #aurifilthread #foundationpaperpiecing #quilted #quiltsofinstagram #modafabrics

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