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I Hate Viskum V
Morton Viskum
Edition of 💯
The contemporary artist Morten Viskum was made internationally known in 1995, when he conducted his “Rat / olive project.” In the course of two days, he replaced the content of 20 olive jars with newborn rats across 20 grocery stores in the five largest cities in Norway. Since then, he has been regarded as one of the most controversial contemporary artists in Norway.

Among other projects, in the works entitled “The hand that never stopped painting”, he created newspaper headlines when he used a truncated hand from a corpse as a paint brush. Viskum works with installations, performance, photography and painting, and has been represented at various exhibitions nationally and internationally.

One of Morten Viskum’s projects in recent years has been to produce a series of large installations which involve self-staging. Every year on his birthday he goes to a workshop in Paris where a silicon cast is made of him in a particular pose. The cast then becomes part of an even larger installation where he presents himself in various contexts. Among other characters, he has posed as Jesus, a scientist, a devout Muslim, a transvestite, Charlie Chaplin, bodybuilder, president Trump and a financier. The project started in 2004 with Immortal – a staging of ‘the artist Viskum’. While some of these selfportraits are linked to the present, others are independent of it. The project will eventually include casts recalling years prior to 2004; based partly on photographic material, these will extend back to Viskum’s birth on February 2, 1965.
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LAST DAY of Rose Wylie's the Curator is Present show in Oslo @willascontemporary with a selection of works from a private collection along with a self-portrait sculpture of the curator @mortenviskum
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The Curator’s final day in Rose Wylies exhibition is tomorrow, from 12-5 pm.
Do stop by if you happen to be in the neighbourhood📍
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The Emperor's New Clothes #mortenviskum #selfportrait

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