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took @jeffpifher’s sax and sent it through a modular frenzy for his third album. came out the other side with some really lovely textures and pulses thanks to @makenoisemusic’s Morphagene, @mrseri’s uBurst, and @folktek’s Resonant Garden. stay tuned for more!

Drumming in the morphagene with the help of lfos from Just Friends and overall sequencing from teletype. Everything is then destroyed by the amazing party van by @r_constanzo 💣💣. #eurorack #monome #teletype #makenoise #morphagene #partyvan #glitch #drums #computermusic


Clean slate vibes

• exploration 002 •
[full video linked in bio]
second mini performance with the current setup which now includes @moogsynthesizers’s DFAM and @folktek’s Mescaline on the beats, @makenoisemusic’s Morphagene doing a pulse going into Folktek’s Resonant Garden for effects, and Moog’s Mother-32 doing the lead melody going into @mrseri’s uBurst, which this time i’m using as a resonator. also, does anyone know what’s up with all the camera shaking? i feel like my iphone’s been doing that lately but not sure why... 🤷🏼‍♂️🎛🧟‍♂️🤖

First spin with the @makenoisemusic #René. The X channel is clocked by the stepped-random output of a #Wogglebug to the X-CV input, and Y is clocked by a Tempi. The C channel is scrolling through splices on a #Morphagene of some chords from my Rhodes. Full vid on YouTube (link in bio). #eurorack #modularsynth

I have been blind to the reality that the #dfam is set up not just to FM for gnarlyness (although that’s very fun) but also for shimmery butter-tones. Running it through the #morphagene and exploring delay and reverb-like settings. #hermod is acting as the master clock and transposing the #Rene sequence within a scale. @moogsynthesizers @makenoisemusic @squarpinstruments

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