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On our paths there are signs • hidden passageways for change • softest power from the plant • slow the moments seize the mind .....
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I know you guys are tired of it and so am I. Just keep it real. 💯💡
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Don't let emotions cloud your judgment! It's nothing personal. It's just business!🔥

"Early bird catches the worm"
Be blessed and be a blessing🙏😊😘

I am always truly grateful for all we have and all we have achieved so far in our, short but filled lives! For whatever we don’t have, we have more of what we need 10 fold, thanks to the love and warmth of our children! And a little hard work and sacrifice on my husband and my side! ❤️☀️👩‍👧👨‍👦‍👦💑 .
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To hope for something? To be foolish? To try trusting people?
A unknown path that could lead different destinations

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True conflict does seek resolution. To fear conflict is to fear growth. However, if conflicting parties do not seek to resolve then there is no resolution that does not involve a six foot ditch, a shovel and lye. #morningthoughts #coffeemusings #philosophy #thought #conflict #resolution #whereismycoffee


Keep making progress with what you have! ☝️🔥

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A rare moment of quiet this morning before Ezra woke up for the day.
I’ve been reading and re-reading the beatitudes in Matthew chapter 5 for the last few months, and each time something new sticks out to me.
This morning had me thinking about how Jesus says we are blessed when we find ourselves in need. Not just in need of “things”, but those deeper needs...loneliness, grief, pain.
I love that Jesus doesn’t downplay these afflictions, but instead reassures us that he will make things right. To me, it carried the message of “Don't let this stop you. Keep going. I, myself, will comfort you, provide for you.”
It reassures my heart that when I find myself hungry for more of God, grieving, hurting, or longing for peace, that I can have hope because he has already promised to meet my need– and then some.
It means to me that I don’t have to heap expectations on others or grow bitter waiting for people to reciprocate what I give, or love the way I think I should be loved.
Because when I am merciful, he promises to show me mercy. When I mourn, he promises to comfort. When I am desperate for more of His presence, He answers that need with the promise of Himself. He sees, he knows, and he will provide.
It’s amazing how we can find true fulfillment when we allow ourselves to experience vulnerability and need. “For when I am weak, then I am strong.” #morningthoughts

“ Lets be fully devoted to choosing to make the motivation be from a genuine love and not control.” #morningthoughts #morningsarepretty #oceanlove #hues #sea #waves #recklesslove

Thursday thoughts! 😜🙉
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