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I've come to accept than I'm just a 3am finisher. I've spent my whole life fighting it, trying to find the magic secret to becoming a conscientious Hermione-type who gets things done ahead of time, until it finally clicked that this is just who I am - @gretchenrubin's 'the four tendencies' explains it well - and suddenly all that GUILT disappeared and freed up the energy to get even more stuff done! At 3am. The night before. 😉🙊
And on a toootally unrelated note, my newest podcast is out today, and The Insta Retreat is open! Check your emails if you want to sign up - places sell FAST, and checkout will close as soon as we're full! 😘 Podcast is of course free & the link's in my bio.
Now, who's for tea? ☕️

Guten Morgen, #fitfam! 🙋🏻 Zum #Bergfest gibt’s passend zu meinem heutigen #Rückentraining mal wieder ein Foto aus meinem #Shooting mit dem tollen @frankdecker. 💁🏻 Und irgendwie kommt mir gerade der Gedanke an Menschen, die oftmals hinter dem Rücken anderer über diese reden, die insgeheim aber gern so wären wie sie. Ich kann nur sagen, lasst Euch von sowas nicht verunsichern. Wer hinter Eurem Rücken über Euch redet & Euch trotzdem nachahmt, hat wenig Selbstbewusstsein & vor allem ein Persönlichkeitsdefizit. Charakterstarke Menschen sind fair, offen & aufrichtig. Die o.g. Fraktion leidet vermutlich unter diversen Unzulänglichkeiten. Würdet Ihr sie damit konfrontieren, wären sie ganz klein mit Hut. 🎩👌🏻💂🏻 Häufig reden die Leute nur hinter Eurem Rücken, weil Ihr schon viel weiter seid, und sie nicht damit klarkommen. Denn das führt ihnen vor Augen, was sie nicht oder noch nicht erreicht haben. So solltet Ihr es sehen… Manchmal versuchen diese Leute auch, das, was Ihr macht, genauso zu machen, wie Ihr. Aber so richtig kriegen sie es nicht hin. Denn sie haben den Kern der Sache leider nicht verstanden – dass es in jeder Hinsicht darum geht, seinen EIGENEN Weg zu finden. Trittbrettfahrer und "hinter-dem-Rücken-Tuschler" gibt es immer. Aber gerade Erstere haben meist nicht den langen Atem, den sie bräuchten, um dauerhaft das zu können, was Ihr könnt… Wisst Ihr, Persönlichkeit kann man weder käuflich erwerben, noch irgendwie von außen aktivieren. Aufrichtigkeit muss im Kern vorhanden sein – und wenn sie das nicht ist, bleibt das nicht unbemerkt. Ich kann nur sagen, findet & geht Euren eigenen Weg. Versucht nicht so zu sein wie andere. Jeder von uns hat etwas zu geben – auf seine ganz eigene Art & Weise. Niemand muss so sein, wie jemand anderes. #justsaying 💗 Und jetzt freue ich mich wieder riesig auf meine #Hexensuppe (➡️ #Stories)! #TeamHexensuppe läuft! 😜 #Code HEXENSUPPE – immer 12% #Rabatt aufs ganze #MYGREENZ Sortiment bei @misterfit.de. Die #GREENS sind SAFE!🌱🌾🌿 🍵💚 Nach dem #Training schreibe ich weiter an der nächsten Folge der Dreamworks Serie. Was steht bei Euch an? 😊 Habt einen tollen Tag! 😊✨ -
#Rabattcode #motivation #morningslikethese #fitnessmotivation

#hellosummer ✌️✌️! Zapowiadają się u nas rekordowe upały 😅🙉 szczerze, to nie wiem jak ja to przetrwam😜 a Wy jak się trzymacie ? 😘#morningslikethese#goodmorning#haveaniceday#ciezarowka#niemalekko#pregnant#pregnancy#pregnantstyle#28weekspregnant#momlife#momoftwo#vscomom#instamama

my summer essentials, all pink with a touch of blue.
And can these roses be more beautiful? 💐

Can I wake up to this everyday please? 😋

“I see myself forever and ever as the ridiculous person, the lonely soul, the wanderer, the restless frustrated artist, the person in love with love, always in search of the absolute, always seeking the unattainable.” (Henry Miller) » so many exciting things are coming up soon, can't wait to share them with you guys when the time is right 🌹

A perfect match ☕️+ 🥐
Good morning guys!
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Breathe in | Breathe out -- Being a mom has been hard for the last week or so and caused a temporary anxiety attack for me. First, my daughter had strep and it was just a particularly bad case with a bad rash afterwards that we didn't know if it was part of the strep or a medication reaction. Then, my son accidentally swallowed part of a plastic take-out fork and I was a nervous wreck over that. Thankfully he passed it. I am a natural worrier and worrying about my kids takes it to a whole new level. I tell myself over and over that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power. But, it's hard. And, once anxiety sets in for me, it becomes physical. But, thankfully, we are all feeling better now and I hope we have a uneventful rest of the summer. How do you deal with worry over your kids? 🤷🏼‍♀️

☀️👙😎#goodmorning from the beach!

Summertime ☀️

Mid-week matcha 😍🍵 continuing my quest for the best matcha in NYC....hit me with your recommendations! 😋

Squad Akhir Zaman 🙂
( - @acnesdessella )
📷 : @katadhony

Deliciaturca T-Shirtleri Geldi! #Repost @deliciaturca ・・・
Bici Bici Boys 😋😜😝 #notforciciboys


Wednesday feels 🤝 hang on! We're almost to Friday! 🙌🏻

It was a rough morning.... you know, waking up, eating, going for a walk. I think it's about time for the early morning nap 😴 #meetcooper #morningmotivation #morningslikethese

These from around the house are blooming much but the petals are not the best (they're look a bit flimsy plus they have that brown stuff in the middle ). Gotta figure out why they look this way and how to fix them. They still add beauty to the front yard, though🌹🌹 #roses

Life is not always champagne and smiles, let's be honest. Yes, let's celebrate the good in life over the bad, but to keep it VERY REAL with you today, the last 8 months have been incredibly tough for our family. Suffice it to say that some families become broken, and my husband and I caught the brunt of an unfortunate situation in our close family. And it's ongoing. It's quite literally a daily struggle for peace and understanding. And I have a feeling that it will be ongoing for years, but the truth of the matter is that time will heal things. The scar will always be there, but hopefully the healing process can begin soon because we're in desperate need of it. I'm not sharing this for pity or for attention, simply in the hopes of being open and encouraging someone out there today that might be struggling in life as well -- whether with health, love, relationships, purpose or anything in between. You're not alone, and you are stronger than you know. Keep going, and hopefully time will help you heal too ❤️

Rainy days call for cozy outfits🌧 @farheennaqi wearing the Slate Grey Premium Cotton - direct link in our bio

It's been a little bit quiet around here as I had to put my business and life on hold for something much more important, my husband. This weekend I had to take him to the ER, not only once but twice for a really bad migraine. Minutes felt like hours and hours felt like years. Emotionally I'm drained because it was hard to see him in so much pain. All I could do was hold his hand and keep telling him over and over again that everything would be ok.
He's doing better now, not 100%, but at least he's on the mend. It's in these tough moments, especially more so now that we are on our own in Long Island, that we need to rely on each other more. My husband is my best friend and is and always will be my top priority. He is the one person I can't imagine life without and I will do anything to make sure he is healthy and happy.
With that said, I'm taking the rest of the week off from creating, posting and scrolling because I need to rest too. Stress is one of the worst triggers for my Hashimoto's, so I need to make sure I take care of myself as well. Life can be tough but in these moments we always grow and learn.

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