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Cup of coffee and homemade berry muffin - breakfast of champions!

Friday feeling // fresh coffee in this cosy corner to start our day. I'm completely celebrating that we are going through a really lovely little period with Susanna at the minute. Experience has taught me that this could change in an instant so I am just soaking it up while it lasts. Tonnes of chat & giggles and very few tantrums, it's bliss! I'm well aware that there is a higher than average chance that I will be coming back very soon to seek support when the terrible two's make a return, please be kind 🙌

It's Friday and I'm sitting on the couch with a sprained ankle which hasn't been caused by yesterday's storm or sports- but because I fell over the door of the dishwasher yesterday. Yes, that's me in a nutshell 💁🏻So now I'm stumbling around the house with a pair of crutches like a fool. I really hope your week is going much better than mine 👌🏼

Come 'on, just stack the bling on 😍⭐️️ #itstartswithyou #own2018

Guten Morgen liebe #foodlovers 😍. Das Wochenende steht vor der Tür und das muss zelebriert werden 🙌💃.
Süßkartoffeln zum Frühstück? 🍠 Wieso nicht? Sieht auf alle Fälle lecker aus! @the.karuna.flow toppt das Ganze mit "Quark", Blaubeeren, unserem #kokosblütensirup und Backpackern Zitrone 🍪🍋❤️. ————————————————————————————————
🌱❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️🌱❤️ Ungewöhnliche Kombi? -Wert auszuprobieren! Der ästhetische Faktor überzeugt schonmal. #dasaugeisstmit
Original Photo: @the.karuna.flow
#repost #backpacker #zitrone #startyourdayright #ichliebefoodblogs #foodporn #healthycuisines #healthyfoodshare #proviant #veganinspiration #veganheaven #breakfasttreat #breakfastmood #brekkie #vegan #closetonature #morningslikethese #fridaymorning #yogafood #plantpower #plantbased #wholefoods #organicfood #naturebound #superfood #govindanatur #lecker

And now for something a bit different...sparkly sunlight flare and all 😏

Mabel and I went for a walk along the Thames near where I live. We met a lady and her 5 year old son sitting on the wall on its banks, hanging off the edge. She had been coming to feed the seagulls at that spot for 15 years. It was a sight to behold.

Mabel couldn't quite believe her luck. Nice bit of seagull and excitable young lad socialisation for her and an interesting chat on local history for me. One of those "moments". And lingering blue sky and sunshine to boot! 😊

London is such a full on, busy, chaotic and wonderful place..sometimes it's easy to feel lost amongst it. But I do love it when you get those little moments of community feels 😊

Sometimes I just want to kick life in her butt 😤

Something Blue | I thought I’d take part in @yvadney’s @mumsthatslay challenge today as I do love me a denim shirt! 💙💙 #MumsThatSlay #DopeFriday #denimdays #hoops #wiwt

What’s your breakfast tipple of choice this January? Start early with our Breakfast Sour Bourbon Cocktail, or stay dry with our Purple Haze juice!

Cheers, everyone! It's Friday!!!

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