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It's been a dang year since Nola kicked the dang bucket. And I'll take any excuse to host an Etsy sale, I guess. Save 10% on orders $10+ with coupon code "HEYNOLA." All orders will receive freebies as I'm clearing out the studio and making room for new creations. My life has definitely not been the same since this asshole left me but we're doing alright. vellumtongue.etsy.com

If you're lucky enough to have living grandparents (and luckier to have a good relationship with them) consider writing them a letter this weekend.

Good news is there's good news.

This has been my mantra the past few weeks. I've come to be a happier and more productive person when I use mornings wisely. Join the #morningsareformaking movement, share your creations, and snag one of these sweet buttons in the @etsy shop. Link in profile.

It's no Vivace but I've saved over fifty bucks the past two weeks drinking coffee at home and that tastes pretty great.

Thanks to everyone who came out last night. Check vellumtongue.blogspot.com for a new blog post and find new zines on @etsy. Link in profile. Shout out to @ukulelepunk for snapping this photo of me in my studio. #morningsareformaking


Posting three #goodmaildays today. Spice up your mailbox and support an indie writer/artist at the same time (wow so cool). Link in bio.

Good news is there's good news.

To celebrate homecoming I'm hosting an @etsy sale. Save 10% on all orders with coupon code "101010." Sale ends today at midnight PST.

EXCUSE ME, PLEASE. I forgot to mention that I'll be out of town this weekend. Order from @etsy today 'cause I'm closing it up tomorrow for a few days. I can't guarantee you'll receive a piece of mail as neat at this one but it still won't disappoint. Also. Can we talk about how the fellow in the background almost looks like Jerry of Parks and Rec? And a young Bill Clinton in the foreground? Old National Geographics are my favorite envelope-making materials. Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting indie artists.

#latergram morning rituals. #PAGEOFPENTACLES.

Spending a lot of time focusing on the background noise of my life. Big things are in the works and I'm finally feeling like a functional human again. For now. I want to keep the momentum going. I've got cute stamps and washi tape galore. Last time I sent out seven postcards to seven folks across the world and it was a lot of fun. So I want to do it again. Comment below what your goals/intentions are this week and tomorrow I'll randomly pick three of you to receive a card and a small gift from my @etsy shop.
P.S. - Coupon code HELLOOCTOBER will save you 10% at vellumtongue.etsy.com. Today only. #morningsareformaking

If you're lucky enough to have living grandparents (and luckier to have a good relationship with them) consider writing them a letter this weekend.

All caught up on @Etsy orders. Give me more to do while I'm sick in bed. These Andrew Wyeth and corsage stamps are among my favorites. Just ordered some neat vintage stamps today so mail game is going to be better than ever. Want your own #goodmailday? Shop vellumtongue.etsy.com.

One of several #goodmaildays I'm turning out today. Order from the shop, get a free somethin' somethin' and a fun piece of mail in ya box.

Lookin' at myself like, there it is there.

Spent most of the morning taking new photos for products in the shop. Big things cranking. Until then snag a copy of TOAST. illustrated by @amelia_fawn.

Mail from Indonesia is always a favorite. Thank you to @vantiani for donating their zine to the zine library. If you want to be a part of my library please post your pieces to PO BOX 20233 / Seattle, WA 98102.

The next three folks to order from my @etsy shop will receive three free short stories. DRUG. is a piece that essentially came true months after writing it. I still can't believe that. ESCAPE. is about a past lover who continues to haunt me (there is no escape!!!). SEED. is a sort of fictional memoir that takes place in Ohio when I was just a wee feral child. No minimum order required. I just want to share some tiny pieces. Thanks for reading the printed word and thanks for supporting indie artists.

I keep forgetting to post my #outgoingmail but I assure you it's still cute as ever. All @etsy orders are packaged in recycled magazines and include a free gift or two. Hop on it. Link in bio.

Who wants me to send them a postcard? I need to step up my mail game. And I also want some help with this week's Seven Ways to Maintain. So leave a comment below - Tell me your favorite way to spend the day off / day to yourself. I'll publish my favorite seven to the blog, give you a shout-out, and send you a postcard in the mail tomorrow. Deal? Comment by 3PM PST. (Only IG comments will be considered.)

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