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My mornings always start with these two nut cases playing in bed. #playfighting #morningroutine #playfuldogs #mixedbreed #greyhound #staghound #gsdpuppy #gsd #puppyfun #wakeup #sillydogs #teef

Snack remek dari bungkuse yaa bukan kehendak saya..buat bekel sesuai rikues .. Yang gede sambel yang ilik tomat 👦👦
#bekalhariini #bekalanak #bekalsekolah #bekal #bekelicious #gengbekel #doyanbekal #idebekal #bekalsimple #lunchbox #ngebontot #bontotan #kidsfood #instafood #fooddaily #morningroutine #kidslunch #kidslunchbox

From the 5th to the 30th of March, I challenge you to start a new morning routine with me. Join me at 6:30am, Monday through to Friday, for half an hour of energising time! These morning sessions will not only set you up for the day ahead, they will create a mind shift too. The daily routine, and accountability to show up, will motivate you to step up and make change happen! The morning class will be structured to include five minutes of waking up the physical body, followed by a 20 minute guided meditation session for energy and reaching personal goals, ending with a five minute stretch and breathing period. True self love and empowerment! Book your tickets via link in bio!
#meditationclasses #morningroutine #meditate #fitzwilliamscentre #beaconsfield #empoweryourself #makeyourlifebeautiful #empowerothers #loveyourlife #breathe #enjoy

The simple things in life. I soo love color. Isn’t it beautiful how nature provides us with such an amazing spectrum of colors. The star is handmade. Spotted at the balcony door at my sisters home when I visited her in Germany.

#ad I've become a morning person since I moved to Vermont last year, but I wasn't always one!☕️🌞😴 One of my top tips I've discovered for helping myself to feel awake earlier is using a great face wash in the early mornings. ☺️ My new favorite is the @Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser. This cleanser gently exfoliates my skin to fight breakouts and help me start the day on a naturally beautiful note. 👩🏻 (BTW I'm 100% makeup free in this picture!) Pick yours up at @UltaBeauty right now for BOGO 40% off! and see more on my Instagram Story now! #AveenoTakeover #Aveeno #UltaBeauty 📸: @amandarose.photo

Drafting my #idealweek as inspired by @michaelhyatt not quite colour coded it yet according to goals but hey it’s a work in progress. Im also trying to better make use of my #miraclemorning after finishing the Miracle morning by @hal_elrod I’ve been getting up at 6am already. But this is about the ideal week and at times I feel I’d like more time in the mornings for me. This is my first draft and the best way to see what works is to give it a go! I’ve allowed buffer time within activities (ie. I generally don’t run for an hour in the morning but I need to get up and get back!). As you know I’m currently off the running until my #haematoma heals (hopefully 2 weeks!) and so I plan to tweak this and set myself a challenge to complete my ideal week ! Have you got an ideal week in mind? What would it look like? #idealweek #morningroutine #routine #weeklyplanning #weeklyplanner #planner #weeklyplan

goal for 2018? step in FRONT of the camera more. i’m trying... bare face and all! watch my stories for a lot of me today 😁 talking about @beautycounter charcoal mask + band of beauty 🧖🏻‍♀️ #granolabarregirl

Happy hump day! Keep your skin youthful and happy with First Light The Reboot Mask. Available on www.ceramiracle.com. 💕

Health is a relationship between you and your body, make Juzfit be a part of your morning routine🌤
Don’t forget to take your Juzfit before breakfast ! Happy working ❤️
#juzfitteatox #daretobefit #morningroutine #everyonecankurus

Personal productivity tip: I lay my clothes out each night for the following day 👖👟I'm not sure if this counts as an 'evening routine' or simply setting up my 'morning routine' to go well... either way, it's one of my productive habits and after 13 years it's here to stay 🌝💫 Sleep well all 💛

The best meal of the day. No doubt. #breakfast

I’ll always cringe or get goosebumps after taking a shot of this lol you get used to it after awhile of course .

I take this In the morning right after my vitamins and while my breakfast is cooking !
Just a piece of my morning self care routine !

#acv #weightlossjourney #vitamins #naturevalley #gettingfit #selfcare #morningmotivation #morningroutine

Popeću ti se na glavu ukoliko ne ustaneš iz kreveta i ne izvedeš me napolje.
Maša ♥️ #morningroutine

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
Les Brown

The way I fuel my body is one of the small changes I’ve made that has become a big deal for me! Over the years I’ve had many different thoughts on breakfast. They’ve mostly swung between it being the most important meal/biggest meal/the meal to avoid. I used to eat it at my desk while I checked my emails and started my work day. But lately I’ve been trying to #slowdown and take #breakfast time as a moment to #think about my day and what I want out of it. So here’s my #mindfuleating breakfast!! #cashewmilk #coffee and a #smoothiebowl . The bowl isn’t technically a #smoothie it’s a mashed banana that’s been sprinkled with one of my #homemade #proteinballs some stewed #rhubarb from the #veggiepatch and a handful of #blueberries with a dollop of #coconutyoghurt and a drizzle of #peanutbutter . It sounds like an effort, but the bowl and my coffee take less than 5 minutes to make so it’s not the kind of thing that has blown out my #morningroutine #phew because it is #delicious and #nutritious . Eating #plantbased food has changed my life! I honestly can’t express how much going #vegan has made a difference to how I feel and to my #energylevels . My #banana bowl gives me way more energy than #bacon ever did!! Plus I’m saving #animals and my #carbonfootprint is #smaller than ever. By #eatingvegan I’m saving around 2000kg of #carbonemissions per year, bringing my food footprint down to only 100kg/yr! That’s one enormous tick for #fruitsandveggies 👊🌎🌱

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