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Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate. #HappyChildren'sDay #soham #yoshika #siblings #mychildren @rohitraj_goyal @deepak86509 odissidance #indianclassicaldance #morningritual #love #devotion 😊🙏

Chef Archie sprung sampling the guests (mamas) porridge! 🙊#breakfastchef #morningritual #porridge @cargocrew

I love all the benefits of my @aryaessentials ✨ a beauty collection based on botanical science, inspired by the physicians and ancient rituals of royal families. Ayuverda is the oldest and most intricate systems of holistic medicine in the world • originated in India over 5,000 years ago.... .
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How pretty is this Christmas card that they give you for free at the post office! 👌🏻✨ today I visited this year’s first Christmas fair/market and picked up warm and cosy mittens for myself and something tiny and cute for my future niece ( or nephew👶). Also had my first “lussekatt” saffron bun which was delicious so I might try to throw a dozen of those together before we’re off to Scotland ☃️

Who said waking up and making breakfast can’t be fun?! ❤️😍😂

This morning I shared my morning skin and breakfast routine on instaStory😍👌🏼 this pumpkin spice shake came out sooo creamyyy🤤 I love it!


Have you started thinking about Christmas gifts?⠀
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Indulgent choc banana 🍌 smoothie for brekkie this morning, nutritious and delicious 😋⭐️⭐️⭐️ Just blend activated cashew nuts (this is just a fancy way of describing cashew nuts that have been soaked in water over night to release the phytic acid which makes them easier to digest and absorb the nutrients from), banana 🍌, coconut water 💦, linseeds, maple syrup 🍁, raw cacao powder and cinnamon 😋😋😋 Those of you cutting back on sugar can add dates instead of maple syrup 🍁 for a slightly healthier option that still tastes great 👍🏼 Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend, now I am off to the beach 🏖🌊 😘#morningritual #smoothielove #wellnessweekend #healthybreakfast #livingwell #foodismedicine #plantbased #veganrecipes #foodie #instafoodie #tasty #yum #vigorem #vitality #beachlife #exercisedaily

Yup she got a flat booty but she is working it 😂 Don't let that flat booty get you down. I'm working hard to give my booty some more shape and lift. I wasn't gifted a big booty but I sure AF can work on it. I was tormented for years about having a flat butt but you know what I love myself either way. I don't give AF.

Nothing like a morning play at the beach! 😍 What a great way to spend Sunday morning! Enjoy your day everyone ✌🏼😘
#sorrentobeach #morningsun #happykidshappylife

#teatime #morningtea #morningritual #myzentime #blackandwhitephotography
7 day challenge... no people just b&w photo of your life... #connectwiththemoment I nominate @jenny_from_the_block_78 😜

The Seven of Cups from Tarot Illuminati

Kim Huggens's themes for this card are:
The imagination and what it can create. Daydreams. Illusion and seduction. Difficulty distinguishing between illusion and reality. Hallucination. Uncertainty. Smoke and mirrors. Options to choose from. Not all is as it appears.

How did the Seven of Cups show up in your life this week?

It's a time of year that can bring up many kinds of emotions. You may have a tendency toward depression during holiday season or it could be that the whirl of activity and excitement creates anxiety. And believe it or not, it's a time when tempers can fly. Anger can escalate when there are expectations mixed with responsibilities, especially when you mingle with a crowd that has strong opinions. You might be sharing a dinner table with someone who has different political views or be hosting someone that has a better idea of how to do everything. In the fall and winter, we usually don't have to worry about heat as much as cold, but gatherings with family members and overbooked schedules can easily be the special circumstance. .
Anger is considered a hot emotion 😡😤 or in Ayurvedic terms, it's a pitta emotion. When we get angry, we build heat in the body and anger also builds heat. This means that conditions that we associate with this same quality can also increase, like inflammation, red or irritated skin conditions, acid reflux and more. It’s okay to feel and experience anger, but know how to diffuse it. We can combat it by knowing ourselves and our tendencies and choosing to dodge the very scenarios that make our blood boil, or we can negate it with cooling practices and foods. .
This is my Heat Releasing, Heart Opening Tonic. It's 1 teaspoon chamomile, 1/2 teaspoon of fennel, 1/2 teaspoon of licorice, and 2 fresh mint leaves. Lightly crush the fennel, licorice and mint and add all ingredients to hot water in a diffuser or tea sachet. Let it steep for 5-10 minutes or until it is cool enough to drink. I know many of you aren't fond of the taste of licorice (and of course, most of you that need it are the ones that don't like it), but to me the fennel and licorice mainly add a sweetness to this drink. If you'd like some extra heart opening benefits, add 1/2 teaspoon the herb arjuna. This is a beautiful red herb and is known for its physical and emotional benefits for the heart.

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