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#MorningInspiration : Those people who truly care about you are going to be okay if you say NO! TAG YOUR LADIES WHO SHOULD HEAR THIS! #LoveCarterMag

Gooooot Morning!!!! It's Wednesday right!!! Wellllp What better person to Crush on than Me!!??? Not out of arrogance but Godfidence... God Confidence!! Knowing whose I am and who I am. He knows my Name... He Walk with me.. He talk to me. He is with me!!! As I journey through the perils of life with strong yet strategic steps that propels me to the destination places God has gReaced me to plant my feet, spread my light and use my voice to speak/sing to those would heart's and ears are willing to hear! I will celebrate me not just today but everyday! Crushing on you girl because You Got It!! Owwwwwww! #morninginspiration #yayamoments #ClassAct #MeandJesus photography; @toryelite MUA @beatfacebl8kmre

Лайфхакер. Не задерживайтесь подолгу утром, где бы вы не проснулись #chinatrip #morninginspiration #breakfast #breakslow

"Man listen, you're not going to convince us that advocating, loving and standing up for our people is wrong or radical...because in truth, it is the greatest example of self love and self worth.✊🏾" #BrianHeat🔥 #Jidenna #WarriorsSpirit #SocialActivism #MorningInspiration #ItsNotRevolunary #ToHelpYourOwn #ItsAbsolutelyNecessary

Идеальное воскресное утро 🖤
Наконец-то, впервые за неделю, я спала больше 6 часов, меня не разбудил будильник и я никуда не опаздываю
Правда, если ещё часик полежу - опоздаю🤦🏼‍♀️
За окном дождь, совсем никуда не хочется идти. И в такую погоду чашечка горячего кофе становится ещё теплее и так уютно от ощущения родного дома 🏠


Tenetevi strette le persone che, se vi parlano prima delle 10, è solo per dire “caffè?”

Впервые за бог знает сколько времени смогла заставить себя проснуться в девять утра в выходной и даже выйти из дома. Результат - чудесная прогулка по тихой безлюдной Петроградке, приподнятое состояние души и чудесное, звенящее чувство, что осень пришла... Иногда даже совам полезно побыть жаворонками☺️#designinspiration #designlove #homedecor #homedesign #designideas #homeideas #autumnmood #goodmirning #morninginspiration #motivation #дизайн #дизайнинтерьера #декор #декоринтерьера #идеидлядома #минимализм #настроение #вдохновение #лайфстайл

I am not responsible for what my face does when you talk !

Today we are celebrating!  We have finally sold our house and we have had an offer accepted on our dream home.... 10 months into the process
Steven was my rock yesterday throughout the emotional day because my body also decided to go into meltdown and cause me a huge amount of pain
I thought I was going to be celebrating in an ambulance at one point!!
It just shows through teamwork and determination and a lot of #positivemindset you can succeed with anything
I'm off to see our dream home again today and catch up with our vendors - eek! 
A new future begins for us - I can't wait to have Christmas in our new home
#positivelife #positiveenergy #askbelievereceive

So many important things are happening but I don't know how to describe them yet. I've caught a cold for the first time in maybe even a year and my body feels sick. But I am so grateful and happy because I had a huge change in my consciousness (again). Something I knew for a long time but only because of being sick now have finally realised. Anyways, I'm off to fill up my schedule with so many tasks, I won't have time to feel sick. What is your secret for becoming healthy again? #annalitkovska30wears

About last night 😂#tonightjosephine @tonightjosephine with @violettinamiabella happy birthday again! 💕

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