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How do you get to work? Train? Car? Bike? How about a kayak? In @visitcopenhagen, you can!
Thanks for letting us share your photo @sooooooof 🙏
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Remember when people used to talk to each other instead of looking down at their phones? Safe travels this week if your Thanksgiving plans involve any planes, trains, or automobiles! [Early morning commuters waiting on a train platform in Hinsdale, IL, 1948. Photo by Esther Bubley. Photo number: Granger 129M] #photography #morningcommute #travel #trains #thanksgiving

Subway doodles (done with a sparkly gold gel pen hehe) added on a morning snapshot = punny Thursday! I’m trying to wean myself off my afternoon coffee... any good tips? I’ve tried substituting for black tea or decaf but no luck! I think caffeine is reducing my sleep quality 😭 but it’s so good... 🤤 (lol at this new emoticon!)

We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones. We will be closing at 3:30pm today so that our employees can celebrate the holiday with their families. We have a few bouquets left so grab them while you can!

A morning in the life of these two!!! Living the dream for sure! Thank you @brownfoxcoffee and @bkeddonuts for the sprinkle donuts on our pit stop to school! 🍩#donuts #morningcommute

Tree ombré .
#fall in #philly .


It’s always more fun to share an umbrella. #siblinglove #latergram #rainyday #morningcommute

Commuter Diaries – Week 3


The absolute last thing I feel equipped to deal with this morning is rain. Ugh. To add insult to injury – it’s windy too. And you know what happens to umbrellas in the wind. And it’s dark. I feel silently jealous of the skinny blonde woman I saw working out in my building gym this morning. I would much rather be up at 5:00 am to workout than commute to work. Such is the life of the average commuter – where torturous gym workouts rank higher than riding the bus!
I drag my rain-soaked, windswept, sleep-deprived body onto the bus and join the rest of my “there must be more to life than this” fellow commuters.
There are two bus drivers on board this morning, one to drive and one to commiserate on a bad commuter experience the day before. A woman had phoned transit ops to complain about his slow driving during heavy fog yesterday morning – while she was standing next to him. “Would she have liked it if you’d ended up in the ditch,” the driver responded. “Huhumph,” the other replies.

A valid point I thought.
This bad weather is definitely making everyone miserable. I think the idea of a refreshment cart on the bus could solve things. Giving people access to free coffee in the morning would improve their mood drastically.

As Joan boards the bus, she’s lugging a suitcase behind her instead of her standard carry bag. I wonder if she’s going away somewhere nice. Joan goes to sit down just as Harvey goes to reclaim “his” seat that someone just vacated. It all happened in a strange slow motion as Harvey crossed Joan’s path and tripped over her foot and was almost propelled into some poor woman’s lap. Luckily, he grabbed onto a pole to stop himself.

Joan took her seat looking mildly embarrassed, as Harvey seemed to shrug it off. The woman who almost had Harvey in her lap was trying to pretend nothing had happened.

I think this calls for a double-shot of caffeine this morning (and no pastry).

Snowy morning almost reminded me of New Hampshire...

When the building next door to your train station is on fire #morningcommute

Highway to Hell 🔊🎶🎶

#sky #skyporn #cloudporn #clouds #highway #morningcommute #sunrise #instagood

Morning commute... "Wherever I go, whomever I meet, I see myself in their eyes..."
~Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.

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A lot of cycling is mind games I am coming to understand. For instance, I face this particular hill each morning on my way to work. It's not the steepest hill I will face that day, but it's a long one. There are many times I want to stop as I cycle up. I just have to grit my teeth, focus on my breathing, tell myself I can do this and just keep going. It works! 🚴🏿‍♀️ #cycledit #cycle #cyclist #cycling #morningcommute #morningworkout

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