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Thanks to Dave Asprey + Morgan Spurlock for the tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle + a preview to Dave's brand new book #HeadStrong 💪

That very small person you see on the stage is #director / #filmmaker #MorganSpurlock. He gave a really dope presentation today about branded content and the stories you can tell within this medium. #Howl #Digitalsummitatlanta2017 day 2

Oon ollu jo aikasemmin Bam Margera nii nyt kokeillaan tämmöstä hehkeämpää lähestymistä maailmaan. #rattotattoo #somehuora #morganspurlock

After a fun-filled day of recording (not really), I nearly forgot to do a movie post. I guess you could call me a Morgan Spurlock fan as I've sought out and enjoyed almost everything he's done. It all started with this one. I don't really consider Spurlock a documentarian as he injects so much of himself into his work, but he's a likable personality and I think a great deal of why his films are so enjoyable has a lot to do with the amount of time he spends on camera. In "Super Size Me" (2004), Morgan spends 30 days eating nothing but McDonald's three meals a day and documents its effects on his physical and mental state. Following the premise that most people will say "yes" to having their meal super-sized at McDonald's when asked, he adheres to this rule as well. So, it isn't very scientific. Who cares? I'll admit, it's a stupid premise for a film seeing as everyone knows fast food is terrible for you, but it's entertaining and sometimes that's all I want from a movie, even when operating under the guise of it being a documentary. I've seen this a few times over the years and the replay value is pretty high, I'd say. I kind of want to watch it again now after posting about it. #supersizeme #morganspurlock #fastfood #documentary #mcdonalds

Now THAT was fun! Thanks @bwayboundkids for a fantastic Broadway Bee...#ThirdPlace #TornsWasRobbed #MorganSpurlock @bandstandbway

This should be interesting – 'Super Size Me' director @morganspurlocknyc is taking on fast food again with a chicken joint in Central Ohio! He's calling it a "fully transparent, authentic alternative to fast food." #holychicken #supersizeme #columbus #columbusohio #morganspurlock

You know it's a good night at #TIFF when you see #MorganSpurlock ride a mechanical bull. Captured at the after party for #AmericanHoney.

Vegas Baby! It was a pleasure to hang with Morgan Spurlock at the screening of director Amanda Micheli’s film Vegas Baby. The film documents the emotional struggles of couples attempting to conceive a child using the latest techniques provided by modern science. Morgan himself recently used these techniques to parent his son which he called “science baby” during the heartfelt Q&A. This amazing doc contains a surprising number of twists and turns as we follow each couple's journey to conceive. Vegas Baby debuts a week from today on PBS and will be available on VOD. See it! #VegasBaby #MorganSpurlock


The 2017 Lewisburg Literary Festival is just two weeks away! Reserve your FREE tickets today to see Azar Nafisi (photo by Stanley Staniski) and Morgan Spurlock on Saturday, August 5 at @carnegiehallwv in Lewisburg, WV! Call 888-716-5082. Link in profile.

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One of my favorite moments of @SeriesFest, was seeing @MorganSpurlockNYC share with a group of interested listeners about what has guided and inspired his work, especially on new platforms. In this photo, an event photographer catches #MorganSpurlock in action. #WarriorPoets #SeriesFest #SF3 #EventPhotographer #FilmFestival

DISTURBING. Most of the rat population has grown resistant to poisons. One word: hantavirus. no known cure. It's basically the rat's version of ebola, and it's in our sewers. Restaurants. Playgrounds. And the rats are just evolving and getting better at hiding and thriving. . . . .
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A temple for vagabonds - free water, ice, sugar, salt, WiFi, AC and toilets.
A Lake of Fire for cattle - cows are now just showing up at the door and shooting themselves. #mcdonalds #suvlife #backpacking #travelusa #mls #realsaltlake #soccer #morganspurlock #capitalism #freerefills #thefounder #goodflick #michaelkeaton

My thoughts on Vegas Baby: We watched this last night on Netflix and it really brought out the truth in the struggles couples face with infertility. It is sad to see so many people's heartaches with all different stories. It is does seem kind of messed up to offer free IVF to contest winners by having a panel of judges vote on the best couple. Weird....but I'd probably do it? I wish the documentary went into more depth of what IVF does to a woman's body with numerous injections, ultrasounds and blood draws. I wish it talked about the prescription industry and the high cost of fertility medications. Or how many job's Benefits don't even cover fertility medications. As hard as IVF may be, it seems adoption is a whole other animal. Both are $$. I am glad this film exposed the real life struggles that couples face. I do think it is worth watching. They said the fertility industry is growing to be $30 billion. So why don't we talk about infertility so commonly? Or men's low sperm counts? What is causing the influx of infertility or has it always been this way--just new science developments have made it more "mainstream"? I have so many questions and thoughts. .
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Tune in Tonight#abcnightline
VEGAS BABY @vegasbabyfilm
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After @jimmykimmellive
ET/PT 12:35am #morganspurlock #amandamicheli

From the Comic-Con Episode IV Documentary directed by Morgan Spurlock. If anyone is curious I recommend it. Figures are from the DVD when it came out around 2012. #comicconepisodeiv #morganspurlock #stanlee #josswhedon #harryknowles #neca #documentary #dvd

Watched the documentary Super Size Me again last night. If you've never seen it you should check it out. It's currently on Netflix. It'll really make you think about our addiction to fast food and what it can do to our bodies. #supersizeme #morganspurlock #documentary #film #wellness #health #eatbetter #gross #mcdonalds #mcdonaldsbreakfast #fastfood #weightloss #diet #americandiet #fitness #workoutmotivation #fitfam #frenchfries #bigmac #mickeyds #fat

Morgan Spurlock was the other Digital Summit keynote last week - here he's talking about his first/favorite brand sponsors of The Greatest Movie Ever Sold 😆😂🐴 #DSDEN #digitalsummit #morganspurlock #thegreatestmovieeversold #wednesday #elliecaulkinsoperahouse #downtowndenver #denver #colorado

Very inspirational!!

The Digital Summit came to Denver on Tuesday & Wednesday, and it was a whirlwind of avid marketers, excellent speakers, coffee, actionable insights, more coffee, and quality networking.⠀
I laughed so much, learned so much more, and came out of the event inspired and excited. ⠀
So excited, in fact, that I can’t help but share my learnings with you so that you too can take some actionable advice from the two-day, information-packed event. ⠀
The first lesson on consumer behavior came out bright and early on day one when best-selling author Seth Godin said, ⠀
“Your best customers aren’t goldfish; your best customers are people.” ⠀
Even though online attention spans are shrinking, it’s still crucial to treat your audience like they’re human beings...because they are, and because you always should. ⠀
It’s important to go beyond the surface and identify all of the emotional drives, unique perceptions of your brand, and other factors that come together to create the consumers you are trying to reach, not just use blanket assumptions across the board. ⠀
That’s where psychology is very effective. Jeanette McMurtry, CMO of Elateral & author of “Marketing for Dummies”, said, ⠀
“No matter how creative you get, if it’s not psychologically correct, it won’t work.”⠀
How so?⠀
Well, it turns out that our unconscious mind controls 90% of our thoughts, and the top decision-driver, unconsciously, is survival. Consciously, it’s helpfulness...which shows how disconnected we are in what we think we want versus what we actually want. McMurtry said, ⠀
“We are wired to survive...take price out of the equation because survival matters more.”⠀
That’s why she goes on to tell us all that:⠀
“We have to move from unique selling propositions to emotional selling propositions.”⠀
If you can tap into the emotional elements that trigger your prospects to make a purchase, you’re golden. If not, either you’re doing something wrong, or you may be attempting to reach the wrong people. ⠀
Seth Godin advised us to not bother with casting a wide net because: ⠀
“The masses aren’t interested. They do it when they have to do it.” ⠀
What does Godin mean by that? What do they do?⠀
Find out 👉 link in bio!

When @jbahr_insta kinda includes you in a "hard at work" photos at @seriesfest, you must post it, right?? Thanks to @morganspurlocknyc and #WarriorPoets for a great "Inside Morgan Spurlock's Warrior Poets" photo call & panel at #SeriesFest!
Photo: Jason Bahr / Getty Images

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