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The best thing that ever happened in my life 🎾#morethanlife

I would ask myself, Why are we so alone ?

Correva l'anno 2012, ed eravamo quasi sconosciuti quando mi hai detto "devo stare 4 mesi in mare, parti con me?" Ad un uomo pazzo che fa un lavoro strano non potevo far altro che dire di sì

To touch something real.
Will help your wounds heal.
Like the sun on your face.
The dreams of starry nights. #morethanlife 🖤 please follow @leasophiephotographie !!!!!

What good is your heart if it doesn't break.
Do you remember me?
Young naive and turning nineteen.

What's left of me?

Балуемся😜🤣😎 #morethanlife #family


Busque respuestas en palabras vetustas y el ocaso al fin llegó.

What good is your heart if it doesn't break.
Do you remember me?
Young naive and turning nineteen.

Для кого-то это любимые песни,для кого-то непонятная музыка...
Для меня LP это то,с чего началась великая любовь к року и настоящей музыке.
Не могу поверить до сих пор 💔💔💔💔💔, но наверное это удел гениев уйти не понятыми.
you become so numb.... Rest In Peace,dear Chester ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Remembering You in each song🎵🎶🎵 #LP #MYSOUL #morethenmusic #morethanlife #history #realfeelings @chesterbe @linkinpark

Ich habe mich schweren Herzen dazu entschieden das Shirt zu verkaufen. Es hängt ja doch nur im Schrank.
Bei Interesse dm
#sale #merch #morethanlife #mtl

In the end, the only thing that matters is true happiness ❤❤ #bff #loveu #morethanlife #sis

This man. This man is seriously sent from God himself. I'm having such a hard time right now with a lot of things and he doesn't even bat an eye. He's always there when I need him and even when I don't. I've never been so appreciated and loved and cared for in my entire life. This may seem like just another mushy post but it's not. I'm not gushing about him like a teenage girl. I am appreciating and bragging on him because I don't know what in the world I ever did to deserve such an amazing man. I can be a handful. And lord knows I have one heck of a temper. (Yes dear, I'm admitting it.) But he deals with it with a smile on his face and always brings me up during times when I feel like I couldn't get any lower. We are a team and he is the MVP. Thanks for all you do. Who knows where I'd be if you weren't here to push and support me. Life with you makes perfect sense. I love you.

What good is your heart if it doesn't break? #morethanlife #doyouremember #nightwalk #stray #lifeisntfairsometimes

I had too Damn took the words out my mouth lmao 😂 gotta love the Haterz ♨️👌🏾🤣 #morethanlife #hustlaambition #HyphZ #HyphLyfe #life #Money #RatchGod

as the clouds starts to clear, i can feel your breath, holding me down like the weight of the world on my shoulders #morethanlife #weightoftheworld #thunderstorm #lightning #cloud #rain #loveit #summerthunderstorm #colors #darksouls #melancholy

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