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Happy Valentines Day Babe ❤️ #morememoriestocome

Happy National Siblings Day! This just shows how much fun we always have and been having since day one. I always copied what my bro would do lmao! Love you bro! Good times with my main nigga. #LittleAssFoolsSinceKids #1998 #2016 #MoreMemoriesToCome #2017IsTheYear 🐢💚 @twilightzone1700

Wonderful weekend with my baby boo 👯🐥 #morememoriestocome ❤❤

1 year of homeownership complete! 🏡 #morememoriestocome #stoniacres #homeownerproblems #weloveyardwork

F•A•M•I•L•Y ~ i don't know what I'd do without them😊 #morememoriestocome 💚2k17

Thank you my Florida family for throwing me and Justin such a beautiful party , I'm going to miss you all ❤️ #morememoriestocome

REFLECTIONS. 2016, you were lit. Loved working on this moment w/ @beyonce @shionat and @msmelina #FormationVideo #AccordingtoAde💋 #morememoriestocome


An eventful long weekend. To be able to witness a dear friend starting a new chapter in her life was truly touching and heartwarming. Wishing her, with all my heart, a blessed marriage💑 Also really really happy that I was able to spend my 26th birthday with good friends and at the same time extremely thankful to them for the surprise during ktv. 真心谢谢你们🙏🏻❤️🙆🏻 #BUreunion #520 #morememoriestocome

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